How to Make a Jerk Rig for Duck Hunting: 4 Easiest Tips

Ducks are naturally attracted to the movement on the water. One of the best duck hunting tactics is using decoys to attract them. You usually do not need to make a jerk rig for duck hunting with using them when you set the decoys on the field, but putting them on the water requires a proper jerk rig as it makes decoy movement look natural. It adds realistic motion to the decoys that bring the duck close to you.

Making a jerk rig is very easy. You can make it within 10 minutes. I will share with you a straightforward process of jerk rigging; keep reading below.

How to Make a Jerk Rig for Duck Hunting

Necessities for Making a Jerk Rig

If you want to make the best jerk rig for duck hunting, you will need some important stuff to make them done.

  • A ducks pocket knife
  • A boat anchor or canoe anchor
  • Piece of Bungee cord
  • A PVC pipe or normal piece of pipe
  • Line
  • Thermal Hunting Binocular
  • Piece of log chain
  • Duck choke
  • fishing hooks
  • decoy line crimps
  • decoy cord

How to Make a Jerk Rig for Duck Hunting: Steps for DIY jerk Rig

Select a 5 inch PVC pipe and make one end shanked and sharp to keep it on the ground. Drill a hole at the top of the pipe with a drill bit. The bottom side will be on the ground, and the line will attach to the top of the pipe.

If you want to use at least a 20-foot long line, tie a knot in every 4 feet. This way, you can use at least 3-4 duck decoys and set them long distances. To make this easy, mark the line for tying the knot. Now connect a clip around the knot. Tie clips on another three knots.

If you want to use a boat anchor to shove it on the ground instead of PVC pipe, use a plier to crimp the bungee to the anchor and make it slip knot around the bungee. After that, attach decoys in every clip. The best boat blinds for duck hunting will have holes with it to shoot a target.

Make a Jerk Rig for Duck Hunting

How The Jerk Rig Works

Here are few things we will cover let you know how the jerk rig works. If you understand, it will be easier to use them for attracting ducks and have a better hunitng performances.

How to Use a Jerk String for Duck Hunting

Go to the pond shove the PVC pipe or anchor deep. If you use a pipe, attach the line to it where you made a hole. This way, you can pull on the tube or anchor with the jerk string or decoy string. Now set the decoys on the water at least 4-5 feet away from each other. You can use a long line to set more decoys; just make the degree angle perfectly. However, do not use not more than 6 decoys on a jerk line.

Use a decoy bag to carry your decoys comfortably. Use a decoy spreader to spread your decoys with the decoy rig. I have used motion ducks basic decoy spreader and love it. Remember, if the decoy setup is not perfect, the movement of decoys won’t be perfect.

Choose a decoy bay with enough water depth so you can use enough roll of decoy line.

Automatic Duck Decoy Jerk Rig

The automatic decoy jerk rig system is another simple system that makes the decoys move on the water automatically. You do not have to pull the line to move decoys on the water because the motor will do it. To make this system, you will need a motor and three polls. One is used for the motor, and another two are anchor polls. With using a decent air rifle or powerful ones, you can use this techniques.

Stick the motor poll on the ground and slide the motor on it. Stick the other two polls towards the motor pool so it will look like a triangle in shape. Now attach the swivel and clip on the end of the line the attach the clip to the motor. Take another line and connect the bungee cord on the end of the line and make a loop so you can slide the loop over the anchor pool.

Do the same process to the second poll and set the decoys on the water. Now turn on the motor and wait. It is the most realistic automatic jerk rig using a system that you can set in a couple of minutes.

List of Some Best Jerk Rigs for Duck Hunting

Best Jerk Rigs for Duck Hunting

Here are few jerk rigs available in the market if you are unable to make them yourself. Checkout their features, pros and cons.

  • Cabela’s Northern Flight Duck Decoy Jerk Rig Kit
  • Motion Ducks Ultimate Decoy Spreader and Jerk System
  • Decoy Spreader System

Last Few Words

Attracting duck is important part of duck hunting, whether you are using a bb gun or an airsoft rifle. If you can get them close in your comfort distance, you will have a clean shot and better performance in the the end.




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