10 Best Shark Fishing Reels Reviews of 2021

best shark fishing reels

Sharks are terrifying creatures of the sea. So we like them where they are, deep in the sea, away from our homes. All those shark movies as sure us that it’s best we don’t cross paths with them.

But if you’re a hardcore fishing aficionado looking for a challenge and catch the ultimate game fish, you’d have to get up close and personal with these monsters.

Naturally, your average fishing reels won’t do you any good against sharks. You’d have to fit your arsenal with the best shark fishing reels designed especially for catching the appalling beasts of the sea. Now, let’s hook you up with a powerful fishing reel to get you started!

Best Shark Fishing Reels Reviews

We’ve sorted out some of the finest shark fishing reels and reviewed them so that you can easily choose one for yourself. You won’t have to rummage through the market as we’ve already done that for you!

1. Penn Slammer III Spinning Fishing Reel

The Penn Slammer III is a hugely reputed fishing reel, favored by hardcore anglers from all over the world. And the reputation stems from its incredibly durable construction and the amazing ability to resist corrosion.

This model boasts a full metal body with a sturdy side plate and rotor.So, it will be able to withstand the constant pressure of any shark’s movement with ease. 

penn slammer fishing reels

You will find this one in a wide variety of sizes, starting from 3500 to an astounding 10500 size!

Moreover, the 10500 version excels at handling the big and heavy predators, as it sports a larger spool that can hold a lot of lines. It offers a gear ratio of 4:2:1, which is ideal for making those big catches! You’ll be pleased with the innovative drag system with a sealed slammer that is impressively smooth.

Thanks to the stainless-steel ball bearings and the CNC gear technology, the entire fishing experience will be seamless and enjoyable. You can feel free to soak it in saltwater as it’s perfectly capable of resisting corrosion aided by the IPX6 sealed body.

You’ll triumph over the mean sharks every time if you’re equipped with this one!


  • Ergonomic and durable design to withstand extreme pressure
  • Excellent performance aided by the CNC gear technology
  • Top-notch drag system to ensure smooth fishing
  • Feels very easy to use thanks to the simplicity in operation


  • This spinning reel feels a bit too heavy

2. Daiwa SSaltist Spinning Reel

We’ve got another impressive fishing reel that can help you capture the most vicious predators of the sea. Allow us to introduce the Daiwa Saltist, a solid spinning reel to ensure smooth fishing experience.

This thing is built with highly durable materials to make sure it’s rugged enough to stay strong against the violent twists, turns, and pulls of massive sharks. 

daiwa saltist spinning reel

Thanks to the Magsealed main shaft and liner roller, it will be long-lasting!

Feel free to go saltwater fishing with it as the ball bearings can easily resist corrosion.The special air rotor design with air bail makes this one extra-lightweight.This model is equipped with enough stopping power to handle the heaviest sharks aided by the amazing waterproof drag system and the ABS aluminum spool.

The 8 CRBB bearings ensure tranquil performance. You’ll get up to 33 pounds of drag pressure from the 8000 version. This one works with a gear ratio of 5:3:1, which is great for pulling the heavy fishes.


  • Sturdy design with excellent corrosion resistance
  • Waterproof drag system keeps it safe from the big games
  • Offers astoundingly smooth reeling every time
  • Comparatively more lightweight than others


  • The larger models are kind of heavy

3. SHIMANO SARAGOSA SW Spinning Fishing Reel

The Shimano Saragosa SW is easily one of the best shark reels on the market due to its outstanding power and capability. You’ll be ruling over the sea and catching the biggest sharks with ease when you’re equipped with this one!

And the first thing that strikes the users is this model’s exceptional durability, provided by the company’s unique construction process known as “Hagane”. 

shimano fishing reel

The entire body is constructed using cold-forged aluminum in which the Hagane gears safely rest. It is sure to survive the pressures applied by the powerful sharks!

This thing comes with an amazing propulsion line management feature that allows you to cast freely without having to deal with backlashes and wind knots. The X-Ship technology makes sure there is no friction between the gear and the spool. So, you’ll be enjoying seamless casting performance.

Also, the smooth roller bearings are shielded to prevent sand and salt from infiltrating the system and damaging the fishing reel from the inside.You’ll find the waterproof drag system to perform amazingly with a maximum drag of 44 pounds.

With a 5:7:1 gear ratio, catching the biggest and meanest offshore fishes will be a breeze!


  • Amazing price-to-performance ratio
  • Capable of catching the largest sharks on the sea
  • Extremely durable design with superb corrosion resistance
  • Offers a huge drag of up to 44 pounds


  • Some find the handle length to be quite short

4. Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel

The Penn Battle II is a professional fishing reel that will allow you to take on hardcore fishing in the ocean and help you hunt the strongest sharks!

For superior durability, the body of this model is built with rugged metal. Additionally, the side plate, rotor, and the bail wire are just as sturdy. 

penn battle ii spinning fishing reel

So, this thing will be victorious in every battle with the sea monsters!

It offers long range spinning, which is essential for reeling in the big games. Thanks to the drag system made with HT 100 carbon fiber, this one applies powerful drag while retaining the buttery smoothness.

And the 5 sealed SS ball bearings along with the instant anti-reverse bearing, you’ll always enjoy a fantastic fishing experience. With it, you’ll be casting far and retrieve quickly, so that you can get back into the action in no time!


  • The spinning reel has a significantly longer range
  • A remarkably powerful drag system
  • Highly durable build quality to withstand extremity
  • Wonderful ball bearings ensure a sleek operation


  • The larger sizes can feel quite heavy

5. Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel

The Okuma Avenger ABF is a refined shark fishing equipment that comes with cutting-edge features. Best of all, it’s very versatile and affordable.

You can use it to catch the small fishes in the freshwater,or if it suits you, go for catching the large sharks in the saltwater!

okuma fishing reel

Aided by the rugged graphite body with die-aluminum cast handle, this model is astonishingly durable. It’s more than strong enough to handle most sharks.

This fishing gear comes with an ingenious drag system where it allows the fishes to swim freely as they consume the bait without feeling any restraints. When the time is right, you can flip the bait feeder lever to start the drag and fight the fish to slowly and gently reel it in.

Also, the six smooth bearings with one roller bearing, this thing offers ultra-smooth operation without fail. It comes in six different variations, each with either 5:0:1 or 4:5:1 gear ratio. Both of them are designed to deal with larger fishes.


  • Lightweight and durable body with an ability to resist corrosion
  • Offers ultra-smooth performance every time
  • Packed with tons of cutting-edge features
  • Unique drag system ensure sflawless catching


  • Some users complained about breakage

6. Daiwa BG Saltwater Spinning Reel

The Daiwa BG comes with numerous features, high-end technologies,and an attractive price tag, making it a bang for the buck! Reels like this ensure that shark fishing isn’t exclusive to the affluent anglers!

Capturing sharks requires extra power, and that’s exactly what you’ll get out of this superbly durable fishing reel. 

daiwa fishing reel

The special solid aluminum housing with a sturdy handle, aluminum ABS spool, waterproof drag system, etc. make it vigorous enough to tackle any shark!

And the amazing ABS spool offers super-fluid line loading. So, you won’t have to face those annoying wind knots and memory twists during casting! Aided by the durable drag system there, will always be a smooth and undisturbed drag on the line.

Next, the innovative digi gear system is built with seven SS ball bearings. These things enable it to provide the fluid performance that the Daiwa BG is known for. With 5:6:1 gear ratio and other sterling features at an affordable price, this model is considered by many as the best shark reel out there!


  • Offers buttery smooth performance
  • Comes with amazing drag
  • Astoundingly durable body
  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater


  • The ball-bearings are not waterproof

7. Penn Squall LevelWind Fishing Reel

The Penn Squall LevelWindis one that can complete your fishing arsenal and make you ready to go on a shark hunt! This can be a piece of ideal equipment to finally subjugate the sea monsters.

Moreover, this model boasts a brilliant construction that makes it fantastically durable. 

penn squall fishing reels

The graphite frame makes it lightweight and sturdy at the same time. Its durability is further enhanced by the bronze main gear that comes with a stainless-steel pinion gear to limit corrosion.

You’ll get incredibly powerful drag from this tool without losing any of the smoothness because of the remarkable drag system. As a result, this model is easily capable of reeling in hundreds of pounds with no issue.

This elegant fishing reel comes with a significantly strong aluminum spool that is braid-ready. So, you can use braided lines if you want with ease! This one will not falter in dealing with the heaviest and strongest fish, making it the best shark reel for surf fishing in our list.


  • Incredible power at an affordable price
  • Extremely durable construction
  • Extraordinary drag system
  • Capable of reeling in hundreds of pounds


  • Casting performance could’ve been better

8. Okuma Makaira Off Shore Lever Drag Trolling Reel

If your love for fishing often takes you to the deep sea, you’d need a decent offshore fishing reel.

You’ll be more than ready when you’re equipped with the Okuma Makaira as it offers some of the best features and comes with advanced technologies!

okuma fishing reels

This particular model boasts a solid frame that is forged with 6061-T6 machined aluminum. The side plates are highly durable as well.

Aside from the remarkable durability, the best thing about this thing is definitely the dual force drag system that comes equipped with carbon fiber drag washers. It makes the full use of the washers to increase drag efficiency. This allows the reel to apply high drag pressure, going over 60 pounds!

Thanks to the amazing thrust bearings, the reel operates rather smoothly. You’ll have it super easy to reel in the heavy sharks as it has a gear ratio of 3:1:1 and an excellent drag system!


  • Comes with an advanced dual force drag system
  • Does not produce any noise during operation
  • Easily deals with heavy fishes in the deep ocean
  • Resists corrosion to a great extent


  • Quite expensive

9. Penn Squall Lever Drag 2-Speed Trolling Fishing Reel

Our list is graced by another fishing reel product Penn. This shouldn’t be surprising as the brand has an amazing history of providing top-quality fishing equipment for ages. The Penn Squall Lever Drag is another one of their praiseworthy addition!

Just like the other premium Penn Squall products, this one also sports a graphite frame for reduced weight. 

fishing reels penn

The sturdy side plates safely house the rugged gears. Amazingly smooth performance is delivered by the four SS ball bearings.

An impressive feature is the Quick-Shift 2-speed system that allows you to shift the gears anytime you want, depending on your needs. Catching the big game requires precise and powerful drag. You’ll get all of that from the innovative dura drag system. It applies heavy drag without compromising the fluidness!

This is a reel that you can completely rely on to catch any fish, especially the bigger and meaner predators of the sea.


  • Offers super smooth drag
  • Almost unmatched performance at its price
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Created with robust components


  • There were reports about it not being completely sealed

10. One Bass Spinning Fishing Reels

The last one to be included in our list is the One Bass Level Wind fishing reel. It’s designed to be the perfect weapon in your battle against the big and powerful monsters of the sea. We’re talking about sharks, especially.

This model comes with a remarkable drag system, made with solid carbon fiber. 

reels for fishing

It can offer up to 45 pounds of drag, which is quite incredible. So, reeling in the big games will be safer and more efficient.

Additionally, you’ll get an impressive stopping power from this drag system, allowing you to subdue the sharks with a lot of energy in them. Sporting 15 stainless steel bearings, retrieval will be fast and extra smooth! The components are specially designed to withstand the damaging elements of saltwater for years.

And this one will give you an almost effortless big game fishing experience without cutting a hole in your bank balance.


  • Packs a lot of power to make you a big game hunter
  • Amazing drag system offers powerful drag
  • Wonderfully durable components that resist corrosion
  • Easy and comfortable operation thanks to big game handle


  • Some of the parts are made with plastic

What to Look for in a Shark Fishing Reel

Sharks are incredibly powerful,so they can easily break the average fishing reels. So, you’d need something strong enough to overpower the shark’s strength and make it easier for you to reel them in. Finding the best shark fishing reel can be hard if you’re not well-informed.

So, here are some of the important things that you must consider before buying them.

    • Capacity of the Line

Sharks are very heavy, so smaller lines should be avoided completely. Fortunately, shark fishing reels are equipped with heavier lines. They are bigger in size to accommodate the heavy lines. Your line must carry at least forty to fifty pounds if you want to catch these large predators.

If you’re more interested in catching the smaller sharks, lines with a minimum of 30 pounds would be enough. This is very important because lighter lines won’t be able to handle the extreme pressure.

    • Drag System

The drag system comes into play during the hooking and reeling part. It simply means how much pressure the line can apply to the hooked fishes. Naturally, the shark will try its best to be free from your fishing reel and try to get away.

A good drag system ensures extra lines are smoothly let out to prevent your fishing line from breaking under pressure. Most shark hunters rely on drag systems with 30 pounds. However, if you’re aiming to catch the bigger ones, you’d require 50 to 60 pounds.


Investing in a high-quality drag system is really worth it because they will help your lines survive the intense battles with the sea monsters.

    • Gear Ratio

Gear ratio simply refers to the total number of times the spool rotates on a single turn of the reel’s handle. The higher the ratio, the faster the spool rotates. Now, the higher ratio is usually sought after for catching smaller fishes, but it’d backfire when you try to catch the larger and heavier sharks.

Since sharks move a lot and carry incredible strengths, they can cause extremely fast rotation and damage your fishing reel altogether. That’s why it’s best to go for reels with a lower gear ratio. You will find it a lot easier to haul in those heavy beasts and keep your reel protected.

    • Durability

Sharks aren’t just scary in terms of appearance. They have tremendous strength. So, you must go for a strong reel with exceptional durability to fight against them. Catching them won’t be easy without a powerful weapon!

That’s why each of the components must be made with high-quality materials. The reel must be capable of with standing hours of constant pressure. Other wise, it will be ripped to shreds by the sharks!

    • Saltwater Resistance

One last thing to consider is the saltwater resistance of your reel. Since sharks are almost exclusively found in saltwater, your fishing gear will be open to corrosion and other damages inflicted by salt. So,investing in a reel that can resist saltwater is a must if you’re planning to lock horns with the demons of the sea!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding the best shark fishing reels:

    1.Q: What gear should you use for shark fishing?

Shark fishing is a tough job, so powerful equipment is required to haul sharks from the sea. A heavy-duty fishing reel that is capable of resisting saltwater with a decent drag system, higher line capacity is a must.

    2.Q: What is the best fishing rod and reel combo?

There are many amazing combos.However, if you ask us, we’d suggest you look at the “PENN Carnage II Surf Casting Rod” combined with the “Penn Slammer III Spinning Fishing Reel”for the best performance.

    3.Q: How many lines do you need for shark fishing?

It depends on the size and type of the shark you’re planning to catch. You’d be safe to deal with most of the sharks if you go for lines with at least100 pounds. This is what happens to the most popular choice these days.

    4.Q: How do you spool a shark reel?

At first, attach the spool to a rod. Now take the line and start threading it through the bottom guide. Make sure the bail is open. Next, you’ve got to secure the line to the spool. Go ahead and close the bail now. Start reeling the line. Be very careful as twists can build up and ruin your spool.

    5.Q: Is braided line good for shark fishing?

Yup, braided lines are pretty good for shark fishing mainly because they have an excellent strength-to-diameter ratio. You can fit a lot of strength in a small diameter, which is extremely convenient for shark fishing.

    6.Q: How do you make a shark leader?

Making a shark leader isn’t that difficult. First, you have to build a swivel to your mono so that you can connect it to the cable. Then simply form a connection between the mono and the cable. Next, you are to attach the hook to the cable. Lastly, make sure to tape each and every swivel loop. That’s it!

Final Words

Shark fishing is only fun when you can capture them. That’s why you’ll be needing the best shark fishing reels to get the job done. We’ve provided enough information.If you’ve read it all, you shouldn’t have any problem finding your product. So, go ahead and enjoy catching the biggest game!

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