7 Best Multi Pump BB Gun Rifle: Powerful Air Rifle Reviews

There is nothing better than a multi-pump BB air gun that comes in a budget range. Multi pump air BB guns are the perfect hunting weapon that you will see with both beginners and professional hunters. The price range starts from very low, which can go up to several thousand dollars.

If you have gone through the market for the best BB guns, you might have stumbled upon many choices there. Here we will guide you about how you can choose the best BB gun for your hunting career. Before we go through the guide, we will be reviewing some of the best BB guns in the market.

Review Best Multi Pump BB Gun Air RifleBest Multi Pump BB Gun Rifle

We have selected the top popular multi-pump air rifle models of the market to test for proper review. With testing and reviewing them properly we have come to a list of the top 7 Multi Pump BB Gun Air Rifle for our readers.

Check out the reviews to find what suits your need.

Gamo Swarm Maxxim G2 .22 Cal Multi-Shot Pellet Rifle
Gamo Swarm Magnum 10X GEN3i Inertia Fed .22 Caliber Break Barrel air Rifle. High Power 10-Shot Pellet air Gun. 1,300 fps Velocity.
Remington AirMaster 77 AM77X Single-Shot Variable Pump .177-Caliber Pellet And BB Air Rifle With Scope, Black
Gamo Swarm Maxxim G2 .22 Cal Multi-Shot Pellet Rifle
Gamo Swarm Magnum 10X GEN3i Inertia Fed .22 Caliber Break Barrel air Rifle. High Power 10-Shot Pellet air Gun. 1,300 fps Velocity.
Remington AirMaster 77 AM77X Single-Shot Variable Pump .177-Caliber Pellet And BB Air Rifle With Scope, Black
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Gamo Swarm Maxxim G2 .22 Cal Multi-Shot Pellet Rifle
Gamo Swarm Maxxim G2 .22 Cal Multi-Shot Pellet Rifle
Gamo Swarm Magnum 10X GEN3i Inertia Fed .22 Caliber Break Barrel air Rifle. High Power 10-Shot Pellet air Gun. 1,300 fps Velocity.
Gamo Swarm Magnum 10X GEN3i Inertia Fed .22 Caliber Break Barrel air Rifle. High Power 10-Shot Pellet air Gun. 1,300 fps Velocity.
Amazon Prime
Remington AirMaster 77 AM77X Single-Shot Variable Pump .177-Caliber Pellet And BB Air Rifle With Scope, Black
Remington AirMaster 77 AM77X Single-Shot Variable Pump .177-Caliber Pellet And BB Air Rifle With Scope, Black

Gamo Swarm Maxxim G2 .22 Cal Multi-Shot Pellet Rifle

The first one we are looking at is an air pistol from GAMO. If you are a hunter and know about guns, you will surely know about GAMO guns. GAMO is one of the most prestigious airgun manufacturer companies known all over the world. Swarm Maxxim is the best multi-pump air rifle for hunting down big targets.

The reason it can be said is because of the pellet size. Unlike the standard .177 caliber pellet, this gun can shoot .22 caliber pellets. These are larger pellets, and because of the large-caliber pellet size, the thumps on your target will be a lot dominant. You can easily take down bigger targets like rabbits with one single shot.

The overall construction of this large gun is solid as hell. The heft and weight balance have been calibrated to give you the best experience possible. To achieve the 1000 FPS speed, it has a long barrel that makes it one of the most powerful guns.

Engaging with this simple pellet gun is very simple and easy. You get the rapid break barrel to reload, and the pellet loads into the barrel automatically.


  • A powerful .22 gun for hunting down bigger targets
  • Comes with along range scope to monitor your target
  • The overall construction is solid and does not feel cheap at all
  • Loads pellets into the barrel automatically for quick engagement


  • The magazine mechanism is complicated and has chances of failure

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Gamo Swarm Magnum G2 .22, Multi, 0.22

Here we have another GAMO break barrel air rifle. This is the most powerful pump bb gun you can have in this budget range. Observing all the parts of this rifle, you can feel the quality of work that has been put into making the gun a better choice for you.

In the construction, they have used high-quality solid polycarbonate materials. These are the best choice to make this gun lightweight. Symmetrical design aesthetics on these gun parts make them more usable for professional users. The left and both the right had grips thin. Because of being thing and lightweight, you can hold the gun pretty tightly. You can hold on to the grips for a long time as they are reinforced with rubber materials. On the tip of the barrel, you will see a solid silencer to dampen the sound. It is a quiet gun for hunting in the silent woods.

The accuracy is also dead-centered. For the best experience, you will see a full-featured scope that can be adjusted to your choices. This is a full gun kit that has no comptonization of quality and features.


  • Made of solid and high-quality materials
  • The stability of this gun is on point
  • Added silencer makes your experience quiet and pleasing
  • Easy to use modern break barrel gun for long-range hunting
  • Scope in the package is nice and usable for professional hunting


This is a heavy gun to carry around

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Remington AirMaster 77 AM77X

This is one of the best choices in the gun sector you can ever find for the budget rangers. Remington AirMaster is designed to be used by beginners, and there are a lot of things that are going to give you advantages. The whole body is made of synthetic materials, and it is stable in many situations. The stock and the handgrip design are great for holding the gun on your target easily.

If you look at the barrel, it is a solid steel barrel rated as a rifled barrel. The .177 caliber pellet is the choice for you if you use this gun, a standard pallet size. This is what gives the gun the potential to travel long distances.

Though the barrel is chrome finished, which might distract stealth, you can still paint it matter to compensate for that effect. In the package, you will find a 4X15 scope. This scope is going to work just fine for mid to long-distance coverage. For a better experience with the gun, you will find adjustable fiber optic sights.

The forestock and the grip have a textured pattern that helps you get a better grip on every shot. It is almost unreal to have too many features in one rifle at this price range.


  • It is a budget-friendly premium gun for everyone.
  • Has mid-range good optics and fiber optic front sight
  • Does not show any change in performance due to weather change


  • Shots are a bit loud as it does not have a muffler or noise suppressor

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Crosman Freestyle 1077FSG CO2-Powered .177-Caliber

Crosman Freestyle is a master of lightweight guns. It is the best multi-pump bb rifle that you should consider a try. Due to the low price point, you can always have one of these in your collection. Even though it looks cheap, it has more polycarbonate used to bring down the gun’s weight.

Unlike all break barrel rifles, a CO2 airgun does not have any locking mechanisms. You have to load in a CO2 cartridge that provides the power to push the pellet out of the barrel. This is bringing down the hassle of loading after every shot. You will have a better experience with this gun if you shoot squirrels, rodents, or birds.

What makes it even more accurate for hunting is the adjustable rear sight. It comes with the .177 caliber multi-pump rifle, and the accuracy comes in very handy in small game hunting.

As there is no use of wood, you will not have to worry about the materials getting bad or changing the gun’s behavior. The metal used in this gun is also weather-resistant, and rust and corrosion will never be a problem for you.

The overall experience with this sleek gun is like no others. You get good stability with the stock nitro piston design as well as with the grip design.


  • A lightweight body helps to carry it easily
  • Works with the popular 177 caliber pellet
  • It is a CO2 cartridge gun that does not need cocking and loading
  • Does not cost a lot of money for the price
  • You can adjust the rear sight that it comes with


  • Does not come with a long-range scope in the box

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Umarex NXG APX .177 Multi-pump Air Rifle

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If you are more into the modern designs and features, NXG APX from Umarex is the best variable pump bb gun you can choose. The sleek design and different cocking mechanism makes it a must-have for easy engagement in the hunt.

The most amazing thing that attracts most of the hunters is the design aesthetics of this bb air rifle. It has been designed to handle the gun in the easiest way possible. The lightweight stock and vented design aesthetic keep the weight down several notches. You can maneuver the gun with ease.

The thin and accessible handgrip will never give you cramps even after using it for several hours. Though this is a break barrel gun, you will not have to break the barrel; instead, you have to load the gun using a different leaver right below the barrel to cock the gun. Attention from your target is never going to move because of this loading mechanism.

You are also getting more room to modify your weapon as you have got an 11mm scope rail on this bad boy. You are still getting a 4×15 scope on which is good for your mid-range coverage.


  • Made of lightweight materials
  • The cocking mechanism is super easy and convenient for locking on target
  • Use standard .177 pallets
  • You have a lot of room to modify the gun to your choice and needs
  • Cons
  • The accuracy on long-range is not that great

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Crosman .177 Bolt Action Variable Pump

Crosman .177 is the best multi-pump bb rifle that has a superior rate of fire. This looks like the real deal. This BB gun looks exactly like a fully automatic rifle, and this even feels like one on hand. It has the heft and the weight balance you expect from an automatic rifle. Besides the look, it also has features that will surely make it a must-have weapon in your collection.

The first thing you will notice is the look. You can use this PCP gun for self-defense as well as a hunting weapon. You have to use the standard .177 pallets that penetrate too deep on small animals. You can also vary the speed and velocity of the projectile. The low velocity will be great for close-distance target shooting. The velocity can be boosted up to 700 FPS which is insane for a gun at this price range. You can shoot both BBs and pellets with this gun.

The price range is also super low that makes it one of the best choices for beginners. This gun is mostly recommended for beginners who want to practice their shooting skills.


  • Most of the materials used in this gun are metal.
  • Looks like a real gun which is good fr self-defense
  • Comes with variable pump action
  • Variable speed makes it a versatile gun for all situations
  • Shoots both pellets and BBs


  • This is not that great for hunting because of the long-range inaccuracy

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Daisy 880 Multi-Pump Air Rifle Kit

At the bottom of our list, we have the best multi-pump bb gun with all the accessories and gadgets. The price is so reasonable that you might want to have multiple of these and one for all your family members. Compared to the price, you will not see any speed, power, and performance on this gun.

The stock (synthetic stock or thumbhole stock) and mid-body are designed like a traditional gun with a normal power source. The thick and heavy stock is going to give you the stability you need. A nicely designed polycarbonate grip is going to be a lot easy to use daily. Because of being thin and lightweight, you will not feel any cramps on the wrist.

The long-range is covered by the super-long barrel of this gun. With 750 FPS rated speed, you can target practice around your house farms. Pest control will be the perfect job for this gun.

In the package, you will find 500 pellets and 750 BBs. This huge collection of pellets and BBs is going to be enough for hunting and practices. You will also find safety goggles for your automatic safety measures in the box.


  • A very cheap gun for practice and pest control
  • Cocking is easy and convenient in this suitable air rifle
  • Comes with pellets, BBs, and a safety gadget
  • You will get a one-year warranty service with the purchase


  • The quality and accuracy degrade over time as it is a beginner weapon of choice.

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Best Multi-Pump BB Gun Buying Guide

Best Multi-Pump BB Gun Buying Guide

We will now discuss how you can choose the best multi-pump PCP air rifle for you. There are a lot of features and functions that you will have to consider if you are going to invest money in an air gun. Let us go through the buying guide right now.

What Type of Gun is That?

If you look through the types and variations of these air guns, you will never find the end.

Pistol and rifles

The first difference we see is the rifle and pistols. Pistols are not great for shooting, and these are mostly lightweight and also lack power delivery.

On the other hand, there are rifles. Rifles are mainly bigger guns, and these are the most dominant guns for hunters and professionals all around the world.

As these are bigger guns, you will find many features spread all over the gun parts. The longer barrels are going to be more accurate than a pistol. So these are mostly used for hunting and pest controlling.

Break barrel and CO2 operated guns

Break barrel guns are the most traditional guns you can find in the market. These guns have a locking mechanism that loads the gun with compressed air. This compressed-air bursts the bb or pallet through the barrel at a very high velocity.

This is the working principle of a break barrel gun. Break barrel guns are cheaper than CO2-operated guns. The overall mechanism will be a lot easier and simple, and there will be less chance of failure.

On the other hand, CO2-operated guns are more for modern users. These guns use pressure cartilage that creates the pressure to launch the projectile through the air. The main advantage here is that you will not have to load the gun every time you shoot a pallet. Keep in mind that these guns are a bit expensive for new owners.

How Heavy Is the Gun?

The weight of a gun will be responsible for your experience with the gun. The lighter the gun will be, the longer you can use them actively on the fields as these are air guns, and recoils will be a lot lighter. So you will not have to use the heft to manage the recoil. In this case, the lighter the gun is, the better your experience will be.

Where are You Going to Use That Gun?

Where are You Going to Use That Gun?

Your field of operation will also affect your gun choice. You should make sure that the gun you are purchasing can stand the stress you are putting on the gun. If you are purchasing the gun for hunting in the woods, it should perform without being affected by the humid weather conditions. High-quality materials and metal is going to give you the support here.

Single Firing or an Automatic Gun?

We have already acknowledged that a single firing gun will never be a pleasing experience if you are a rapid user. Break barrel guns are mostly single fire guns. People love these guns because of the price range and value for the money.

Multi-fire automatic guns are the best choice for auto shooting guns. You can then double fire quickly if you have just missed the first shot.

Rated Velocity and Where It Can be Used

The velocity rated on the box is going to matter a lot. The higher the velocity, the more you will be able to penetrate your target. If you are shooting squirrels or birds from a distance, you should choose a gun that can shoot at 1000 FPS. The higher the FPS will be, the harder the bullet can hit.

If you are target practicing, guns with around 700 FPS will be good enough for you.

Does it Come with Everything?

In most of the case, guns will come with a lot of accessories added to the gun. The scope is one very important add-on that can complete the gun setup. The gun should also have slots and options to add more accessories to improve your shooting experience.

People Also Ask about Multi-Pump BB Gun

What is a multi-pump BB gun?

This is a regular type of proper BB gun yet with some advanced mechanisms. The base of an air rifle is to release extremely pressurized air out that drives pallets or BBs at a very high velocity. In a multi-pump air rifle, the air gets trapped in two different chambers and that is how the power efficiency is gained.

The air generally gets compressed inside one gas piston chamber. Then with the release of the trigger, the air gets inside of a bigger chamber, gets triggered into a small air chamber, and you get an improvement in bullet velocity. A multi-pump air rifle can be a break barrel gun, CO2 pistol, and other types of guns as well.

What is the Strongest Pump BB gun?

What is the Strongest Pump BB gun?

The strength of a BB gun is measured by the muzzle velocity rating provided by the manufacturer. If you want to pick the best multi-pump air rifle for hunting, you should get the one that has a high-velocity pellet and BB air rifle speed. In the market, there are tons of reputed companies, and there are boutique gun makers. You can still find custom-made guns that have high velocity and a high rate of speed.

If you browse through the market, you will find out that Daisy 880 Multi-Pump Air Rifle is the strongest BB gun out there. But you have to sacrifice the budget here. These guns cost a lot of money, which makes them the best daisy multi-pump bb gun. The materials, features, and technologies are the best things you should probably have in your air rifle.

From our recommendation list, you can pick up Gamo Swarm Magnum G2 .22, Multi, 0.22, which is comparatively budget-friendly than other pricier options. This has more power to penetrate than other options, and overall quality is up to the mark.

What Are the Advantages of Multi – Pump Air Rifles?

If you have used different air guns with different technologies, you might have noticed the differences in inconveniences, advantages, and features. And there are advantages to using a multi-pump air rifle.

The first thing you will notice on a multi-pump air rifle is that it has constant velocity. The max speed you get from a multi-pump air rifle is high, which is higher than a single pump PCP rifle or lever action bb guns. The consistency of this velocity is also great. Because of has two pressure release mechanisms, the velocity is consistent.

The next thing you will notice is the ease of use. These guys are super simple and easy to use. There are not a lot of bells and whistles you have to take care of. If it is a break barrel gun, you might just have to break the barrel and you are ready to shoot. Unlike traditional guns, an automatic pellet loading mechanism loads the air gun pellet into the barrel to shoot.

The last yet the biggest thing you will notice from a Multi-pump air rifle is that you can change the power output of the pellets. This might not be a common feature for Multi-Pump air rifles, but you can still find this option in different air rifles.

How Much Does the Crosman 1377 Cost? 

If you have gone through reviews of the multi-pump bb gun, you will notice that Crosman 1377 is a simple pistol-style air gun with high quality, and it is the top multi-pump bb gun for small games.

The price of these break barrel air pistols starts at around 60 dollars. Depending on the availability and sellers, this price can go high or even low. If you plan to buy a pellet pistol with nice power and balance of quality, this is a good one to go for.


As we have gone through an extensive review of different types of guns and we have also gathered the idea of how you can choose the next best air rifle for your experience.

The choice generally depends on where you are using this gun, and you should also be able to operate the gun by yourself. Whatever you are buying, make sure that you are not paying too much for the value and not having features that you don’t utilize.

If you explore through the air rifle choices, choices of airguns are endless. You can buy a fully manual bb pistol to a fully automatic air weapon within your budget. The choice is yours. Be sure to check the value of the features and advantages.

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