10 Best Pop Up Beach Tent Reviews in 2021 [Expert Advice] & Buying Guide

Looking forward to a lazy afternoon at the beach? But feeling a little apprehensive of that mid summer’s sun? Fear not, you have come to the right place. We present to you a possible solution: the pop-up beach tent.

Easy to carry, great protection from the rays, this is the best possible replacement for your beach umbrella.

And thus, we have listed down the best pop-up beach tents you could acquire for your hard-earned cash. Make the most of your summer with the best of the best the tenting world has to offer.

Best Pop Up Beach Tent In 2020

Basically, to make this review into more of a functional and applicable article, we took the freedom of gathering up all the important features we would want in a beach tent. And then we categorized the tents accordingly. So, grab something light, take some time off, and have a read.

1. Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Canopy

We start off our reviews list with the easiest to set in place canopy tents on our list, the Quick Canopy from Lightspeed Outdoors.

With a height of 5 feet at the tallest portion and a 7 feet 10-inch floor, this is quite a large tent that can provide comfortable shade to up to 4 people.

lightspeed pop up tent

Very easy to prop up and fold away after use with the integrated bottom pull hub system that goes up and down easy as cake. The central hub contraption operation almost resembles that of those windproof umbrellas. You can easily pop it down even in high winds.

Our favorite bit of this unit is the space that the unit takes up. The real estate within is quite sizeable too. Like we have mentioned, it can shade up to four people. The canopy also comes with four, conveniently sized, side pockets to stow away all your necessities.

To top it all off, the canopy has sidewalls that come built-in. These sidewalls offer adequate protection from the harshest that the sun can throw at us and our belongings, and of course, the winds.

Now let us come to storing the unit. The package also includes a very oversized bag that is super easy to carry, thanks to the included shoulder strap. The whole thing packs in quite nicely in the carry bag.


  • The integrated bottom pull hub system that goes up and down
  • Conveniently sized side pockets
  • Can shade up to four people
  • Includes a very oversized bag



  • The poles can bend the wrong way sometimes


2. Abco Tech Pop-Up Tent

Looking for a more casual tent for two just to spend the night in?Nothing too fancy, feature-rich, with cost-effectiveness in mind? If that is all we are into, for now, let us take a look at this pop-up tent from Abco.

This is one of those all-in-one tents that can open and fold back almost instantaneously.

pop up tent

With doors on each side, you can make your way out of the tent without waking up the other occupant. The water-resistance comes as standard, and so those a bit of UV protection.

And the doors and the windows, too, come with both nylon flaps and mesh. Ventilation seems to be a strong point for this tent as it is primarily designed to be slept in. The nylon straps help with waterproofing and also takes the privacy up a notch.

Moreover, the package includes a convenient carrying bag and a smaller bag to store all of those essentials and accessories. Our only complaint is that there is no inner zipper control for both the nylon and the mesh. The lack of headroom is understandable as the unit is meant for sleeping in.


  • Nice and compact
  • Great ventilation
  • Carrying bag included
  • Water-resistance as standard



  • Not recommended for tall people


3. OutdoorMasterPop-Up

This review would be incomplete if we did not mention something from the parents and their babies. Let us now take a small peek at this pop-up from OutdoorMaster.

With its features oriented more towards taking care of the kids, we nominate this one as the best pop-up beach tent for babies.

automatic pop up beach tents

Setting up and using this tent is simple. Its simplicity and ease of use rivals that of the Lightspeed tent we talked about earlier. With no assembly required, you can have this up and sheltering your kids in no time at all.

Granted, it takes a little bit of time, but it’s the process that counts. It is so easy that you can have your kids do the job under some supervision, of course. The package itself includes a handy dandy carry bag so you can fold this bad boy up and take it along in a jiffy.

The tent makes use of fiberglass poles to hold its shape. We picked the glacier blue color to review. Now the color may not be to everyone’s tastes, but its something you can look directly at on a sunny day and not end up squinting. The fabric is rated at SPF 50+, so your baby is getting the maximum protection possible.

Also, the tent itself comes with sandbags sewed right in. The guy lines and tent stakes can help secure your tent, be it on a grassy lawn or on a sandy beach. So, one thing we felt like mentioning is that the door can be completely closed with the zipper. We mention this because this feature is very rare in these pop-up tents.


  • Comes with UV SPF 50+ protection
  • Weights a little over 8 lbs
  • Sewn-in sandbags
  • The zipper door closes completely, offering maximum privacy



  • The height is a little low


4. Easthills Outdoors Instant Shader Deluxe XL

Let us now take a look at something from a household brand in the tenting world, the Instant Shader Deluxe XL from Easthills. A lot of experience as an outdoor company, this is by no means Easthills’ first foray into the tenting world. Thus,we can be quite sure that we are settling for something quality and durable.

easthills outdoors beach tent

This is in a higher price bracket, but we have realized that it is meant for families, not a single or a couple of individuals. Therefore, we suggest that you think of it more of an investment rather than something temporary.

The setup process is quite simple. However, the tent is on the larger side and thus may require two people. The tent comes in a handy carrying bag. Structure-wise, it is a hexagonal affair with three windows (mesh) and a front door that is open to the world.

Like another model we talked about earlier, this model also makes use of an integrated hub system. The fiberglass frame pops in to place as you tug at the ropes from the center. And the tent comes with four guylines and 10 plastic stakes, so you are covered both at the beach or someplace windy.

Also, this tent is big enough to fit four adults and their equipment. We would go as far as to say that it might even fit in a few kids and a cooler too.


  • Very lightweight for something so enormous
  • Comes with UV protection
  • You are covered for all environments with four guylines and 10 plastic stakes
  • The front can be zippered up



  • A bit pricey


5. Arcshell Premium Extra Large Pop Up Beach Tent

Auto pop-up mechanism? Check. Waterproof fiber? Check. 50+ UPF protection? You have said it. This Arcshellpop-up tent is the most versatile and capable tent we have featured so far. Got your attention, eh? Read right on.

The unit comes with a fiberglass pole frame structure that features that auto pop-up mechanism.

arcshell premium extra large pop up beach tent

With a 60 second deploy time, this unit absolutely crushes in the easy-to-prop-up category. The two yellow indicators help in directing the direction of grip while taking it down, making it equally as easy to take it down and pack up.

Also, the feature that caught our attention is that this tent has an extendable ground cloth that you can zip up anytime you want. The cloth serves as a play area for the kids and increases privacy as a breathable door.

Let us talk about the dimensions. The Arcshell premium takes the cake in this category as well. We managed to fit two regular-sized beach chairs within. The tent folds down to about 30.7 * 5.4 b* 5.4 inches, so you can easily carry it around in the trunk of your car or a suitcase.

Now coming to the fabric. This is the star of the show here. The walls are composed of 190T Polyester fabric. And the floor has a 210D Oxford construction. The floor area and the walls have a 3000mm PU material inner coating, making the entire tent waterproof. Also, the twofold sewing makes the tent sandproof.


  • UV protection
  • Waterproof and sand proof
  • Extendable ground cloth
  • Yellow indicators to aid pack up



  • Not as portable as some of these other tents we have featured


6. iCorer Automatic Pop-up

If you are looking for something to replace that awful, heavy beach umbrella, we recommend that you take a look at this automatic pop-up from iCorer.

Super convenient to just prop up and take down, trust us when we say this, this pop-up tent is way better than tugging an umbrella to the beach.

icorer pop up tent

The iCorer Automatic has all the essentials covered, 50+ UPF protection, flame-resistant nylon fabric, etc. To us, its winning feature would be that it is so simple and quick to set it in place and take it down after use, just like an umbrella.The tent is uber portable when folded down, just 2.2 pounds, including the full-size carry bag.

Awesome! For something this simple, the unit also comes with sandbag pockets and ground stakes, so you can use it both at the beach or on a grassy lawn somewhere.

And the double mesh window ensures great ventilation while offering protection from the wind and flying critters. Another stand-out feature of this tent is that there are no sharp objects or metal poles involved.

So, you can rest easy that your kids would not be caught in any mischief. Simple to use, lightweight and safe, this unit is also our selection for the best pop-up beach tent for baby and the kids.


  • Sun protection up to UPF 50+
  • Set up time of 1 second, take-down time of 3
  • Very, very lightweight
  • Includes a nifty carry bag



  • The stakes are small


7. G4Free Easy Set up Beach Tent Deluxe XL

The name says it all. It is simple to set up, equally as simple to take down and pack up.No nonsense, and a very durable tent. The G4Free is for those looking for a more sedate affair. No additional features, just very good as it is.

A non-enclosed design with windows on three of the walls, the G4Free Easy has excellent ventilation,

tent for the beach

so you know you will not be cooking within when camping out on a mid summer’s day. This is the perfect tent to bring along to your kids’ sport meets or even a night out in the neighborhood woods.

And the tent does well on beach duties too. The fabric is 190T silver-coated polyester and thus is successful at blocking out over 95 percent of the harmful rays, giving it its UPF 50+ protection rating. The fabric is also very successful at staving off accidental spills with its 210D Oxford fabric.

Moreover, the best feature of this unit is simply how easy it is to prop up and take it down afterward. The instructions are all nicely written in a handy piece of fabric that is sewed on inside the carrying bag. So, even if you were to forget (highly unlikely), you can always refer back to it.


  • Very easy to prop up and take down
  • Well ventilated
  • Has UV protection
  • Easy-to-access instructions



  • The supports are made of plastic


8. Shade Shack Beach Tent

Looking for that best of the best sun protection wherever you go? Pop it out of the pack, prop up, and you have almost instantaneous protection from the sun? No hush, no fuss. This Shade Shake Beach Tent is what you are looking for,

Okay, we have to talk about its winning feature. That sun protection is on another level.

shade shack beach tent

The fabric is a zinc-coated polyester that gives us a UV protection factor that is upwards of 30+. That basically translates to over 96 percent of the dangerous UV rays being blocked.

With this unit, you basically have your own personal sun shaded area wherever you want. The included sand pocket can be used to secure your position on the beach, or you can make use of the stakes out on the grassy fields. You can be sure Shade Shack is not going anywhere.

We recommend this unit for small families, with young kids, ideal for their nap time or you can duck in to breastfeed under the privacy of the opaque walls. The unit is ventilated, too, so you would not feel stuffy while in there.


  • Best in class protection from UV rays
  • The unit comes in at 4 pounds fully packed in
  • Side pockets to further improve stability
  • Larger than most tents in this price segment



  • The sand can be a little hard to remove from the sandbags


9. Easthills Outdoors Instant Shader Pop Up Tent

Looking for a more elegant affair, while hanging out at the beach or by the side of a lake? Let us acquaint ourselves with this instant shader from Easthill outdoors. A household brand in all things outdoors, you can be sure that you will not be missing out on anything if you went ahead and decided to acquire this one for yourself.

easthills outdoors beach tents

Very easy to prop in place and take down and equally easy to pack away, the Easthills Outdoors Instant Shader comes on only at about five pounds fully packed. So portability is this unit’s strong suit.

The fabric is a 185T polyester material, and that makes this unit fairly water-resistant. It is UPF 50+ rated, so you know you are getting the maximum protection from the sun. Quite useful when you are sitting by the lake on a midsummers day. You can duck inside when the sun goes a little too hot.

This fabric extends to the floor as well, thus serving as a protective barrier between you and the ground. The floor space, we would say, is enough for a couple of adults and a kid. Plus, all your essentials. Adequate ventilation with mesh windows on three of the walls.


  • Comes with UPF 50+ protection
  • Easy to both set in place and take down
  • Great ventilation
  • Water-resistant



  • We just wish it were a bit bigger


10. Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent

Last but certainly not least, we present to you the best beach pop-up tent in our lineup, the beach tent from Pacific Breeze. This is the best rated out of all our offerings, and it is not too difficult to see why. Let us take a closer peek.

The tent can fit up to four people inside, comfortably. This extra size does not, however, mean extra weight.

pacific breeze easy setup beach tent

And thus, the tent fully folded will weight just shy of 6.5 pounds. We will make it easier for you. Imagine the easy-to-prop-up nature of a smaller tent. Scale it substantially, and we have in our hands the Pacific Breeze.

Like a lot of tents on our list, this tent also offers UPF 50+ protection. You are basically guaranteed protection from the grueling sun. The fabric resists liquids, and thus, we get proper protection from winds and rain too. And the fabric itself is also surprisingly breathable, making it ideal for those summer getaways.

Moreover, the walls consist of three large, meshed windows that you can open up further to let in more air. Ventilation was clearly in mind when they were designing this tent. The tent comes with five sand pockets for all your equipment. A nifty carrying bag takes the portability up a few notches.


  • Offers UPF 50+ protection
  • Three large, meshed windows
  • Water-resistant
  • Includes a crafted carrying case


  • The height can be a little low for some


What to Look For Before Buying

So perhaps you have decided to pull the plug and get a beach tent for yourself. While the offerings on our list are pretty solid, perhaps they were not to your liking. Or perhaps, you wanted more choices. Fret not, this review article would not be complete without a relevant buying guide. So what are the things to look out for?

    • Beach Tent Type

There are just so many types to choose from. It can get a little difficult when it comes to acquiring one for yourself. One thing we should note down is that these beach tents look quite similar to beach canopies. But there are subtle differences amongst the two which make them appropriate for their use cases.

Beach tents, like their camping counterparts, use a piece of material to create a barrier between your belongings and the beach floor. This keeps the sand out and helps protect you from the hot sand when inside the tent.

    • Beach Tent Dimension

It goes without saying,the tent you buy should be tall enough that you can sit on it without hunching or bending. So, try and buy one with enough height clearance for you and your family.

The second thing you should be taking into account is your family size. Your family size is the second determinant in the shape and size of the tent you will be acquiring. A family with more members will require a larger tent than a family with fewer members.

Different tents come with different space layouts. Some are more open than others. Some allow you to sprawl out all over the place with your family and equipment.

    • Beach Tent Weight

It is like one of those implied rules;it exists, but no one mentions it. And that is, camping out means traveling light. And since the tent is a principal part of camping, it deserves due consideration. So, the weight of the tent is very important.

The same thing is applicable in the case of beach tents. And the best pop-up tent for beach tends to be lightweight and can be folded down to a compact package. This greatly improves portability. Luckily for us, most manufacturers now account for this and make their tents as lightweight as possible.

But by going lightweight, make sure that the setup process of the tent does not become overly complicated. Remember, we always want something that is easy to prop up and also pack up when needed.

    • Beach Tent Price

Whenever we want to buy something, it is always sensible to set up an appropriate budget. It is the same in the case of beach tents. They are offered in a range of prices, and as usual, the premium models command a premium pricing. Set about the things which are important to you.

It is in your best interest to carry out some research into the different models being offered in the market. In the end, this helps us to narrow our options, and we end up more satisfied with the unit we choose.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are the most commonly asked queries regarding the best pop-up beach tents:

1. What is the best pop-up tent?

It would be the Pacific breeze beach tent for us. And it has a great set of features and competitive pricing. It would be a shame if you did not put this on your list.

2. Can you bring a tent to the beach?

The wonderful thing about tents is that they can be propped up almost anywhere, though some places require more effort than the others. The beach is one of them. There, the sand is difficult to use as a foundation. However, the harnesses can be tied down to rocks or something heavy. So yes, you can bring your tent to the beach.

We recommend investing in a good pop-up tent.

3. How do you pack a pop-up beach tent?

We cannot stress this enough. Always read the instructions. Tent manufacturers always include an instruction booklet in the retail packaging. That being said, not all tents are set up the same way.

Our tip is to check out the tent as you unbox it the first time around. Take note of how the manufacturer folded it. Many tents come with a collapsible frame of sorts that makes refolding it back easy. Others require us to separate the frame and the fabric. Therefore, read the instructions. The process is not the same for all tents.

4. What is a beach canopy?

In the simplest terms, a beach canopy is a shelter (of sorts) that can be collapsed into something more portable. These canopies can be from five by five feet all the way to ten by ten feet.

5. Can you use a canopy on the beach?

Of course, you can. With regard to restrictions, there are not any. Check your local laws beforehand. As for environmental factors, the wind can be heavy. Otherwise, we are all set. If we go for setting up a canopy, we can easily solve the anchoring problem by using buckets filled with sand.

6. What is the best pop-up canopy for the beach?

We highly recommend theiCorer Automatic Pop-Up, a no-nonsense, feature-rich shelter you can take anywhere.

Final Words

We are done with our best pop-up beach tent reviews. And we hope you had a good time reading through it. Be sure to refer back to it if the need arises.

Good Luck!

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