7 Tips on How to Hunt Geese Without Decoys

Using decoys for duck hunting is an effective technique. The decoys are made of wood, steel, and rubber. It helps to lure the duck, and hunters can shoot the duck quickly. If you want to hunt duck without using decoys, you can surely do it. It is expensive to purchase lots of decoys as you have to spread them in ample space.

Hunting duck could be still possible without investing much money. Without decoys, the game would be specialized with work, sound equipment, patience, and effort.

How to Hunt Geese Without Decoys

How to Hunt Geese Without Decoys

Here are few hunting methods to hunt geese without using the decoy hunting method. There are different geese like Snow geese, Canada geese, Adler geese, Alsatian geese, American buff geese, Benkov geese, Bourbon geese, and Amorstream Anhui geese.

All of them need different and same methods without using decoy techniques. Here are few tips for hunter for gees hunting.

Pass Shooting

Pass shooting is a very effective technique to hunt geese without decoys. For pass shooting, you need to do some scouting, such as finding out geese flight path in their feeding areas, watery areas, etc., and finding their hiding location.

When you see them, sit low and let the birds come and go. Then shoot only once or twice the group so the other group won’t change the flying direction. Do not overshoot geese when they are flying. Target one or two, then shoot them only when they come into the range.

Before pass shoot, find out their flying pattern and routes to feeding fields or roosts or watery areas.

Pass Shooting for Geese

Study their habit that when they could go and how much time they are staying in a place. Geese love to fly in a particular row and follow a pattern. If you are in a lake area, go to the west side near the shoreline as goose does not have many restrictions. In the river system, the goose stays around 500 meters.

Let the flight line come on your head, then wait for some time to see any lowest group, shoot but not more than twice.

Snow geese, Canada geese, and any other flock of geese are very smart together, and when you are shooting anonymously, they will surely avoid you. Wait for the right time for shooting so you can get an entire bag of geese.

Locate the Exact Place for Goose Hunting

Locating the exact place of geese will not much difficult, but when you go to the exact place at the right time, you will have a successful hunt. Please do some scout their feeding place and roosting 1 or 2 days before the hunt. It will give you enough time to make a layout about those places. Some of the best places are a flooded pond, the shore of a lake, the side of the river, etc., position yourself precisely the same place where they want to be. Go o the early morning and stay there until midday.

If you see any geese are flying low over trees or fence lines, set an ambush in that area. Remember, you will get only one chance to ambush them, so go to precisely the right spot at the right time. Try to get permission to hunt these places and set yourself between the lake and the field.

Sneaking Before Goose Hunting

Sneaking on geese is a critical tactic. You can mostly do it in geese conservation season. Sneaking is effective, but you need to work a lot. Access the field and crawl so you can go close to the birds. However, the harvest should be high to give you a better shade for hiding in the late season.

First of all, target a smaller group that you will see at the edge of the flock, then crawl slowly. Try not to make much sound. When you feel you are enough to close to them, it’s time to shoot.

Use Proper Clothing for Cover

Before going to the hunt, you should use proper layout blinds and cover not to warn them. For hunting geese and five, there are many professional layout blinds. The blind will blend you with nature, and so, you will have a better stealth position.

Here are few hunting blinds you can use for hunting geese.

  • ALPS Delta Waterfowl Zero Gravity
  • MOmarsh AT-X Invisilay Layout Blind
  • Tanglefree Flight Series Snap Layout Blind
  • Cabela’s Northern Flight Mobile 1 Elite
  • Cabela’s Northern Flight Shadow

Proper Concealment

We are talked about where you could find geese and when you should hunt. However, you cannot just go that lace and start shooting. You need to hide before and make proper concealment so the geese won’t see you and fly without tension. Pick the right duck choke tube and other gears for the perfect shot.

Remember, every bit of a second is essential here. Your one mistake could ruin the hunt.

Concealment for geese hunting

Find a perfect place that you can conceal yourself there. Hide behind the corps any trees where geese are landing so they cannot see you. Do not move too much otherwise, and geese will be scared. This natural cover gives you some excellent shooting opportunities, so you must be well concealed to take this chance.

If the field corps are cut down, the fence line will give you some cover where you could hide. Another good concealment is, get dirty as much as you can and lay down on the field. Here you have to lay down straight without moving, so it is a little complicated.

Use Cow Board for Hunt Geese Without Using Decoy

Geese may be scared of humans, but they don’t fear any livestock. You may have seen that geese are sitting on cows head or neck or feeding in the same field. You can use a snowboard method to attract geese in the field, but you need proper shooting skills. These tips also apply to dove hunting with chokes and rifles too.

When using a snowboard, please do not move it wrong as the geese will understand that it is fake and will quickly. Remember, you can shoot only 50 to 60 yards when you are using cow board.Use Cow Board for Hunt Geese

Here you need to very patient and approach slowly.

Calling for Hunting Geese Flocks

Using call for geese is not required using decoys. Some calls are easiest to use, and some need skill. Some calls can also cover the most comprehensive range, so before using it, learn the types of geese sound. Honk means they are relaxed, and cluck means they are excited, and murmur means they want to feed.

When you see geese are flying from a long distance, make a loud, high-pitched call that attracts the geese. If you can capture their attention, they will come to you.

When they turn in your direction, stop making a loud call and apply a murmur or moans call. Hide and wait for some time to see if they are landing in those areas. However, it would help if you were more experienced in using these techniques.

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