10 Best Turkey Vest in 2021 | Ultimate Buying Guide

Turkey hunting is one of the most popular hunting sports of these days. Each spring and fall season, more hunters are in the field than the previous year to hunt down their prey. Several turkey calls, decoys, ammunition, and other supplies are the most essential gears that you must take with you during the hunt to make it easier.

As this hunting mission requires you to carry more gears and supplies than regular hunting, you must take the best turkey vest to keep things well-organized to reduce hassle and find the right gear quickly as possible when the situation demands.

Benefits of Using a Vest for Turkey Hunting

There are numerous benefits of wearing a vest for the turkey hunting game, which might make you feel interested in using one.

  • Convenient Storage

As you have to go in the wilderness to be able to find and hunt down the prey, you will need to take some gears and equipment with you. If you get a vest, there will be a lot of pockets and compartments for holding and organizing those gears conveniently.

These vests also have space for carrying a decoy and blood-proof game bag for your harvested turkey.

  • Comfortable Seat for Waiting

In addition to that, you have to call and wait for turkeys to come within your sight. Sometimes turkeys take too long to come to the spot. If you stand and wait all the time, you will lose your energy level significantly, which will also affect your running and walking intensity.

When you have a vest that comes with a cushioned seat, you can conveniently place it on the ground and sit on it, and wait for the prey to come.

  • Camouflague

More so, the camouflage accent of the vest will help you to stay low profile in the woods, as turkeys have a very strong sense of instincts.

10 Best Turkey Vest Reviews And Top Picks

Each of these vests checks all aspects that make them an ideal company when you are in the wilderness in search of turkey. Also, whether you want a budget vest or an expensive one, you will find the right one in these picks we reviewed.


ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Grand Slam Turkey Vest

If you tell me to suggest a turkey vest that comes with pretty much all features that are hard to find in other vests all-together, I would recommend this vest from ALPS Outdoorz. It’s the best rated turkey hunting vest on the list.

The vest comes with pockets of different sizes to organize all your strikers and calls strategically so that you can pick one right when you need it. 

alps turkey vest

You don’t need to put them all in only a few numbers of pockets and struggle while finding the one you need.

There is a kickstand frame for you to sit anywhere in the wood with much comfort. You can conveniently sit on its 3 inches memory foam seat, and call your prey and shoot when it’s within the clear sight and range.

If you need to use your smartphone, you will find the dedicated smartphone sleeve comes super handy in many situations that allow you to use the phone without bringing it out of the bag.

The vest also offers detachable shoulder straps and side compression straps that you can adjust according to your body shape and preference to feel comfortable while hunting. Taking your trophy to the campsite or in the car in the game bag that comes with this vest will reduce the hassle of carrying an extra bag.


  • Lots of room to accommodate all you need for hunting
  • Come with a kickstand, memory foam pad, and game bag
  • Different sized pockets to keep gears organized
  • Adjustable straps
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Bigger and heavy
  • The magnets on the seat don’t hold it properly all the time


Hunters Specialities H.S. Strut Turkey Vest

If you want all premium turkey vest features without spending much, then you can consider getting this one from Hunters Specialties. It got everything you will need to make your hunting session smooth and comfortable,which makes it the best turkey hunting vest for the money.

The vest comes with two large front pockets and multiple meshes inside pockets for holding your calls, diaphragms, strikers, locator calls, and more. 

hs strut turkey vest

You can store larger gear much conveniently in those large pockets. Also, your box call will be well-secured in it, and you can efficiently switch between different calls instantly.

No matter wherever you go to have the turkey in sight, you will find its big cheeks foam seat very comfortable to sit on. Unlike the conventional ones, the seat is made of three layers of foam to make your rear end feel comfortable for prolonged sitting.

You can easily custom fit this vest using its adjustable shoulder, waist, and sternum straps. The shoulder straps are made of padded foam so that your shoulders don’t feel pain whether you take a load of gears, including your turkey trophy.There is a large rear pocket to carry your decoys or hunted turkey for convenience.


  • Made of durable material
  • Feels lightweight
  • Different mesh pockets for hunting accessories
  • Rear foam seat
  • Large rear pocket
  • Adjustable straps


  • Average sized pockets
  • Doesn’t have a game bag


Knight & Hale Run N’ Gun 200-Turkey Vest

The feature that differentiates this vest from others is that it comes with a 10 point adjustment system that helps to get a perfect custom fit, whether it’s for a man, woman, and teenager. After adjusting the vest, you will feel that this one is solely made according to your body shape.

More so, as this one weighs only 1.5 pounds, it’s possibly the most lightweight turkey vest you will ever come across. 

knight and hale turkey vest

There is a 6-layer cushion seat so that you feel comfortable sitting on it while waiting for the turkey to come.

Due to its open design, you don’t have to take the vest off while hunting, it will keep you cool enough throughout the hunting period.

To organize your arsenal, the vest features 2 pockets for pot calls, 1 for box calls, multiple pockets for quick-dry diaphragms, striker slots, attachment for molle, and additional pockets for other accessories. So, it got enough space to accommodate whatever it requires you to take down turkeys.

In addition to that, its 198 cubic inches backpack offers enough space for holding a water bladder. Of course, it also got room for your decoy and harvested turkey.


  • Very lightweight design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • 6-layer cushion seat
  • Enough pockets and attachments
  • Highly adjustable


  • Average quality cushion seat


Mossy Oak Longboard Elite Turkey Hunting

Weighing roughly about 3 lbs. this turkey vest will make you feel comfortable regardless of the length of your hunting period. Even though it comes in a universal size, you can custom fit your body using its 2 front buckles and side adjustment straps.

The vest features a 2 inches detachable cushion that is dense enough to make you feel comfortable while sitting on it. 

mossy oak turkey vest

Due to its waterproof bottom, you can conveniently place it on moist mud without any trouble.

There are in total 14 pockets for holding multiple turkey hunting accessories and gears. Even if you are that kind of hunter who doesn’t compromise going in the field with everything you got, it has enough numbers of pockets, pouches, mesh, loops to suffice your needs.

Even though it got plenty of space for you to go in the wilderness fully loaded with gears and supplies, its back and shoulder padding will make sure you don’t feel uncomfortable at all. There is also a blood-proof game bag to bring your hunting trophy to the campsite.


  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Waterproof seat bottom
  • Padded shoulders and back for comfort
  • 14 pockets with D-loops, pouches, buckles
  • Comes with a game bag


  • The placement of the pockets isn’t the best


ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Super Elite 4.0. Turkey Vest

Yet another turkey vest from ALPS OutdoorZ. This one comes with even more pockets, better quality fabric, and lots of features that will make your hunting much easier and enjoyable.

No matter what numbers of calls, strikes, diaphragms, boxes, trumpets, and hunting accessories you need to carry while hunting down turkeys,

alps super elite 4.0 turkey vest

this vest of total 22 pockets will be more than enough to accommodate all of those.

In addition to that, the vest includes a 2.5 inches fold-away seat, which is thick enough to provide comfort for a prolonged period. You can conveniently sit on it and call your prey and wait for the perfect time to come.

Its super quiet cotton liner fabric along with mesh panels keep you soundless so that the noise doesn’t scare turkeys when you run or walk towards them.

You can conveniently take your game prize in a blood-proof game bag and head over to the next hunting spot.


  • 22 pockets to hold all gears and supplies
  • Thick foldable seat
  • Soundless cotton liner fabric with mesh panels
  • Blood-proof game bag
  • Comes in different sizes


  • No shell loops
  • Feels hot in warm areas


Tenzing TZ TV14 Turkey Hunting Vest

This one can be very useful for your next gobbler hunting season. It got a total of 14 pockets and compartments for holding every type of gears you have.

There are specialized pockets for your hunting calls, boxes, chokes, shells, slate, trumpets, and other accessories to keep them well-organized so that you can quickly access them.

tenzing turkey vest

In addition to that, there are several loops as well to attach accessories that require faster access when the situations demand.

Like the rest of the turkey vests on the list, this one also comes with a padded seat, which you can fold. The seat attaches to the rear bottom part of the vest through a buckle. This buckle can make the seat difficult to release for some hunters.

So, you can quickly unfold the seat and place it on the ground and make arrangements for attracting your prey.

The vest is well-channeled and got an air-cooled back pad that takes care of your comfort as well. A game bag is included so that you can conveniently take your harvested turkey at home for dinner.


  • Specialized pockets for all types of hunting gears
  • 7 convenient elastic shell loops
  • Feels comfortable during hunts
  • Foldable magnetic padded seat
  • Game bag


  • Buckled seat
  • Doesn’t fit smaller individuals perfectly


ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Deluxe Long Spur Turkey Hunting Vest

Whether it’s about comfort, large capacity, ease of access to the pockets, external storage capacity, and versatile usage, this long spur hunting vest easily stands for those requirements for intensive hunting sessions.

This is the only vest on the list with lumbar pack support that has a capacity of 500 cubic inches. 

alps outdoorz long spur turkey vest

It offers plenty of room for packing your additional equipment, gears, and even for a decoy. If you are one of those who prefer run-and-gun style hunting, you can conveniently remove this pack without any struggle in the field.

After you call the turkey, you can sit on its memory foam and wait for it to come in sight. The foam seat is thick enough to provide your rear end much comfort. It’s removable and can be folded away without much hassle while on the go.

The vest features removable chest pockets that you can use for holding a box call, multiple state calls, mesh mouth calls, a locator call, as well as shells. In addition to that, there is a diaphragm call holder that can accommodate three calls, and allow you to pick the right one quickly when needed.


  • Huge storage capacity
  • Removable lumbar pack and memory foam seat
  • Detachable chest pockets
  • Plenty of rooms for specific gears
  • Padded shoulder harness and waist belt


  • Feels heavy
  • Loose shell holders


Lucky Bums Youth Turkey Vest

If you have any kid or teenager at home who is interested in hunting down turkeys, you can get him/her this youth turkey vest. Made of 100% polyester fabric and high-quality materials, it feels durable and lightweight. Unlike conventional vests, it doesn’t feel heavier to run wearing it.

There are two large pockets to hold most of your hunting gears and supplies. 

youth turkey vest

The vest has enough space for a box call, slate call sleeve, and other accessories. Several pouches and shell loops are there for convenience as well. So, it has pretty much everything that the little hunter would need in the field.

The fold able padded seat will make arrangements for the hunter to sit comfortably and wait for the prey to come. Even if you place it on hard ground, you will find it thick enough to provide you great comfort.

Even though there is only one size, the vest comes with adjustable shoulders straps and sternum straps so that the little fella can fit the vest adequately. The straps got padded foam that also takes care of the shoulders and sternum.


  • Very lightweight
  • Made of durable materials
  • Foldable and padded-down seat
  • Adjustable padded straps


  • Only a few shell loops and pockets
  • Thin cushion seat


Beard Buster Deluxe Turkey Hunting Vest

It’s possible to get a turkey vest with enough pockets and compartments with a thick cushioned seat without spending much. This one is simple, yet able to handle your hunting gears and accessories in an organized way.

There are specific pockets for carrying multiple calls, strikers, and slates; also one large pocket for additional items. 

beard buster turkey vest

Holding a box call will not be an issue for this one as well. You can conveniently carry gloves and head net for hunting in this vest.

Whenever you would require to sit and wait for the turkey to come, you will find its cushioned seat thick enough to be able to sit comfortably for a long time. It’s 2 inches thick, which is more than what conventional vests come with.

In the rear, there is a pouch for you to carry a decoy as well. The pull out orange safety flag is easily visible to other hunters nearby you.


  • 2 inches thick cushion seat
  • Enough pockets and compartments for gears
  • Decoy pouch
  • Safety flag


  • Doesn’t fit well smaller individuals


ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Long Spur Hunting Vest Regular

High adjust ability, additional removable storage, and pockets for all necessary gears and equipment are what distinguishes this vest from its competitors.

It comes with a 500 cubic inch lumbar pack that has plenty of spaces inside it for whatever you need to carry while hunting.

alps impact turkey vest

There are enough pockets and compartments for your different types of calls, slates, box calls, shells, and more items. A separate diaphragm call holder is also there to make it easier to grab the right one and call the prey.

For run and gun style hunters, this vest is versatile due to its multiple removable features. You can instantly turn this into a regular vest in case you need to run at a high speed in the field.

You will find much comfort to sit on its 3 inches thick memory foam seat. To find the perfect fit, there are enough adjustable straps and webbing straps all around it, which makes it a highly adjustable vest regardless of the body size.


  • Highly adjustable
  • Removable lumbar pack, shoulder harness, and chest pockets
  • Different compartments for specific gears
  • 3 inches thick memory foam seat
  • Versatile vest


  • Feels heavier with the lumbar pack
  • Box call holder placement isn’t good

What to Look for Before Buying?

Regular vests tend to be too bulky with the additional storage while still not having enough number of pockets that a turkey hunter would require. If you are not careful about features that make a regular vest into the best turkey hunting vest, all your money will go in vain. Be sure to check the following features before you get one.

best turkey vest

Pockets and More Pockets

People primarily prefer getting a turkey vest due to the number of pockets for pretty much everything they’ve got for hunting. Your turkey vest should be able to accommodate all your necessary hunting gears, equipment, and supplies so that you can hunt like a pro.

Best turkey vests on the market would come with enough pockets, compartments, and loops to hold specific items so that you don’t waste time while finding the right item when needed. Make sure the vest has space for:

  • Different Types of Calls

Both small and large size to be able to hunt more effectively. The higher number of pockets for calls, the more chance of hunting down your prey within a short time.

  • Shell Loops

To carry extra ammunition and bullets in case you need them in the field. Make sure the loop size is perfect for your type of ammunition.

  • Gloves and Mask

Pockets come handy while hunting as there will be other animals in the field as well. These will prevent your scent from spreading in the jungle and allowing you to camouflage your face.

  • Your Hunting License

Should have a slot inside the vest for it in case you require to show it to the authority.

  • A Rear Pocket for Decoy or Game

To be able to easily take to the field as these take a considerable amount of space. A game comes handy when you take all your trophies to the campsite or in the car for BBQ night.

  • Hydro Packs for Water Bottles

Electrolytes are the must to keep you hydrated during the hunt. Your vest should have dedicated slots for these.

  • Bug Repellant

Also should be inside the vest unless you want the mosquitoes to disturb you while you sit on the cushion.

  • Light Source

Pocket will provide you quick access to a light source such as a flashlight whenever you need one.

  • GPS and Compass

It should have pockets to keep you on track in the wilderness.

  • Snacks

If you like to munch on some snacks in the wilderness while you are waiting, pocket for these is essential.

Seats and Cushions

Turkey vests don’t only come with plenty of pockets and spaces for the gears; it also takes care of your sitting arrangement during the hunt. Your prey will not just come right to you when you call them. It might take a while or longer than that to get a turkey within your sight.

Standing all the time is quite tiring, and it can affect your hunting as well. Therefore, the best rated turkey vest features a cushion or memory foam so that you can sit and wait for the prey to come. You can run and quickly place the seat on the ground conveniently.

Make sure the seat is thick enough to provide your rear-end comfort. Some also come with kickstands support for the back.

Proper Fitting and Weight

If the vest weighs way too much, it will affect your walking and running, and make you tire too soon. Therefore, it’s essential to pick a vest that feels lightweight when you wear it with all your gears.

You need to also make sure you have a perfect size that fits your body adequately. If the vest comes in a universal size, make sure there are multiple adjustable straps to custom fit to your body shape. A solid vest will significantly enhance your ability to move while hunting.


Don’t underestimate the power of a camouflage vest, no matter how skilled you are at hunting. Turkeys have very keen senses and instincts that allow them to easily spot anything unusual in the woods, even from far away.

If you are planning to go in the hunting ground often throughout the season, then you need to consider getting separate vests for both fall and spring seasons. For fall and early spring season, get a vest that blends brown or other dull colors with gray.

When the mid-spring starts, the vest should have brighter colors that blend with shades of green that go perfectly with the surroundings.

Safety Features

Hunters nearby can make mistakes when you walk towards the campsite with a dead turkey bouncing on your back. It mostly happens in extremely woodsy areas that have low visibility. For such conditions, you need to stay as visible as possible to avoid any mishap from happening.

That’s why it’s a must to have a built-in bright and vivid orange flag or square shape fabric that hangs to the rear part of the vest. It will tell the other hunters about the presence of someone who is moving with a harvested turkey.

Essentials for Turkey Vest

When you get your most anticipated turkey vest ready to go in the wilderness for hunting, you need to make sure you organize all the items inside it for a more effective hunting game.

  • Calls

Whether you have a box, pot, diaphragms, slate, and other types of calls, place them in the front pocket of the vest to get easy access as quickly as possible. If there are compartments for each type, place them accordingly.

  • Decoys and Spare Stakes

If you take a decoy with some extra stakes, it will make it a lot easier to find and hunt down gobblers.

  • Tools

You will need a headlamp or torch for both morning prep and late evening returns. Consider taking a hunting knife, folding saw, pruning shears as well. Having a multi-tool will come handy if any of your gear requires quick fixing or repairing.

  • Personal Items

Don’t forget to pack medication, toilet papers, wet wipes in the vest. Take some snacks; it will buy you some enjoyable gossiping moments with your co-hunter.

  • Insect Repellent

There will be mosquito, gnats, flies, and other insects in the woods. Be sure to take insect repellent with you. Some vests come with dedicated back pockets for a thermacell unit that keeps critters away from the hunter.

Best Turkey Vest In 2020 – What Are The Best Turkey Vest?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: What is the best state for turkey hunting?

A: There are lots of turkey hunting grounds in the United States. You and your buddies will find lots of opportunities in Texas, Florida, Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kansas, and Mississippi.

2. Q: How to call a turkey?

A: If you are calling for a while but you find the turkey only gobbles once every three to four calling sequences, while not moving much, consider calling with a soft purring, clucking, and yelping.

3. Q: How often should I call turkeys?

A: Consider calling every few minutes. It should sound like a disinterested hen that is engaged in its daily activities. Move from place to place as turkeys don’t yelp while sitting in one place for long.

4. Q: How fast can a turkey run?

A: On the ground, a turkey can run about 25 miles per hour. But, a turkey can hit more distance while flying, which is about 55 miles per hour.

5. Q: How thick the cushion seat of the vest should be?

A: If the cushion seat is about 2 inches thick, you can sit on it comfortably. Less thick seats can still manage for you to sit comfortably if the seat is made of high-quality material.

Final Words

Having the best turkey vest keeps all your arsenals well organized and gives you easy and quick access whenever you need it in the field. Don’t forget to show the flag on the rear of the vest when you are returning back with a harvested turkey.

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