How to Fix a BB Gun That Won’t Shoot: The Simplest Techniques

Whether everything on your BB guns seems ok, it still may not shoot appropriately for any reason. Inspect the cocking and sliding system to see if they have any issues. Also, check when you load the BB what does the gun does. The lifespan of your BB gun will expand if you inspect it regularly, and it also reduces the jams problem.

So, understanding how to fix a bb gun that won’t shoot is not a difficult task. Find out the reason that your gun won’t shoot, then set it as soon as possible. Do not use cheap BBs as they damage your weapon.How to Fix a BB Gun That won't Shoot

Why Won’t Your BB Gun Shoot

Your gun could face any problem that makes it won’t shoot. In this case, do not cock or uncock the firearm in a hurry or disassemble it to check; it may damage the gun more. Know about the reasons, then fix it. Some possible reasons could be,

  • Leaking CO2 pistol seal
  • Stripped piston
  • Using the wrong fuse
  • Using low-quality BBs that make bb jam.

How to Fix a BB Gun That Won’t Shoot

Fix the CO2 Air Leaks and Seal

A CO2 gun could leak at any time, and you may not notice it because the BB gun still can fire with leaks, yet if you are late to repair it, the damages will increase and build up carbon. To fix the problem, read the user manual and check the CO2 canister to see if it has any scratches. Use Teflon tape or electrical tape to fix the leaks. First, remove all the screws from the gun with a screwdriver, then take the cover off.

Now take off the CO2 cartridge from the pistol frame the wrap the Teflon tape, PVC sealer, or O-ring around the threads. After that, put the line back to the CO2 cylinder. After assembling everything, test the gun with any position and different location to see if it shoots perfectly. Also, check the exhaust valve.

Fix the Stripped Piston

If your bb gun has a stripped piston that is broken or discolored, it also won’t shoot. Disassemble the firearm, then clean the old grease. Pull out the piston and check if it can be repaired. But I would suggest using a new piston with a full rack, getting a new piston head, and attaching it to the new piston. Test the compression, and air seal, then attach the piston to your gun. Do not fix it when your gun is in a firing position.

Fix the Jammed Red Ryder BB Gun

Using poor quality bb cause jamming and breaking the gun. You do not need to disassemble the gun to fix the jam. Insert a cleaning cable into the muzzle the pull out the line. Cock the gun and check if it is shooting correctly. Also, check the BB condition as a scratched or cracked BB jam the gun, so use the new BB and check.

If new BB still jammed your gun, first cock it and set it on a safe mode. Put a cleaning rod into the muzzle and tap it hardly at least 5 times. Then take off the safe and pull the trigger. The bb will go into the loading port, and the gun will start working. This way, you can take the rusted or stuck bb out of the gun. If your rifle does not have a removable tube, you must disassemble the rifle to take out the BBs. This problem also could happen if you leave your gun uncocked over a period of time.

How to Fix a BB Gun Trigger

A trigger jam would also be possible in your bb gun when firing. The solution of the daisy red ryder bb gun wont shoot is simple. If you have Daisy 25, it has an open slit so take off the screw and nut to remove the lever. The plunger has contact with the trigger seal where a sticking jam could happen.

The empty chamber does not require here. You do not need to pull the stock and the trigger to fix the blockage; spray oil on that spot, then reattach the trigger and screws. Put some Loctite on the screws, then shoot your gun.

How to Take Apart a BB Gun Pistol Fix a BB Gun

If it is a multi-pump pcp air rifle, then taking it apart will be tough. But for a pistol or gun, it is not that tough. To take apart a BB gun pistol, first, take out the magazine by gently pushing at the underside, then remove all the flathead screws.

Lift the top plate of the pistol and safety lock. After that, lift the safety trigger lock and push the button to remove the barrel by moving it forward. So not to lose the small spring in the safety lock. Do the same process on the other side of the pistol.

Flip out the button that is on the cover with your hand. If you want to take off the trigger, remove the needle pin on it, and do not remove other parts because it does not need to.

How to Fix a Spring Airsoft Pistol

Spring air pistols are easy to to open and fix. With some simple guidelines will be enough to fix a spring airgun.

First, loosen the grip screw which will be on the slide of your spring air rifle. Remove the clip of your gun and then pull the slide rearward for opening.

Now, remove the slide assembly by pulling it away from the body. Next, remove the barrel and the bolt assembly from the body. Finally, replace the barrel and the bolt. It’s done!

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