Hammock vs Tent Camping: Which One Is Better and Why?

Hammocks and tents are the best outdoor sleeping equipment available in the market. Their durability, mobility and lightness combine to give you a memorable outdoor experience under the moon and stars. When planning your next outdoor trip you will need to assess various factors to know which outdoor equipment will give you the best and most comfortable experience.


Hammocks are relatively more affordable than tents. Due to their lightness and simple gear they are cheaper than tents. For hammocks, you will be required to purchase additional equipment such as quilts, rain traps and suspension systems.

Tents are relatively more expensive and the prices go up depending on the size of the tent. Even though tents do not require additional equipment because they come with the full gear, you might have to purchase additions such as sleeping pads, air mattresses and sleeping bags for extra comfort and warmth.

When planning for outdoor trips on a budget hammocks are the best option.


The area in which you will set up camp will heavily affect which equipment you will use. Hammocks are perfect for areas that have a good tree cover as you will be able to suspend your hammock from the trees. This is much easier than carrying poles that you will have to dig into the ground to give you a firm support. Furthermore, carrying large enough poles is a hustle and will increase the weight and size of your equipment.

Tents require flat ground for setup. Uneven and rocky grounds provide unfavorable sleeping conditions hence whatever equipment you will use will depend on the terrain. Surveying your camping spot in advance will help you choose the equipment perfect for the site. Hammocks can be used on both even and uneven ground.

Tents are multipurpose and can be used for various activities. You are able to play group games in a tent, tell camping stories and have sleepovers. Hammocks can only be used for sleeping hence they restrict the number of ‘indoor’ activities you can do. If you are going for a fun packed outdoor experience then tents should be your option.

Hammocks are single user equipment. They can only accommodate one user at a time. Tents on the other hand can accommodate more than one person depending on its size. This is a good alternative for people camping in groups.

Size and Weight

Tents are larger than hammocks and are heavier to carry. They have lots of gear such as tent poles and pegs which can be a logistical problem for someone planning a small outdoor trip. Hammocks are small and require little gear hence are the perfect option for anyone looking for a simple camping experience.

Ease of Setup

Hammocks are easy to set up as they are less complicated. It only requires you to suspend your hammock from two trees or poles. Tents on the other hand can be complicated and difficult to put up depending on the type of tent. Some even require you to follow the user manual and this can be time consuming and tiresome.


Hammocks and tents give you varied comfort and this is heavily dependent on the terrain and weather. Some areas will have hard and cold grounds and using a tent will be disadvantageous as sleeping will be very hard. Hammocks on the other hand provide a solution to this problem. They are suspended from the ground hence you do not have to deal with such problems as you are sleeping on air.

In areas infested with insects tents provide you with the perfect isolation from the outside environment. As long as your tent is closed you will not deal with insect problems. Hammocks are open and you are prone to insect infestation. This will severely affect your comfort and you will be required to carry insect repellant.

For those who love stargazing hammocks are the perfect sleeping equipment. They are open and give you the full outdoor experience. Furthermore, you are able to enjoy camp fires from the comfort of your hammock unlike when using a tent.

Weather Protection

Both hammocks and tents come with weather protection equipment such as covers. However, this does not guarantee protection from the ground. During rainstorms, the ground becomes damp and tent set up becomes difficult. In such scenarios hammocks are the best alternative. Furthermore, when camping with the use of a tent and it starts raining you will be required to dig trenches so as to divert water flow. This can be tiresome and ineffective.

During cold weather it is advisable to use tents. They provide extra warmth and shield you from the unfavorable weather. Hammocks provide little cover from the cold as you are sleeping in the open. Due to wind, your underside is left unshielded. You will be required to use an undercover quilt to insulate you from the cold.

Tents provide protection for your luggage from bad weather. Due to its large space you can store your bags in the tent. For hammocks, it will be a hustle protecting your luggage from the rain as you will have to sleep with them. This can be very uncomfortable depending on the size of the luggage.

Strong winds affect hammocks more than tents. You will be required to make sure your tarp has been tied down tightly to prevent it from getting loose.


Tents provide you with the best privacy as you are enclosed. Hammock on the other hand are open and give you little or no privacy at all. When camping in groups this can be very uncomfortable. Furthermore, you have zero security for your items. For those keen on privacy tents will give you the best outdoor experience.

Your choice of outdoor equipment will be dependent on external environmental factors as well as the terrain. However, it is all down to preference. Hammocks and tents both have their pros and cons, varying comfort levels and different setup options. Your choice of equipment should be based of your price budget, location and weather.

For you to get the best outdoor experience and maximum comfort it is important to put all these factors into consideration and choose the most suitable equipment.

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