8 Best Scope Level Reviews with Buying Guide

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If you are into hunting or have been a part of any hunting expedition, you would know very well how important balancing and leveling is. The key to being a successful hunter is to master this tactful work, and scope levels will help you out on this, so you should choose the right one.

That brings us to the introduction of a perfect scope level. These are interesting tools that seemingly look insignificant but plays a big part while shooting or keeping the balance. This is why you need the best scope level available on the market; because shooting at a live target would get really difficult without its help!

8 Best Scope Level Review – Read Before You Buy

Lucky for you, we are here to help you out on this. By the end of this section, you’d have been introduced to every excellent rifle scope level available in the market!

1. Wheeler Engineering Level Level Level Scope Mounting Leveling Tool

wheeler scope mounting

At the end of the day, no matter how useful the other features are, you would indeed be leaning towards the one that gives you the most accurate results, right?

This is where this Level Scope from Wheeler excels. It’s simple, it’s elegant, and it has one of the best accuracies out there. To add to its simplicity and perfection, this one makes sure that crosshairs aren’t an issue while shooting.

Adjustment is another vital issue in hunting, mostly because you will have to adjust your shoots according to your prey and its movement. Luckily enough, this one from Wheeler is reliable while doping adjustments. This one is very versatile and can work with any bolt action rifle, and is designed to fit in with other rifles.

It is one of those super easy tools to use. All you have to do is place the Turret Level on the top scope cap and then put the action level above the bolt- and while the balancing is complete, tighten them up. It cannot get any easier to install!

This rifle bubble level is simple, small, and highly portable. The size and weight ensure that it is convenient for storing and for long journeys. It also comes with a magnetized action level and a scope turret level (non-magnetized). Last but not least, this is an excellent option for long-range shooters.

Highlighted Features

  • No issue of crooked crosshairs conflicting with your adjustment
  • Very versatile and adaptable design- goes with most kinds of rifles
  • A compact and lightweight tool, easy to transport
  • Magnetic action level ensures proper balance and perfect positioning
  • Used with high-quality gunsmith tools

2. Lone Star Precision Scope Bubble Level Indicator

If you are a person who loves precision aiming, someone who loves to get a clear shot at your prey and get it over with- this can be an exciting pick for you. Most hunters prefer a flexible, easily installable scope bubble level that will assist them in hunting. This one is precisely that sort of a tool.

It indicates the bubble level for 1inch 30mm or 34 mm and has a 3-inch bubble to ensure everyone can see it properly. This tool is made from durable and robust metals, one of them being Aircraft-grade Aluminum, to ensure that the shooting gets a high level of precision. The tolerance level is a shocking .0005 inch only!

This bubble level for scope has a super unique design, and it is vastly known for its unbelievable portability and adaptability. It fits in most kinds of modular rail systems, so accessibility will never be an issue with this one.

Moreover, they provide you with a lifetime warranty, because that’s how confident they are with the endurance of this product.

Highlighted Features

  • Portable, affordable, and highly adaptable tool
  • Ensures precise shooting with easy installation features
  • Made from robust and durable materials like aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Lifetime warranty provided by the company

3. Wheeler Engineering Professional Reticle Leveling System

When we’re talking about a complete package, we had this one in mind. This one here is everything you need to level your beloved hunting rifle.

It is not just one tool, this is a set of necessary items to ensure you have a pinpoint shooting and your hunting experience ends with a bag full of success. Wheeler has made an absolute masterpiece with this one.

This mega-tool has different levels with integrated bubble levels for each one of them. The bubble helps to measure well and shoot precisely. It focuses on accuracy more than anything else, which is why the reference level gets a magnetic bottom to get some added stability.

Versatility is kind of the middle name of it because the adjustable barrel clamp level is so flexible and so accessible that even shotgun barrels fit in here! Be it the largest diameter barrels, fitting in is never an issue with this.

The product is made from machined aluminum and has an anodized finish, so durability is never a concern.

Speaking of durability, this gun scope level is nearly flawless with its non-marring pads on the barrel clamp level, as they will ensure the contact points will be indestructible to some extent. It comes with a calibrated machined level housing and a beautiful foam-molded case for storage.

Highlighted Features

  • Proper mounting and alignment has been ensured
  • Professional Reticle Leveling system implemented for precision
  • Simple and proper installation process
  • Tuning adjustment and scope level adjustments are top-notch
  • Comes with a compact storage case for safety and easy portability

4. Vortex Optics Riflescope Bubble Levels

Presuming you’re pretty serious about hunting, so spending a few more bucks on a premium bubble level should not be an issue for you, right? If it isn’t, and you can ignore the price-tag on this one, we already have a winner.

It is made from high-quality materials, and it is one of those tools to keep for a long, long time. This tool is easily one of the best bubble levels for rifle scopes!

Just imagine aiming with one eye and check the cant with your other eye simultaneously. Seems impressive, no? This is a reality, thanks to this amazing scope level that will make leveling seem like a cakewalk.

It does take a good long time to install the scope level and then aim and shoot properly- but this is one of those rare ones that make hunting easier.

Accuracy is one of their most vital features, and the whole tool has been meticulously designed to be solid, durable, and lightweight at the same time so that the mounting can be easy and quick. If you’re asking how quick- let’s just say a simple screwdriver can do the whole mounting job!

Now, if you happen to have a 30-mm riflescope tube, remote shooting will be a piece of cake with this tool.

It indeed is one of the best options for long-range shootings with hunting thermal binoculars. The bubble level will ensure that the common error caused by canted rifles don’t occur here. It can very well be the best scope bubble level on the market!

Highlighted Features

  • An excellent option for distant and long-range shooting
  • Designed to be solid, sturdy, and durable
  • A quite portable and lightweight tool that comes with necessary accessories
  • Easy mounting and easier installation

5. Mercu Metal Bubble Spirit Level

While looking for suitable options for your preferred scope level, we have come across something different, something even more interesting.

It has every reason to be called the best anti cant scope leveland we’ll let you know why. One of the reasons is that it is designed in such a way that the scope will remain absolutely level, no matter what. The cant won’t be an issue with this one!

Anti-cant devices aren’t all about anti-cant technology; they have many more up their sleeves! It is shock-resistant, so instead of using it on air rifles to hunt down animals, you can use it on real fire calibers to protect yourself as well!

With high accessibility and keen compatibility for 30mm lead rails, this is undoubtedly one to keep an eye on!

This anti cant level can attach directly to the weaver or a Picatinny dovetail to ensure the reticle and bore alignments are to the mark. Most importantly, it is a very versatile tool as it can be placed before, after, or even under the scope according to your preferences.

Highlighted Features

  • Anti-cant features to ensure proper scope levels
  • Versatile and easy-to-install tool
  • You can place it anytime, anywhere as you wish to
  • Shock-resistant- can be used on fire calibers as well

6. GHHJX Precision Scope Magnetic Level 

There are fancy products, ones that come with tons of accessories and a good lot of unnecessary features. Then there are no-nonsense products like these. They’re in no way as fancy as the aforementioned one, but at the same time, they are cost-effective, they are efficient, and they get the job done.

You want the shooting to go alright, no? This one will do that specific task for you with ease. With probably the simplest and easiest method available, this indeed is one scope level for beginners and those who don’t prefer hassle regarding adjustability.

Just place the bubble on your scope, and your work is done- it is that simple. The bubble has a diameter of 32 mm and a height of 12 mm, which is more than enough for basic hunting.

But simplicity doesn’t mean it lacks basic quality components. It has a strong magnet at the back to ensure proper stability, and the shell is made from acrylic and plastic to make sure they are sturdy but lightweight at the same time. Overall, this is an efficient, inexpensive option that will attract a lot of customers for sure!

Highlighted Features

  • Simple and easygoing design
  • Super easy installation and accurate vision
  • Has a strong magnet at the bottom part
  • Quite adaptable and very easy to use

7. JIALITTE Rifle Scope Bubble Level

Ask any professional hunter out there about this- they’ll go all wow whenever this very tool is discussed. Indeed, the awe is well deserved.

This can easily go down as the best scope level just because it is so perfectly made and so comforting for the user. But obviously, that is not all. Its compatibility, the way it can make sure that your rifle remains vertical, etc. The list of features keeps on going!

One of the best things about this scope ring level is that it is quite inexpensive despite so many outstanding features and gives you a service of great value.

As expected, it uses bubble levels to keep the balance and measurement perfect. And to add icing on the cake, the tool is factory calibrated to ensure longevity and efficiency.

This product is made from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum, so durability will never be an issue with this. Moreover, it has the ideal size and mounting technique. The mounting is so easy that you could easily narrate it as effortless, and you wouldn’t be lying!

Roundly edged, well finished, and a quality design makes it one of the finest scope bubble levels on our list. It won’t scrape your closes, will show 100% workmanship, and provide you with the best service at the end of the day. What else do you even need?

Highlighted Features

  • Very inexpensive considering the features and the performances
  • Excellent accuracy and efficiency ensured
  • Good finishing and roundly-edged shape for safety and comfort
  • A light, visible and versatile tool
  • Easiest and quickest possible mounting

8. Weaver Gunsmith 849724 Modular Scope Level

This is another no-nonsense quality product that serves your purpose just right. Made from excellent quality materials, this tool has efficiency written all over it.

It is a unique option for people who prefer a secured grip and easy mounting while hunting. This excellent rifle scope level from Bushnell is sure to catch the attention of many huntsmen!

Weaver came up with a very simple design with this one. Simplicity is often much effective than complex ideas! With high-strength magnets securing grips and a flexible mounting system, reliability is never a question on this product. It will last longer and will help out a good lot of huntsmen, that’s for sure.

With an automated indicator to indicate crosshairs, this tool will ensure optimum accuracy for sure!

Highlighted Features

  • Can indicate crosshairs hampering the balance
  • Secured grip with strong magnets
  • Very simplistic and easy-to-use design
  • Made from excellent quality materials
  • Very easy mounting system

Scope Level Buying Guide

Scope Levels are not the most common items on the market, but it’s safe to say that there are a good lot of options available for you. It’s time for you to know the pointers to remember before you make the final call.


This is everything. The sole reason you would go for a proper scope level would be to have better accuracy in shooting, and that can be achieved with the best scope level available. But how exactly a tool like that increase the accuracy level? Time to figure that out.

An accurate scope level tool will ensure that there will be no cant error. Some offer long-range shooting accuracy, and some offer relatively shorter ones, but one thing is certain- you need to choose your product according to your references.

Figure out which range do you want to shoot and choose the level of accuracy accordingly- that should do.


Design is another very crucial factor when it comes to these scope levels. Easily put, a tool like this should not be very complex. Instead, it should be a compact device that is portable and lightweight—carrying an extra bag just for your scope level while hunting is simply unnecessary.

rifle scope level

If your air gun is used for hunting down larger animals, in that case, the design adds an extra edge to your shooting. People expect the design to be compatible with most rifles, and you better check that out as well. Furthermore, it is crucial to check if the build is sturdy and robust or not.


Most of these tools are made from high-quality aluminum, but you have to check and double-check their sturdiness and durability. Because quite frankly, nobody tends to buy scope-level tools every week or even every year.

So, spending a good lot of bucks on this one on a regular basis wouldn’t be smart. Try going for aircraft quality aluminum; they tend to last longer.


Another notable thing is the performance of your tool. By performance, we don’t just mean accuracy, efficiency, or how precise the shoot is. We mean a total experience of hunting; we mean a tool that will make sure you enjoy your time with the rifle.

So, the scope level needs to be easygoing, effective, and useful at the same time. A scope anti cant device can be of help here.

You might just go for the most accurate one out there, and we wouldn’t blame you if you do so. But before doing the obvious, we would suggest you keep the usability and compatibility in mind and then make the final call. If possible, choose an anti cant scope level tool if feasible.


As always, price and budget is the section where people starts parting ways. Some prefer to spend big on one tool and keep it for a lifetime, while some just want to taste the water and select a cheaper one- hoping that it would last long. You don’t have to be either, because our list has loads of efficient but inexpensive options!

No matter what the price is, your preference comes first. You can go for expensive ones that are guaranteed to last a lifetime, but if you’re running low on budget, you can find cheaper and long-lasting options. Go through our list, and we’re sure you will get what you want!


Last but not least, mounting of these tools remains a vital issue amongst hunters and gun users altogether- and it’s time to put an end to these.

Some super-simplistic scope bubble levels have the easiest mounting system ever. Just mount it and adjust it according to your preference, and voila! You’re all set for hunting! So make sure you select a scope level that has a simpler and easier mounting system!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding the scope level:

1. What exactly is the Cant Error?

To put things into simple perspectives, the cant error occurs when you cannot hit the target you have originally aimed for.

For starters, shooting with a rifle requires a parallel balance between the scope and the gun. If that balance is gone and instead of parallel, the rifle and the scope are at some angle at each other, then Cant error occurs. It’s a common error, and scope levels are required to solve it.

2. How should I Cant my rifle?

Canting mainly states the maneuver of tilting your rifle while aiming or shooting at something. To do that, first, you have to adjust the position of the reticle crosshair to avoid Cant errors. Then you have to level the scope accordingly and perfectly.

Once the scope has been leveled, you can go all fancy and start tilted shooting or canting, whatever you call it!

3. Do I really need anti cant devices?

If you’re pretty serious about hunting, then you must have one. But if you’re just doing it for occasional fun and you enjoy the event more than the accuracy of shooting, then you don’t.

The anti cant bubble level makes sure you shoot accurately and precisely- so if you want to be successful in this, you must have one for yourself.

4. How important is leveling the scope?

Leveling the scope is one of the most important steps in hunting. Because hunting is not some VCR games that you can play at home and shoot at random aliens, it is a real sport. And you’ll have to move around in places that won’t have a smooth surface.

So yes, leveling your scope is important, and we’d prefer you do it with a scope bubble level!

5. Can I prevent cant errors without scope levels?

Yes, you can. But trust me on this, the process won’t be a piece of cake. Instead, a very difficult maneuver because you will have to do it all manually.

You can adjust your shooting and prevent cant errors by looking on top of the scope. But it is not a foolproof idea, and there are high chances that your shot will still not reach its target. Anyway, if you want to risk it- your call!

Final Words

Let’s be honest with this- scope levels are a requirement if you’re serious about hunting. Even if you aren’t, hunting these days without a proper tool is risky and kind of pointless.

That being said, choosing the best scope level just got a lot easier for you, thanks to our carefully made list of options and the super-detailed buying guide.

We hope you can find a suitable option for your rifle. Hunt responsibly, don’t kill endangered species. Best of luck!

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