Best Air Rifle Under 100: BB Gun, CO2 Rifle Reviews

If you are just starting to explore the unknown hunting world, you will need to start from the bottom. For that, an affordable gun will be the best tool to invest in. You can still have one of these affordable guns as your second weapon if you are a professional hunter.

The deal today is to get the highest value of our hundred dollars. We will be looking through some of the best value guns for you. These will be priced around a hundred dollars.

These recommendations are mostly from professional hunters. A hundred dollars is a perfect ground to start with if you are a rookie, novice, or amateur.

Daisy 880 Powerline Air Rifle Kit, Dark Brown/Black, 37.6 Inch/.177 Caliber
Crosman 1077FSG Freestyle Semi-Auto CO2-Powered .177-Caliber Pellet Air Rifle
Daisy 880 Powerline Air Rifle Kit, Dark Brown/Black, 37.6 Inch/.177 Caliber
Crosman 1077FSG Freestyle Semi-Auto CO2-Powered .177-Caliber Pellet Air Rifle
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Daisy 880 Powerline Air Rifle Kit, Dark Brown/Black, 37.6 Inch/.177 Caliber
Daisy 880 Powerline Air Rifle Kit, Dark Brown/Black, 37.6 Inch/.177 Caliber
Amazon Prime
Crosman 1077FSG Freestyle Semi-Auto CO2-Powered .177-Caliber Pellet Air Rifle
Crosman 1077FSG Freestyle Semi-Auto CO2-Powered .177-Caliber Pellet Air Rifle

Reviews of the Best Air Rifle Under 100

Best Air Rifle Under 100

We have picked some of the most popular cheap air rifle models on the market and tested them to see how they behave in small game hunting, target shooting, and other tests.

We have picked the top 7 air rifles under 100 dollar in the market by the features and uses.

Here are the reviews.

Gamo 6110017154 Varmint Air Rifle – Best Overall

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The first one we are looking at is one of the most versatile air guns. Gamo is an air rifle manufacturer company that has been a very premium company that makes the best budget air rifle. They have been designing guns that are exported and used all over the world.

This is one of the most reputed break barrel air rifles in the market for varmint hunting. This is because of its power with accuracy.

The Gamo Varmint air rifle is a big rifle with a heavy punch. This can shoot .177cal pellets. Because of having a long barrel, the projectile gets too far, and you do not lose or waste any power.

In terms of accuracy, this is the most accurate pellet gun in this range.

As you unbox this gun from the package, you will feel the heft and overall finishing. Compared with the daisy red Ryder, it has been finished very well so that you can just unbox and go hunting. You will not need to buy additional air rifle scope as well. Included 4×32 scope is going to be just fine for long-range coverage.

It does not throw any imperfect shot in bad weather conditions or rainy weather (multi or single shot). Also, the overall quality does not have any compromises because of the budget. Most of the users have been pretty satisfied with the performance.

You can hunt ducks, rabbits, and coyotes, all with this gun. With an impressive velocity for target practice, this is one for all jobs for small game hunters.


  • The gun has good weight and great finishing
  • Perfect for small game hunting with accuracy
  • It comes with proper air rifle scope
  • It comes with impressive features and extreme performance
  • These air arms do not have a lot of unnecessary attachments
  • This is a gun package that does not need any additional purchase to start hunting


  • The stock is made of polycarbonate material that causes slight recoil

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880 Powerline Air Rifle Kit – Best Affordable Air Rifle

This is another all-in-one package within the budget range. 880 Powerline Air Rifle is comparatively compact and does have the heavy punch that you need. Because of is a compact gun, you can carry this in your hunting backpack without any hassle.

The thing that makes it the best gas piston air rifle is the mechanisms inside the gun. It has a multi-pump system that keeps the recoil low and controlled. Even with constant kicks, this excellent multi-pump gun is never going to drop its performance in years. You can consider this as one gun for years.

The provided 4×15 scope is great from mid-range coverage. This air rifle scope can also be adjusted to hunt close prey efficiently. What makes this one of the best pellet guns on a budget is the features for target shooting and small game hunting.

Also, the windage and elevation adjustments make this air rifle excellent for shooting and pest control. This is the perfect tool if you want tree stand shooting and close-range duck hunting. You can use standard .177 Cal pallets.

The most interesting thing is that you will also get 500 daisy pallets in this package. This is enough for your several-day duck hunting sessions.

The overall quality and design aesthetic make it one of the most professional guns as well. The cuts, cavities, and wood-grained buttstock feel just right for a stable hunting experience.


  • The overall feel on hand is unexpectedly good for the price range
  • It comes with pallets and safety goggles for hunting and practice
  • The mechanism of this gun is super smooth
  • Best entry-level air rifle for small game hunting
  • The sight that comes with the gun is good enough


  • This is not going to be good for long-range coverage

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Crosman Freestyle 1077FSG – Best CO2 Air Rifle

Here we have a super compact and modern-looking gun. Crosman CO2 air rifle shoots just like a normal air gun with great built quality and modern features. It is lightweight, sleek and it is also an accurate gun. If you consider the price range, this might be the best co2 pistol under $100.

As you purchase this gun, it is only the gun in the package. It does not have any decent hunting scope attached to the rail. You can purchase one by yourself that suits your style and hunting habits and only if you want more power. You can also add other accessories like extended barrels if you want to.

Crosman looks clean, and it is a modular piece for sure. As the solid maple wood stock and the handle are all made of solid polycarbonate material, there are no clicks and clacks. It feels super solid when shooting.

As you hold this great rifle on your shoulder, you will feel that the butt cap has a texture that provides a good grip to hold your gun on sight for a long time. The adjustable rear sight makes it better for target shooting.

Using this gun is super easy and convenient. There is almost no hassle in changing magazines or refilling bullets. This is a semi-automatic gun that eases up your hassles.


  • A perfect gun to modify and add as many attachments as needed
  • The unibody frame and buttstock feels solid and stable
  • This powerful air rifle comes with a rifled steel barrel
  • Hassle-free shooting experience with a semi-automatic CO2 refill system
  • the overall design is simple and does not have too much to deal with


  • The pistol grip does not seem just right

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Umarex NXG APX Multi-Pump – Best for Hunting Small Game

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Umarex NXG is an over-the-edge technology air rifle that you can buy now at a very affordable price range. This gun is known for its incredible bullet speed. People call this the most powerful pellet gun in the budget. The overall design and features are going to impress anyone who is into buying a new gun and wants a good start.

What makes this best air gun for small games and target shooting on a budget is the accuracy and scope.

NXG APX is a super fast and powerful gun. But because of some cavities and nice sleek design aesthetics, it feels super lightweight. This almost feels like it is made of carbon fiber material which it is not. Rather it is made of composite polycarbonate materials.

I love how reliable this Umarex rifle is in terms of accuracy. Thanks to the front sight option of this reliable air rifle. This gun comes with a scope, and there is also a helping iron sight that will come in handy if you are going to use an iron sight. The long-range coverage of this gun is impressive as heaven. You can shoot from any tree and cover a huge area.

You can not only use standard .177 Cal pallets, but you can also use BBs with this gun. So this is the best air rifle for small games as well. So, there are not many alternatives to this gun.


  • This is a lightweight gun that has a good weight balance for long hunting sessions
  • Rated bullet speed is super fast and accurate on long distances
  • Barrel length is good enough helping to hunt small game
  • The grip is narrow, and it feels great to handle
  • Perfect for target shooting and pest control


  • This gun is slightly overpriced than other guns

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Winchester 1977XS Dual 1000 FPS – Best BB Gun Under $100

Winchester 1977XS is a professional-grade air rifle that has the perfect velocity to take down any big target. This is the best co2 rifle under $100 that has this velocity rating. The maximum muzzle velocity of 1000 Fps is a substantial number most people like to have as a primary weapon.

The best part of these high-velocity air rifles is the materials that have been used. They have used metal and high-quality polycarbonate to make this gun the most solid and heavy unit. Because of is heavy, you will feel less recoil on it.

The trigger, spring-piston, and handguard of this bb gun are made of metal elements. You can be ensured that the quality has not been compromised on this gun. In the technology, you will find a multi-pump air exhaust system. You can shoot pellets with this spring-piston pest control gun.

This high-velocity spring-piston air rifle is going to keep the mechanism efficient and extend the lifetime of the gun. You can use standard .177 pallets and BBs with this gun. With steel BBs, you can target practice and get better over time. The manufacturer has said this rifle comes with a rifled steel barrel, which surely will provide sturdy use.

The stock has been made thick and stays flush to your shoulder easily. It is going to keep the recoil down low so that you can hunt for longer.


  • This is a solid gun with a potential weight that ensures quality
  • Solid stock provides good support from heavy recoils
  • Comes with a maximum velocity of 1000 fps
  • The handgrip and handguard of these pellet guns feel amazing
  • This fantastic air rifle comes with pump-action bb and leads pellets
  • Comes with a long-range scope
  • 1000 FPS is a good velocity to take down big animals


  • A multi-pump system is not easy to fix if it malfunctions
  • Doesn’t have any eye relief
  • Not a break barrel bb gun

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Winchester 77XS .177 Cal. Dual Ammo

Here we have another Winchester rifle with a dual ammo facility. This is another option to keep you covered if you want to go cheaper. But this is the Best budget air rifle that has all the premium facilities you will ever need. The 37-inch barrel is good enough to guide the pallet in a straight direction so that you get the perfect fit at the perfect angle.

This one of the best air rifles in the market is its moderate power and robust build quality.

The velocity is rated to be 800 FPS. This number might be smaller, but it is substantial for your beginning hunting sessions. Just like the other one, it has a solid stock. Because of the solid and bottom-heavy, the recoils get consumed by the stock and the solid body.

Unlike the other one, you can easily travel by this air rifle compared with the daisy powerline rifles. This is a lightweight gun that is perfect for beginners. You can carry this into deep jungles to hunt rabbits, birds, and even ducks if you want.

The gun comes with a 4×32 scope, just like the other one. A 4×32 is good enough to cover mid to high distances. You will not have to buy any separate things if you want to buy and hunt.


  • An inexpensive full-featured premium gun for beginners
  • This gun is built solid and does not have too much recoil
  • Easy and lightweight to use on long hunting sessions
  • Shoots both pallets and BBs flawlessly


  • Does not have a high-velocity rating to give the boost to kill large animals
  • Not much suitable for hunting small game

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Crosman CVAN82W, Vantage NP.22

If you are looking for the cheapest traditional airgun, a Crosman vantage air rifle will be the last stop for you. This is a simple wooden gun that has a traditional look and those classic technologies. This will be the perfect gun to start shooting with if you are a total beginner. It is a totally manual gun that still has the kick and the accuracy that a hunter needs.

The buttstock and the handguard are made of a single piece of wood material. Wood is the material that keeps the air rifle super rigid and solid. There is almost no recoil, and it shoots almost silently.

The overall heft all comes from the wood itself. If you are a retro hunter and you want to have the same old taste of doing it all by yourself, this is the perfect gun for you.

The most advantageous thing about this gun is that it shoots .22 cal pallets. This is bigger than .177, and this might be the perfect choice for bigger targets.

Like the classical way, it has an iron sight that will be enough for short-range shooting, but you have to cope with the system.


  • Made of solid wood that is great for stable shots
  • You can shoot .22 Cal pallets which are bigger and has more impact on bigger targets
  • Simple gas piston function does not have the hassle to operate


  • This is a manual loading gun that makes a noise that will distract your target

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Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Air Rifle Under 100

Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Air Rifle Under 100

As a beginner or a newcomer in the hunting ground, you always have to remember that there is nothing better than your skill. But you have to be equipped with the instrument that you are used to. Under a hundred dollars, there are not a lot of great choices when it is about the air gun. Here we have some points to show you how you can get the one that is the best one for you.

Bullet speed rated in the spec sheet

Almost every gun you see online will have a bullet speed rate. This is going o give you a glace of how powerful the air rifles are. It will be the best thing to choose an air rifle that has a speed of around 1000 FPS. The PCP air rifle will not come with too much power. Rather a spring-piston air rifle or a break barrel air rifle will create more power and accuracy.

The rating is not always accurate, but you will get a speed around that rating if you are looking for a powerful rifle.

Besides the rating, you should also see the built quality if it can handle that much power not. We will discuss that later in this review.

How well has this air gun been built?

See what the main material that has been used to make that gun is. Back in the day, companies used wood to make those guns. Wood is a great material, but those are heavy guns that you will have to struggle to carry.

If you want something lightweight and easy to carry, you should look for a polycarbonate gun. It will also be your duty to check the quality. The polycarbonate material for building with hardwood stock should be solid, which will make the air rifle stable on targets.

Is the grip good enough?

On a gun, there are mainly two places where you find grips. Pistol grip and the handguard. These hardwood stock guns are where you will be holding the gun and controlling all the motions.

The grip has to be good enough to hold the gun for a long time. Generally, thin handgrips are easy to hold and comfortable to shoot. But depending on materials, a thinner handgrip can be flimsy.

The barrel size matters for the best air rifles

The barrel of a gun is the path of a bullet. The longer the gun bullet is going to travel through the barrel, the longer it will travel. If you use a smoothbore barrel with a single cocking system, then barrel size can make an extremely accurate shooting for most guns.

The accuracy also goes high if the barrel is longer than average. Long barrel guns are also not good for traveling. If an air rifle has a barrel size below 40 inches, that will be enough for a long-range hunting experience.

What sight does it come with?

In terms of optics and rifle sight, we can find many different types: fiber optic front sight, adjustable rear sight, fiber optic rear sight, fixed sights, partly adjustable/fully adjustable rear sight, iron sights and many more. Determine which

What latest technologies do you see on the gun?

What latest technologies do you see on the gun?

A gun can only be evaluated as the best air rifle if it has the accuracy and all the features. These great features like built-in sight, locks, semi-automatic operations, and built-in scopes come in handy if the gun is for practice and getting better at.

PCP rifle options co2 rifles, spring-piston air rifles, and pellet airgun options are available in the market, which have to options for bb’s, .177 caliber, and .22 caliber pellets. The difference between pellet rifle and bb rifle will have some differences in functionality and thus will require different technologies.

If you see more advanced features on a gun that makes sense, you should manage that. You will also see the best nitro piston Air Rifle under $100 that is super convenient to use. You should be thoughtful when considering a rifle.

Is it just the gun or a package?

While you are reading through this section, your choice will make a whole lot of differences. If you buy a Gamo air rifle for under one hundred dollars without any scopes or additional accessories, that will be the best purchase for the money. But you have to buy scopes with the reticle, or normal airgun scopes, pallets, and many other accessories to start hunting with.

If you buy a package, then the package will be all in one with all the attachments. This is a great purchase if you are starting to get into the hunting thing. You should update your rifle if you want to be a professional air rifle hunter.

What bullets can you fire with the gun?

There are generally two types of pallets you can fire using an air gun. The standard and the most popular pallets are the .177 Cal pallets.

You will also see air rifles that shoot .22 Cal pallets. These pallets are rear, but these hit harder. .22 will be the best choice for you if you are a professional.

Another thing you will also see in bb air rifles is that some air rifles can shoot BBs. Using BBs, you can target practice and get better. Your gun should be able to shoot BBs if you want to practice shooting in your backyard.

Which is better, .22 or .177 air rifle?

Which is better, .22 or .177 air rifle?

In between these two totally different caliber pallets, there is not a whole world of differences. But as these are bullets and a small fragment of differences will be a lot that will change your experience in hunting.

The right answer to this would be that there are none. In between these two pallets, none is better than the other.

If you look at the construction of these two pallets, you will see that .177 is a small and lightweight pallet. .177 pallets have more velocity, and these also travel further.

But these bullets do not have a whole lot of thuds on impact. These pallets work best on small animals like doves, squirrels, or even ducks.

On the other hand, .22 has a large bore, and it hits harder on targets.

You can take down larger targets with it. The air rifles that shoot .22 pallets are built stronger. .22 guns are expensive as well.

But for large targets, this pallet is good. For a beginner, a .177 pallet is the best, as you can practice and shoot these pallets in your backyard.

What is the most accurate .177 air rifle?

In terms of accuracy, the thing that matters the most is what makes a gun the most accurate. Generally, the longer the barrel will be, the more accurate the air rifle will b. Judging the barrel size, we can say that Gamo Varmint is the best rifle for accuracy. This gun is also going to be a great choice for the range.

Gamo Varmint also comes in a package that includes a long-range scope. If we judge the gun as a whole package, this gun also steals the place for the best pellet gun for under $100 dollars. The overall built quality, weight, and value for the money are worth every penny on this advanced designed air rifle.


The choice for an air rifle is not subjective. You can get a better result in hunting if you invest more in a gun. But the most affordable airguns are the best choice for a beginner or a hobbyist.

But professionals can always buy a four thousand dollar PCP air gun. But the cost will not be worth the value.

From our recommendations, you can buy the best nitro piston Air Rifle for under $100 and also find the variety in operation. We have also recommended Gamo Varmint for the overall best value for the money. Buy one, and the rest is in your hand.

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