Kayak Fishing Tips, Tricks And Best Buying Guide For Beginners

Kayak Fishing Tips And Tricks

Before buying a new kayak, it’s always good to do your research in forums, videos in different sources around the web, feature articles and product reviews. More often than not you’ll only find information about the accessories and upgrades you need to make to your kayak to make life easier.

However, most of them forget that some of us are beginners, not in the know of the things you need to do when you first start kayaking! If you’re here, you probably either have never kayaked before, or have gone on a few trips with friends or family.

If that’s the case, you’re probably looking into Kayak fishing tips and tricks for beginners. Well, look no further as we have 5 amazing Kayak fishing tips from a beginner’s perspective.

My Top Kayak Fishing Tips & Tricks For Beginners

When you are ready to go fishing with Kayak, you must be need to know about kayak fishing. My top kayak fishing tips & tricks will help you to success your kayak fishing.

Transporting Your Kayak

When you first get a kayak and you ask people about things that you’re going to need, most people are going to tell you about the different accessories and upgrades that you can do to your kayak. From power poles to fish finders, to extra rod holders, carts.

Then there are the accessories for fishing. Your fish grips, pliers, net and all of that. But very few people will actually tell you about how to get your kayak from your vehicle to the water and back.

Every single kayak company regardless of what kayak you have, sells some sort of cart that will help you move your kayak while offshore.

Transporting Your Kayak

They have some kind of system with wheels that allows you to roll your kayak from your vehicle to the water and back and forth. It makes your life so much easier.

You don’t have to worry about having an extra person there or manhandling your kayak down to the water. There’s tons of options ranging from $50 to $500.

Be Ready to Fish

So you go out on your new kayak you’re out there and you peddle out or you paddle out depending on what kind of kayak you have. You’re so excited you get your rod and you throw it in the water and bam you land a fish, awesome! Everything is going great and you fight that fish all the way up to the kayak.

However, now that it’s out the kayak you realize that everything you need to get that fish into the kayak and unhooked and on to a stringer is behind you in your cart or in your crate.

So then you have to, with one hand, fight your fish while reaching for your pliers, your net and stringer and your fish grips. That is a problem! So the moment you get on the water, make sure you that you have everything. Having a checklist helps a lot.

Your fish grips, pliers, net fish ruler and anything that you’re going to need to get that fish to land into your kayak and get it ready. That’s because you don’t want to be fighting the fish while trying to find all of the things that you need to actually catch the fish.

Get a Personal Flotation Device

PFD or Personal Flotation Device is a fancy name for a life jacket. Make sure you have a comfortable PFD. It should be something that you can wear while seated in a cramped position on your kayak all day.

life jacket for fishing

If you’re shopping for the first time for a PFD, you’re better off playing safe and getting a professional one. PFDs come in different shapes, colors and sizes, but visibility, functionality and comfort should be your focus while getting one.

Find Other kayakers To Go Fishing With

Find people that know what they’re doing, have done this many many times before. That’s because they will help you learn things early that may take you a while on your own.

They’ll tell you how to launch your kayak and safely navigate the waters. Going with experienced people that know what they’re doing it just makes the trip so much easier, especially in those first few trips. Join three or four different kayak groups on Facebook and forums and things like that.

There’s always people looking for other kayakers to go fishing with. It’s just a lot more fun as a group. There are group meetups and that that’s a perfect time to go take your kayak where people can help you along the way.

Find Other kayakers To Go Fishing With

They can help you gain experience and knowledge really quickly. That way you don’t have to learn it all on your own right from the beginning.

Get Started And Have Fun!

Get out there on the water! You are going to learn more in those first few trips of kayak fishing than you ever will online, or listening to other people.

Just go out there and do it, and have fun while at it. Go explore new places, learn your kayak, learn what works for you figure out the setup that you like.

Your first Kayak trip should reveal the following

  • Know where you like your rod holders to be,
  • What you like to put in your crate,
  • The things you need to bring including your food your water
  • Where you prefer to put your equipment

What you like is going to be completely different than what somebody else likes. The only way to figure out what works for you is getting started. Handle your first time like you would your first date.

You want to learn a lot on the first try, including the likes and dislikes. That will go a long way in discovering what’s fun to do and what’s not.

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And finally

I hope these five tips for beginners helped you regardless if you’re a beginner or you’re an avid long-term kayak fisherman. Remember, Kayak fishing is all about knowing what works for you and what doesn’t.

That’s the only way you’ll have fun. In addition, not all kayakers are the same and no one trip will have the same experience as the last. So be sure to strap your gear on, have a checklist for items you need and rock away.

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