Best Boat Blind for Duck Hunting in 2021: for Material and Camo Reviews

It is easy to say that seasonal or professional duck hunting has always been fun activities hunters love. There are tons of accessories that will change the way the ducks gather around you. 

A duck blind is one of those accessories designed to fool those ducks that try to be too smart. 

Back in the day, people used to make their blinds for their boats or their shelters. Now there are a lot of official companies that make blinds designed for different boats.

This is a review where we will be reviewing some of the best boat blinds that have been specially designed to be used on a duck hunting session.

Avery Outdoors Hunting Gear Quick-Set Blind Kit-Btml (14'-16' Boats)
Allen Company STAKEOUT Blind - Mossy Oak BUCOUNTRY, Multi (25502A)
Mossy Oak Graphics 10004-16-DB Duck Blind Camo Boat Wrap Kit - Easy to Install Vinyl Wrap with Matte Finish - 18" x 16' Kit
Avery Outdoors Hunting Gear Quick-Set Blind Kit-Btml (14'-16' Boats)
Allen Company STAKEOUT Blind - Mossy Oak BUCOUNTRY, Multi (25502A)
Mossy Oak Graphics 10004-16-DB Duck Blind Camo Boat Wrap Kit - Easy to Install Vinyl Wrap with Matte Finish - 18" x 16' Kit
Amazon Prime
Avery Outdoors Hunting Gear Quick-Set Blind Kit-Btml (14'-16' Boats)
Avery Outdoors Hunting Gear Quick-Set Blind Kit-Btml (14'-16' Boats)
Allen Company STAKEOUT Blind - Mossy Oak BUCOUNTRY, Multi (25502A)
Allen Company STAKEOUT Blind - Mossy Oak BUCOUNTRY, Multi (25502A)
Mossy Oak Graphics 10004-16-DB Duck Blind Camo Boat Wrap Kit - Easy to Install Vinyl Wrap with Matte Finish - 18" x 16' Kit
Mossy Oak Graphics 10004-16-DB Duck Blind Camo Boat Wrap Kit - Easy to Install Vinyl Wrap with Matte Finish - 18" x 16' Kit
Amazon Prime

Reviews of the Best Boat Blind for Duck Hunting in 2021

Best Boat Blind for Duck Hunting

We have selected the most popular boat blind for hunting in the market and researched their reviews over the internet. We have checked what most of the users are sharing in their experiences and checked some of the reviews from the enthusiasts for making a perfect selection of boat blinds

After testing them with our team and considering their features and the information from our researched data, we have come to a list of the top boat blinds for waterfowl hunting. Here are the reviews. 

1. Avery Outdoors Quick-Set Duck Boat Blind Set

Avery outdoor blind for duck hunting is like a permanent solution for you if you are super active in the duck hunting season. It is a permanent blind frame made of lightweight rounded tubes, and despite having a lot of parts, this can be held on very easily and smoothly. 

This is a versatile, quick set blind as well. You can set this up on any standard boat and fold and set up without clicks and clacks as well. As these tubes are made of aluminum, this is lightweight and while you are on the boat. It does not take more than half an hour to fully set this blind up while you are on the spot.

 The cameo cover is also great when it comes to the design. All the colors and cortex boat blind material on the outside are evenly spread, and that works great if you want to blend with the wild nature. 

This is also great if you are toeing your boat to carry. All the metal pipes are folded, and the fabric part then wraps up all the loose materials. 


  • A lightweight solution as a boat blind
  • Manages heavy wind without any wobble or turbulences
  • The design and cameo part is designed to look and feel blinding to ducks 
  • Easy and fast installation process
  • Perfect for use on open water and shoreline goose hunting


  • Some shiny parts are exposed outside that has to take care of

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2. Beavertail Stealth Max-4 Duck Hunting Boat Blind

No products found.

Beavertail is one of those companies that has been making boat blinds for many years, and almost all their blinds are promising to the waterfowl hunters. This is one of their inexpensive models that is simple yet effective to use while solo hunting. 

This beavertail blind has a fold that goes sideways, and this can cover a small boat without any parts exposed outside. The most amazing part of this blind is that it has two separate dog doors, which is like a blessing for the dog owners. 

The whole blind has several ports that you can use to peek outside with your gun. The top three ports are enough to give you the whole 360-degree coverage. While it is raining outside, you can keep yourself dry and clean as this fabric has a coating to keep the whole cover waterproof. The cameo design is also great if you compare this to the others in this price range. 

I have used this boat blind with duck decoys with my Jon boat, and I am impressed with the camouflage and grey color mixture to cover mud motor and other duck boat hunting gears.

Installing this blind on your boat is super easy. You will not have to have any modifications to your boat or even have a hole on your boat to set this up. 


  • Easy to install on your boat and easy to deploy as well
  • Has three ports to cover 360 degrees and two dog doors to make it a bliss for your dog too 
  • Perfect for standard hiding outboards of different layout boats
  • Aluminum and stainless steel construction keeps it as light as possible


  • This does show little flimsy performance in strong wind

No products found.

3. Allen Company Stake-Out Portable Blind Hunting Blind

This might not be the best solution for making your boat invisible to the ducks, but this is the cheapest solution for blinding your hunting ground for sure. If you have already got your boat blinds on and want to add more boat blind materials to make it almost invisible to the ducks, you should buy some of this. 

This comes with several sticks that you have to set up on the ground, and then you are ready to go if you want to shoot from a distance in your favorite hunting spot while on the boat; you should tie your boat on a side and then use these blinds to wrap the whole area.

The cameo design on this blind is a trademark, and this is one of the best for dry ground. It has prints on both sides, which is great for camping on the shores while using your personal boat. While hunting diver ducks using wood ducks techniques, this item can come in handy. You can use it with big size hunting boat compatible with big water, thanks to the flexible design it comes with.

These are extremely portable. You can take it off from the ground and wrap it up and through up in your trunk, and this weighs almost nothing compared to more permanent solutions. Also, it doesn’t go beyond any budget for boat blinds, so it is a great choice for most situations. 


  • This is a great inexpensive temporary solution for boat blinding
  • Weights almost nothing compared to the others
  • Can hide the simple boat, standard outboards, and hunting gear for geese hunting 
  • Comes with some unique features for hunting birds 
  • This is a versatile solution for blinding that works phenomenally on both ground and boats


  • This should not be your major blinding solution; instead, use this as an additional blind.

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4. Mossy Oak Graphics 10004-16-DB Duck Blind Camo Boat Wrap Kit

This is another additional solution that you should consider having in your waterfowl hunting session. This is a must-have if you are a professional duck hunter. While you are placing your order, you will see a lot of print options available to purchase. You can purchase any of them that matches the upper blind of your boat. 

Another good thing about these vinyl wraps is that you can find these in different sizes as well. Choose any that matches your boat size. The outer layer of this vinyl is matte-finished that vanishes all the flares that might be distracting the ducks you want to have on board. 

If you have purchased one for your boat, you can easily install this duck blinds boat yourself and change or remove it by yourself. With this, going to any duck hunt season can be very easy. This comes with a strong adhesive that does not even need many days to dry off fully, and you can keep this vinyl on for several years. 

This external camo cover has been claimed by the company that these wraps are not going to fade over time, and these may last for five years as well. By judging the quality, it can be said that this is possible. 

 If you are using a beavertail boat or similar ones, this camo cover can be a perfect thing to choose for the next duck season. 


  • A great solution for your shiny boats
  • Easy to install and take off from an amazing boat
  • These camo covers can wrap the whole boat 
  • It does blend with natural vegetation & marsh grass
  • Add more cameo to your boat along with the blinds 
  • You can cover your motor if you order larger than your boat size


  • Do not come with stubble straps 

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5. Pro Series Military Camouflage

This package contains professional military-grade mesh that has been designed to be used on boats both on the sides and the tops. While you are placing your order, you can order for different sizes and configurations as well. If you have got a boat blind frame on your boat, this will be a helpful addition for you. 

If you are making the blind and the stand by yourself, you should buy this duck blind boat mesh for the frame you have made yourself. I like how easy it is to carry to become one of the easiest portable blinds or temporary blinds for boats.

These meshes can also be used on the existing blind you have on your boat. Any unfinished touch on your blind can be covered up using a mesh. Cut one up and add this on the uncovered areas like the engines (Mud buddy engine) and the shiny frames. 

What makes this one of the perfect layout blinds using a ground blind is the textures. The textures all over the mesh are matte finished, and this is reversible as well. If you plan to hunt under extreme temperatures, you can double this up to control the temperature inside your boat hide. 


  • High-quality mesh to use as an additional cameo cover
  • Durable cover to use for a long time hunting 
  • Strong lightweight, and durable design materials
  • Perfect to use for most of the duck and goose hunters 
  • It can be used with any basic boat or homemade boat 
  • Comes in different sizes to cover different areas of your boat


  • Setting this up and unsetting this from the boat blind frame is not very fast and easy

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6. Ameristep Tent Chair Blind

If you look at the design, you can see that this is not designed to be a duck blind boat; rather, this is designed to be set up in forests and jungles. Just like the Allen Stake-Out Portable Blind, this is a temporary solution for your hunting duck hunting solution. This will not give your boat natural cover; instead, use this as temporary seating space and set up your natural gear and item options. 

This is a great solution for anyone who wants to set up a blind as quickly as possible. It is better to use this blind from the ground and not on the boat. If you have got a small boat like kayaks, this can be a good blind.

It has several shooting ports through which you can target almost all around you and get a 360 field of view. Use a folding hunting chair to set up inside, and you will still be able to have a dog inside. The front chain can be accessed by you and your dog as well. 

You will find these duck blinds in two different designs and two different vent designs. 


  • A versatile blind for any hunting 
  • Cameo design is great if you are hunting from the ground and remote place 
  • Has adequate vents to cover a complete boat 
  • Comes with excellent camo patterns 
  • Very easy to use for most types of duck hunters 
  • It can be carried in different hunting spots and land easily 


  • This is not the best permanent solution for hunting ducks in the lakes

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How to Choose the Best Duck Hunting Blind? 

While you are looking for the best duck blind to install on your angling boat, you should consider several features of the blind. It is not that you have to spend a lot of money on a blind boat. But you should know that boat blind is an investment that will change the way you hunt. Best Duck Hunting Blind

How do you install the blind on your boat? 

If you are a professional duck hunter, you should have a permanent hunting blind installed on your boat for sure. Generally, a duck hunting blind is made of marine-grade aluminum or other lightweight metal frames. Somehow, you have to attach the metal body skeleton to your boat stern using stainless steel bolts in a few seconds. 

Some of the duck blinds have to be screwed onto your boat, and you might have to screw several holes on the boat and screw them on. There are other options where the duck blind comes with a clamp that has to be attached to the sides. 

What type of blind is it? 

There are too many types of boat blinds in the market that you can use on your boat. The most popular ones are the collapsible stand ones, and some of the less popular are pop-up boat blind options.

These are permanent and more effective duck blinds for hiding mud motors and other parts of the mud buddy engines. There will be holes and two or three shooting ports used as windows to peek through. 

If you are a total DIY guy and want to build the motor cover/engine cover/boat cover blind by yourself, you have to make the metal frames yourself. Then you have to buy mesh duck blinds and cover the frame by yourself, which will be a more cost-efficient way to buy the hassle. 

No shiny stuff is a must.

While purchasing an external cover blind for your boat, you should make sure that no shiny metal parts are exposed. Make sure that the fabric can cover all the metal frames with ease. The leafy and cortex boat blind material should be made of matte-finished fabrics. 

What size does it come? 

The size of a blind is a concern because you have to make sure that all your boat parts are covered very well. It is recommended that you get a blind at least one foot larger than the boat itself, and this is to make sure that the motor part is covered using the blind fabric. 

How does it perform in the rain and wind? 

If you are hunting around rainforests and windy areas, you have to make sure that the blind fabric is waterproof. 

Some of the great models, like Mossy Oak Shadowgrass,  Easy-Up Duck Boat Blinds, come with rain tops along with a waterproof outside cover. Some models will have flip tops with different styles of polyurethane coating. 

In general, most companies that make weather-resistant duck blinds have a coating on the outer layer, and this layer will save you from rains and water as well.

While ports are on the top, there should be flaps to prevent rainwater from entering your boat. 

Is it easy to deploy for duck hunters? 

Blinds that we mentioned in this Boat blind for duck hunting review are all super easy to deploy. Make sure that it does not take more than half an hour to deploy. You have to be able to deploy the blind while you are on the boat, which will save a lot of time and effort as well. 

Duck Boat Blind Material: Is it Good Enough?

Duck Boat Blind Material: Is it Good Enough

The longevity of a boat blind generally depends on how the built quality is. If you can buy a boat blind with good overall built quality, it is possible that it will last for several years and that matters a lot for a professional waterfowl hunter.

A few excellent blinds like Beavertail boat blind, Beavertail 400079 Stealth Max-4, Ameristep Tent Chair Blind, Lockable cover blinds, etc. who come in great durability for longer use. 

Ways to blend in with nature

If you are a hunter, you know how important it is to blend yourself with nature. Changing the clothing, using different scents, and also using other attachments are only some of them.

People have also used vinyl wraps to wrap their guns and other accessories to make sure that it blends perfectly with the environment. We will mention some of the techniques here. 

Using cameo clothing

Cameo clothing has been one of the tactile techniques to go for the blind. You will find them in different textures. If you look and find deeper, you will find several vests with a thick layer of grass-type materials to blend in. 

It is good to keep in mind that if you use green and faded black textured fabrics, that will be great for using as a blind cover. 

Blinds for duck hunters

These are the best things that you should invest in if you are a professional hunter. Blinds are mainly different types of tents or shelter that has a cameo type of outer texture.

Generally, blinds are a bit expensive, and they come in different sizes and types of variants. We mentioned some of the blinds that are versatile to use on different hunting grounds.

Vinyl wraps

These are vinyl wraps that you can wrap around your accessories and weapons. Generally, wraps are for making sure of whatever you have does not have a reflective surface.

Any flare or glare from your weapons or boxes or even motors might distract ducks from your territory. We mentioned Mossy Oak Graphics boat wraps, one of the best vinyl to use on your boat or motor. 

Using natural ingredients

It has not been too many years that people are using binds and cameo accessories. People used natural ingredients like dried grass, dried leaves, and tree branches to make blind shelters from their prey back in the day. You can still use different types of leaves and branches to use on your existing blind frame.

Spotting Scopes VS Monocular

Spotting scopes and monoculars both are the best devices for watching birds, hunting, or other activity. These optical products help you view the surroundings that you cannot see with your naked eyes. You can focus and see objects with these two, but their working field is different.Spotting Scopes VS Monocular

Which one you should purchase depends on your needs. If you know their specification and working process, you can decide easily. here, I will tell you about their basics, components, types of, etc., so you can learn about these two optics better.

Spotting Scope Basics

A spotting scope is a powerful optical device that you can use to see the clear image of any distant object. You can even use it for astronomy. It is the largest sports optics used to hunt squirrels, target shooting, see beetles, birds, deer from 100 yards away. It is a high-powered device from most binoculars. The magnification rate is 20X, and 80 mm the aperture, which works excellent than binocular.

It is a portable telescope that is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.


The spotting scope has some fundamental parts such as,

Objective Lens: The 85-millimeter objective lens is situated at the front side of the scope. It provides a larger exit pupil that makes the images brighter and makes better light transmission. It also shows a brighter image in low light conditions. 50-millimeter objective lenses are also convenient and powerful.

Tripod Mount: Used to mount the tripod.

Focus Dial: You can twist the dial to focus on the image.

Magnification Adjustment Ring: It adjusts the magnification power.

Ocular Lens: This lens is located nearest the viewer’s eye, and it is also known as the eyepiece. This ocular lens can adjust different magnification power for small to high range target shooting, and the interchangeable eyepiece provide different magnification level.

Types of Scope

Types of Scope

These compact scope manufacturers offer an angled and straight version of the spotting scope. Which you should use depends on your needs.

Angled Spotting Scopes

You can comfortably look through with an angled spotting scope as it looks like a bottle, and the ocular lens is a little higher in position. You have to nod your head and look into it so your head will be in a relaxed position. You can set the eyepiece at a 45 to 90-degree angle. The one drawback is, it should be stored only cool and dry place.

Straight Spotting Scopes

A great benefit of the straight spotting scope is, you can use it with a higher tripod. You don’t have to tilt your head, and you can look straight throw it. The field of view will be fixed here. The only discomfort is, you will get neck pain after an extended period.

Spotting Scope Pros

  • Use high powered objective lens
  • High magnification power and can use in low light
  • It can be used for long-distance shooting, target shooting, astronomy, hunting.
  • Waterproof body and has a night vision technology
  • Provide crisp image


  • Not much portable
  • Requires time to set up the tripods
  • Less weatherproof

Monocular Basics

Monocular is almost the same as binocular, which is a less complicated tool than a spotting scope. It has a single tube system so you can handle it with one eye. It also works as a magnifying glass so you can see a close 2d image with it. You can watch birds, your surrounding and take them for hunting purposes. Monoculars are like a refracting telescope so the light can pass throw the lens.

The monocular can magnify an object 8 times, and the lens is 42mm. It is also called a monocular telescope.


Monocular has some essential components, such as

Lens: It has two lenses, objective and eyepiece. The objective lens is situated at the front, and the retractable eyepiece is near to your eyes. You have to see throw the eyepiece, just like the spotting scope.

Focusing system: The monocular has a focusing ring, focus wheel, focus button, etc.

Magnification power and field of view: It has a zoom option and magnification system. The zoom knob controls the magnification level, and you can see a wide panorama image throw field of view.

Types of Monocular

Types of Monocular

There are four types of monoculars you can use such as,

Compact Monocular

Compact monocular is very lightweight and handy so that you can carry them anywhere. It has lower magnification power, and the lens size and objective lens diameter are smaller too, and you won’t get a wide range of views.

Thermal Image Monocular

This type of monocular works great in darkness. When you are planning to camouflage at night, this thermal imaging monocular will be best for you to use. However, it is not the same as a night vision monocular. Thermal image monocular shows the body temperature via an imaging system.

Infrared Monocular

Infrared monoculars pick the wavelengths so you can use them at night.

Night Vision Monocular

Night vision monocular has two technologies like infrared and thermal imaging. So you can enjoy both of them.

Monocular Pros

  • It is light weighted, can be hidden anywhere
  • It does not require any tripod
  • Perfect for bird watching
  • Perfect for visually impaired people
  • Best for the target application
  • waterproof monocular body with lower magnification capabilities


  • It does not have wide-angle viewing
  • Low powered magnification
  • Not suitable for moving targets

Spotting Scope VS Monocular


Monocular is low powered than spotting scopes, so using it for hunting won’t be a good decision. However, you do not need any gear to set it up, so it will be handy. Spotting scopes can show high regulation images, but the only problem is the setup.


Both monocular and spotting scopes are best for birding. The image quality is better in a spotting scope.


A spotting scope is the same as a telescope which monocular don’t. Also, the spotting scope has high powered zooming option, which is best for astronomy viewers and can see deep sky objects.

How to set up boat blinds?

How to set up boat blinds

This depends on what type of blind you have purchased or installed. Generally, most of the blinds found in the market have a collapsible frame, and these are the best blinds, to be honest. These are super straightforward to install on your hunting boat. 

You have to be inside the boat while the blind frame is not deployed. While you are on the boat, pull up the frame on the other side to cover up the whole blind, and then you are ready to go. Make sure that you are securing the frame of the blind to the boat. 

Do not use a blind that does not have a strong and stable frame. Use only one and keep the others shut if you are using the ports and vents to peek through.

Do I need boat blinds?

The very simple and honest answer to this question will be yes, and you need one. If you are not hunting from a very good distance, you will surely need blinds to get the most out of your duck hunting sessions. 

It is not that you have to have the best blinds from the beginning. If you are a beginner, you can start with long-distance shooting and purchase a blind set up on the ground or shores. 

You can invest more in cameo dresses to hide from your prey and then gradually increase the budget to blind your boat and accessories from ducks.

Is it necessary to have a dog door on the boat blind? 

You will need to have door dogs on a boat blind if you own a dog. It is not that your dog can not go out and snatch that would duck from the water, and you can still let them go out from the blind by lifting the frame and then closing it up after the catch. 

The dog door is not going to be a tool for dogs to go out and come in. While you have a dog on your boat, that dog will be tired of being inside the blind, and without watching the whole scenario on the outside, the dog will not be able to relate himself to the outer environment.

Let your dog stare through the dog door and get some fresh air. Keep in mind that if you carry a dog with you on hunting, your dog must be trained to be silent in intense moments. 


There is no perfect or official rating for blinding yourself to nature, and boat blind is just a part of blinding yourself to the environment. Many people invest a lot of money on blinds and still don’t get a good improvement. This is why you have to be smart and think thoroughly. 

Take a look at the things you have on board to find any plots that create any shine or attention. Give your best shot on that specific part of the boat. If your motor is not covered, you can use vinyl wraps. If your frame needs more cameo mesh, purchase some. If you need a separate blind spot, you can purchase a portable blind for your next hunting session. The possibilities are endless, and you have to look at them.

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