Best Scope for 22LR Squirrel Hunting 2021 for Target Shooting & Small Games

Squirrels hunting is a very challenging sport. As a member of the Sciuridae family, the squirrel possesses the ability to run fast, climb any obstacles, and hide. As prey, they are fast, cunning, and can also sense the hunters from a distance.

So, one thing that you can significantly need is the rifle, but a good scope will help you for the exact pointing and accuracy.

In this article, I will be discussing the best selection of scopes for 22LR squirrel hunting based on my professional experiences, and a few other details regarding squirrel hunting.

Stay with me till the end.

Make Sure Of Your Permit

Before proceeding with the list, I want to remind you that few states don’t allow squirrel hunting. In some states, you need to have a license to hunt squirrels. You can directly contact the hunting law departments, park departments, or any authorities with the right. If it’s private property, you must take a permit from the owners.

While getting the permit, you should also specify the hunting place, time, and date. There are limitations on the hunting locations as well. Mostly the open grounds and a few state parks are off the ordinance.

Check before you pack the hunting gears.

Barska AC10380 Plinker-22 Scope 3-9x32 30/30 Reticle with Rings , Black
Vortex Optics Diamondback 2-7x35 Rimfire, Second Focal Plane Riflescope - V-Plex Reticle (MOA) , black
TASCO MAG39X32D Rimfire Series 3-9x 32mm 30/30 Reticle .22 Riflescope (Matte Finish)
Simmons Truplex .22 MAG 3-9x32mm Riflescope, Waterproof and Fogproof Rimfire Rifle Scope
Barska AC10380 Plinker-22 Scope 3-9x32 30/30 Reticle with Rings , Black
Vortex Optics Diamondback 2-7x35 Rimfire, Second Focal Plane Riflescope - V-Plex Reticle (MOA) , black
TASCO MAG39X32D Rimfire Series 3-9x 32mm 30/30 Reticle .22 Riflescope (Matte Finish)
Simmons Truplex .22 MAG 3-9x32mm Riflescope, Waterproof and Fogproof Rimfire Rifle Scope
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Amazon Prime
Barska AC10380 Plinker-22 Scope 3-9x32 30/30 Reticle with Rings , Black
Barska AC10380 Plinker-22 Scope 3-9x32 30/30 Reticle with Rings , Black
Amazon Prime
Vortex Optics Diamondback 2-7x35 Rimfire, Second Focal Plane Riflescope - V-Plex Reticle (MOA) , black
Vortex Optics Diamondback 2-7x35 Rimfire, Second Focal Plane Riflescope - V-Plex Reticle (MOA) , black
Amazon Prime
TASCO MAG39X32D Rimfire Series 3-9x 32mm 30/30 Reticle .22 Riflescope (Matte Finish)
TASCO MAG39X32D Rimfire Series 3-9x 32mm 30/30 Reticle .22 Riflescope (Matte Finish)
Amazon Prime
Simmons Truplex .22 MAG 3-9x32mm Riflescope, Waterproof and Fogproof Rimfire Rifle Scope
Simmons Truplex .22 MAG 3-9x32mm Riflescope, Waterproof and Fogproof Rimfire Rifle Scope
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Reviews of the Best Scope for 22LR Squirrel Hunting in 2021

In this section, I will mention a few scopes for 22LR squirrel hunting that are currently the favorites of the squirrel hunters.

Best Scope for 22LR Squirrel Hunting

Keep in mind that, apart from the fact that we regularly provide people the hunting goods, we are the squirrel hunters ourselves. So, In these following scope options, I will try to provide as much personal experience as much I can. These experiences might help you to choose the best option for yourself.

For the last few months, I and my team have invested a lot of time to find out the best scopes for squirrel hunting. We roamed around and talked with different squirrel hunters. They all have different hunting stories. It was one of the best experiences we have ever had for a while.

Meanwhile, we have checked around 70+ scopes in the market and got actual reviews from the users. Finally, after a long term of checking, reviewing, and consulting, we have selected 10 squirrel hunting scopes for 22LR.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin with the list.

BARSKA 3-9×32 Plinker-22 Riflescope – Best for 22lr Squirrel Hunting

Durability and quality change are a deadly combination.

In my experience, the BARSKA 3-9×32 plinker-22 riflescope is one of the most durable scopes. Great construction makes a great scope. This amazing scope comes with great construction. The manufacturer provides the industry-standard material for the scope.

The optics are multi-coated. It helps the light transmission process. You will get a clearer view and a bright light from the scope. The objective lens is around 32 mm which gives you a wider and vastnameange of accuracy.

This scope also comes with a parallax-free distance of around 50 yards. You don’t need to worry about the close-ranged shoot. This parallax-free feature helps you get a clear and accurate vision of the prey. Using the right elevation turrets, you can shoot down any small target if it is not a too long-range hunting distance. 

Another amazing feature of the scope is the 30/30 crosshair reticle. You can easily target any prey in the range. This reticle helps the hunter to have a clearer view.

It comes with a three to nine X zoom feature. The scope magnification feels great and smooth. Also, the ¼ MOA adjustment helps a lot in particular focus.

With great features like waterproofness, fog-proofed, and great magnification, it has already become one of the best scopes for a 22lr rifle.


  • Durable construction.
  • It covers Parallax free 50 yards distance.
  • Windage and elevation turrets: 1/4 MOA
  • Perfect 22lr squirrel hunting scope.
  • Water-proof and fog-proof features.
  • Multi-coated optics.


  • Sometimes zeroing is hard in low light.

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Vortex Optics Diamondback 2-7×35 Rimfire – Best 22lr Scope for Short Range

Now we are talking about a very special scope.

Speaking of the best scopes for 22lr short-range shooting, we must consider something very efficient for the range accuracy, and the great performance.

Vortex Optics Diamondback 2-7×35 Rimfire is one of the best scopes for 22lr hunting for several features. It looks great with any compatible weapons and we all low-key want a good-looking hunting setup, don’t we?

This scope is ideal for shotguns, rifles, and muzzleloaders. So, you are getting multiple usabilities in a single scope.

The construction consists of a simpler one-piece metal tube orientation with a shockproof finish. It saves you from water, fog, and dust. Another amazing feature about this scope is, it is extremely rugged and durable for its materials.

Now, let’s talk optics specification.

The lenses are multi-coated. So, you are getting a clear and sharp sight over the scope. The reticle is a  V-plex one. They are mostly used for multiple usages.

Also, I must mention the fast-focus eyepiece in the scope. What I like the most about the eyepiece is the comfort. It is a very relaxing experience to see and focus on.

The metal-made turrets are easy to adjust. Zero resets are extremely easy with the turrets.


  • Great optical features.
  • Extremely durable product.
  • Easy zeroing.
  • Multi-coated lens.


  • The edges are sharp.

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TASCO MAG39X32D Series – Best Rimfire Scope for Squirrel Hunting

Let’s get to know a very good-looking matte black scope for squirrel hunting.

TASCO, the great manufacturer name in the hunting goods came up with this amazing product called TASCO MAG39X32D Rimfire Series. I am definitely rooting for this product since it dropped on the market. Let me tell you why I loved this.

I have used TASCO MAG39X32D with my Henry large loop rifle at first. Later on, I have used this with so many other rimfire rifles as well. It looked extremely amazing with almost every rifle.

A multi-coated standard 32 mm objective lens will help you to have clear vision. The light transmission is flawless, sufficient, and very much effective. Also, you have the maximum zooming feature. This scope can zoom in around 3X to 9X distance.

Very effective for squirrel hunting, I must say.

You will be amazed to see the well-constructed 1 inches full-proof monotube. The width is enough for the flawless light transmission. Needless to say, the scope is also very durable.

The scope is fog-proof, water-proof, and extremely all-weather-friendly. You can use the scope in all kinds of weather.

For different kinds of close ranges, the parallax-free 50 yards distance helps a lot in hunting squirrels. Using the parallax setting properly you can get the most out of this scope. Also, you will love the fact how lightweight the scope is high in resolution.


  • Matte black finish.
  • Suitable with multiple 22lr rifles.
  • 50 yards parallax-free range for rimfire rifles.
  • Multiple coated lens.
  • Easily adjustable turrets.


  • Sometimes the magnifications are not accurate.

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Simmons 3-9x32mm .22 Waterproof Riflescope – Best for Competition

Simmons 3-9x32mm Matte Black Riflescope is undeniably popular among fellow squirrel hunters. Being one of the best scopes for 22lr long-range shooting, it is trending on the market.

Construction-wise, it is a very standard scope. It comes with top-level material and a durable structure. You can mount the scope with its dovetail mounting feature.

Adjustments are amazingly easy in this scope. You will get the sure-grip rubber for the placements. The scope will be stable and The turrets make the zeroing pretty much easy.

Simmons 3-9x32mm comes with the hydro shield coating in the lens. This simply means you will have a very sharp and clear view.

Do you know what makes this scope interesting? Triplex reticle. Yes, a few precise lines that will help you to target properly, are very effective in the hunting season. Besides that, you will also have waterproofness and fog proof.

I must mention, this scope can take a lot of pressure in the long run. By pressure, I mean rough usages, long-term usages, and shocks. Take it with you in the unfriendly weather, it will serve you the same.

So, if you are planning to have your hands on the best scope for 22lr squirrel hunting, consider having a look at this.


  • Easy installation method.
  • A fantastic pick for the competition.
  • This scope offers better image quality.
  • Great magnification feature.
  • Budget-friendly product.


  • Sometimes it gives unclear views after 50 yards.

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Simmons Truplex Riflescope

Another amazing Simmons riflescope on my list. With a comparatively less price tag, Simmons truplex riflescope comes with utmost features.

This is a bit heavier than the other riflescopes on my list. Weighting around .63 pounds, it doesn’t feel much of a heavy tool on the rifle. Interesting fact- you can also use this on several weapons.

Let’s see about the construction. Simmons triplex riflescope comes with a dimension of 15.5 X 5.5 X 3 inches overall. Also, you can already guess that it has a truplex reticle from the nam itself. One amazing feature for any riflescope.

Squirrel hunting requires a very specific pointing feature. Being one of the best scopes in the market, Simmons truplex riflescope comes with great optical features.

It has a 40 mm lens to cover up a huge area. The multicoated lens is amazingly effective for high-resolution clarity. You will be amazed to see the precise image quality through the lens.

The industry-grade material makes the riflescope fog-proof and water-proof at the same time. Even in the roughest weather, it doesn’t conflict with the performance.

A great riflescope must have comfortable adjustment knobs. It comes with very easily audible clicking adjustment knobs. Zeroing is also extremely easy with the adjustment features.



  • High-resolution magnifications.
  • Great light emission feature.
  • Excellent image quality.
  • Easy zeroing.
  • Better eye relief.
  • Fast focus eyepiece
  • Extremely durable scope.


  • Not a lightweight product.
  • The cross cannot be adjusted.

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Leupold VX-Freedom Rimfire Riflescope – Best for Small Game Hunting

How about a riflescope with extra few minutes of shooting a feature in the dusk?

Yes, you have heard right. Leupold VX-Freedom scope is a great option for low-light squirrel hunting. This fantastic low-light setting makes Leupold VX-freedom one of the best scopes for 22lr long-range unique and effective.

Though, it is recommended to use the 22lr rimfire rifle for the best result in small game hunting along with hunting squirrel. However, think about the extra ten minutes of shooting. How amazing is that?

Another thing I must say, this riflescope looks fantastic with the black finish.  have been using this for a few months, and it is still one of my favorites.

Okay, now let’s talk about the vital part; the lens. The multi-coated lens can project a very clear image in 100 yards. It works great for the closer shooting as well. The parallax adjustment can be projected in around 60 yards. It provides you great clarity and perfect resolution.

With the great optics of the Leupold scope, you need great adjustability. ¼ MOA finger click adjustment makes a lot of difference in the long-range shooting. You can adjust the turrets with simple rotations and clicks. Also, the click sounds are easily audible.


  • One of the best low-light settings for shooting.
  • Clear and bright images.
  • Leupold scopes come with great adjustment features.
  • One of the best optical lenses.
  • 60 yards of parallax adjustment.


  • Repairing and maintenance are tricky.

BSA Optics Sweet 223 – Best 22 Rifle Scope for Target Shooting

How about a budget-friendly scope this time?

I recommend BSA Optics Sweet 223 to the highly energetic newcomers who are trying to hunt some squirrels. It has a vast amount of features for the price tag. While writing this review, I have recommended this simple scope to one of my good friends.

Let me tell you why did I recommend this product to my friend.

As a starter, BSA optics sweet 223 is designed for rifle usage mostly. It is uncanny that the newcomers start with a simple rifle. It is a very good option to start with. Especially, the .223 cartridge is amazing with this scope.

I must mention the optical excellence of this product. With the multi-coated objective lens, It provides 3X to 9X magnification. As a budget scope, this feature is extremely effective. You will get a crystal clear view from distances. The lens has a 40 mm diameter.

The scope weighs around 1.7 pounds only. So you don’t need to have extra weight on your rifle. The materials are industry-standard and it also comes with the separate rings. Apart from the durability and effectiveness, the product is also shock-proof, water-proof, and fog-proof.


  • Easy zeroing feature.
  • Great lens for the scope.
  • Good windage adjustments. 
  • Comes with fully multi coated lens.
  • 30/30 duplex reticle.
  • One of the budget-friendly scopes in the market.


  • Range markings are smaller.
  • Sometimes the crosshairs are unstable.

Check Price on Amazon

BARSKA 4×32 Plinker-22 Riflescope – Best Scope for Precision 22lr

BARSKA 4×32 Plinker-22 Riflescope is quite simply one of the best squirrel hunting scopes.

Being one of the mid-budget ranged riflescope, this product comes with the promise of great performance and durability. It comes with a matte black finish and weighs around 1.05 pounds.

Also, the aluminum body is very durable and sturdy. The material makes the body dust-proof, water-proof, and fog-proof as well. One of the best things about this product is its longevity. You can use this product for years, and it will still give you the same performance.

The ideal component is a rifle for this scope. It kind of limits the options, but you are planning for a riflescope in particular, right?

The objective lens is .32 mm and multicoated. The layers make the lens very optically accurate. You can have extreme clarity on the scope. In addition, you can have the 4X magnification feature with the riflescope.

Duplex reticle is always been a great feature. 30/30 duplex reticle makes the adjustments and the pointing.

For the close distant shooting, you can use the parallax free 50 yards distance for convenience. Close-up shots are always fun with proper sighting.



  • Budget-friendly quality scope.
  • Easy adjustments.
  • Optimal light transmission for a compact scope. 
  • Dedicated rimfire scope for squirrel hunting.
  • Fog-proof and water-proof.
  • Lightweight product.


  • The low-light setting is not that great.

Check Price on Amazon

Simmons 560520 Truplex Riflescope

The most appealing thing about Simmons 560520 Truplex Riflescope is the eye-piece. I must mention that, in a mid-budget range, Simmons 560520 Truplex Riflescope has one of the best eye-piece.

Let me tell you why you can pick this riflescope.

First of all, you will notice the weight of this product. It is around .54 pounds. This saves you from carrying extra weight in the shooting place. As you already know, less the weight, less the hassle.

Coming with a matte black finish, it looks great in the rifle. You will have a premium finish with durable construction. It comes with a feature called the true zero flex erector system. You can make the zeroing in no time. It is actually an eight-point riflescope. So, you can explore your experiments.

Another amazing part of this scope is the adjustment knobs. They have the super grip rubbers to control it better. It feels different and comfortable at the same time.

Yes, it does have a multi-coated powerful .32 mm lens. One amazing piece of a lens, I must say. You can have the 4X zoom in on the scope. So, long-ranged shootings are fun and easy.

This riflescope’s better light transmission and triplex reticle have changed the game for squirrel hunting.


  • 4X scope magnification feature.
  • One of the best scope magnification in this list. 
  • Clear and precise image.
  • Easy zeroing feature.


  • It does not come with the ring.

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CVLIFE 3-9×40 Compact Rifle Scope

Alright, the last riflescope on my list is CVLIFE 3-9×40 Compact Rifle Scope.

First of all, I must mention that this specific riflescope is quite different than the rest of my favorites.

Yes, you are also getting the multiple-layered lens. The tube diameter is around 1”. So, the light has enough space to transmit easily. The multi-coated lens helps the scope to have 90% of light transmission.

It is a compact rifle scope with 7’8” in length. This longer length helps the scope to transmit lights properly. On this length, you have the 2’8” for eye relief. If you mount the scope, it is like .20 mm. Yes, there is diversity.

Now, about the materials, there is an aluminum alloy. Also, the rest of the parts are aluminum-made. The blank space is filled with nitrogen. For the nitrogen, your scope is fog-proof and water-proof as well. It comes with mounting rings and a better eye relief system for comfort.

For the lightweight material, the whole riflescope feels very comfortable in hand. The movement is easy and focusing is also flexible. Speaking of focusing, the lens can zoom 3X to 9X. The parallax-free 15 yards focusing is very much helpful in short-range shooting.

Also, the maintenance is very easy for the scope. You can clean the scope with simple household tools.



  • Very durable yet lightweight product.
  • 90% light transmission.
  • Comes with mounting rings.
  • Comes with generous eye relief.
  • One of the budget-friendly products.
  • Easier maintenance.


  • Sometimes the adjustments are hard.

Check Price on Amazon


How to Choose the Best Scope for 22lr Squirrel Hunting

How to Choose the Best Scope for 22lr Squirrel Hunting

Squirrel Hunting can be a very thrilling experience if you get the gears right. We, as the squirrel hunters always find ourselves depending on the right rifle scopes for obvious reasons.

Whenever you are planning to get a squirrel hunting rifle scope, the lens is not the only thing you should be concerned about. There are more factors you need to check; like how easy it is to point zero, how comfortable the eyepiece is, and a lot of other things.


Here are a few things you might need to check before getting your riflescope

Get One With the Perfect Lense

The lens is the component where you will be viewing the object. No wonder it comes on the priority list. You must get a powerful lens.

Now the question is how would you know the lens is perfect for you. Consider these facts:

  • Different coatings, like hydroshield lens coating, mirror-like coating make a lot of difference in the lens. As the light can bounce in the layers, it gets the perfect angle to provide you the best quality pictures. There are a few options like coated, fully coated, phase coated, multi-coated, and fully multi-coated. The multi-coated lens and above are very popular for the proper transmission of light.
  • Check the field of view in the lens.
  • The scopes should come with bright and clear images.
  • Check the build quality and material. If it is made with aircraft-grade aluminum, then you should be happy with the quality.
  • Check if the lens can be attached to a squirrel rifle perfectly or not. You are buying the scope to hunt squirrel-like animals and other small animals, so check the compatibility.
  • There are three types of the reticle; duplex, mil-dot, and BDC. Duplex reticle is much reliable for hunting. Also, between FFP and SFP, SFP is much comfortable for hunting.
  • The magnification range can be varied from 3X to 25X. Depending on the requirement, you should select the range.

The Scope Should Be Light-Weight

Well, you do not want to carry extra weight in hunting. If your scope is a bit heavier, you cannot move easily. You might not even get the perfect image over the lens.

However, you should not compromise on the materials for the weight as well. Mostly, the great scopes are made of aluminum. Inside the scope, the vacuum is filled with nitrogen gas for security.

How Much Clarity Are You Getting?

The clarity of the image mostly depends on the quality of the lens, adjustments, and the positions of the reticles. There are different types of reticles like v plex reticle, rimfire moa reticle, and many more. Most rifle scopes of renowned brands come with quick target acquisition options whether it is with bright images or good reticles.

A fully coated lens is highly recommended for the better clarity of the image. 40 mm to 50 mm lenses work perfectly for the

Size Must Be Minimal

A squirrel hunting scope (rimfire scope or normal fully coated optics) is better in minimal size. Of course, you need to have enough space for eye relief. If you consider the standard size, it is around 12 inches to 14 inches. With the perfect material and minimal size, the weight also decreases. Though most of the objective lenses are heavier than the other categories, you can compare, right?

Check the Adjustment Knobs aka the Turrets

There are three kinds of turrets. They are windage turret, elevation turret, and parallax adjustment turret. Zeroing requires the perfect turrets. Zeroing must feel comfortable. That’s when you know that you have got the best turrets.

Another thing you must consider is the clicking sound. Yes, this is more important than you think.


Tips and Tricks For Squirrel Hunting

  • Always be patient. There’s literally nothing more important than being patient on squirrel hunting. You might need to wait 20-30 minutes in a single place. Sometimes the time length can be more.
  • Squirrels roam around the food. Find a place where you can find enough nuts or seeds.
  • Always pick your best gears. Apart from the scope, you can also carry a binocular.
  • Squirrels roam in sunrises, sunsets, and midday. Pick your time according to these.
  • Wear comfortable clothes to move faster. Camouflage can be a very good option.
  • Move as much quietly as you can. Squirrels are very sensitive to sound.


People Also Ask on Scopes for Hunting Squirrels

People Also Ask on Scopes for Hunting Squirrels

Here are a few questions on the scope for 22lr for hunting squirrels. We tried to cover the answer briefly.

What Kind Of Scope Do You Use for Squirrel Hunting?

The first option should be Vortex Optics Diamondback 2-7×35 Rimfire. It comes with all the premium features with a great look. On the other hand, there are TASCO MAG39X32D Rimfire Series, BARSKA 3-9×32 Plinker-22 Riflescope, and a few Leupold products as well.

Will A 22 Kill A Squirrel?

Of course, a 22 will kill a squirrel. However, it will depend on your patience, accuracy, and practice.

What Is the Best Scope for Varmint Hunting?

There are a lot of options for varmint hunting. However, the Leupold VX-Freedom Rimfire Riflescope made its place among the very best scopes in the market.

What Are the Other Options for Squirrel Hunting?

There are a few other great weapons for squirrel hunting rather than rifles.

  • Shotgun
  • Bowhunting
  • Hunting With Dogs

Last Thought

Alright, we are almost at the end of the tunnel now, and hopefully, you know your squirrel hunting scopes better. You see, the best scopes for 22lr are very simple and effective rather than being eye candy.

Yes, you definitely can have a good-looking scope, and of course our list on top has some gorgeous options for the scopes.

However, the essences of the best 22lr scopes for target shooting are comfort, durability, effectiveness, and usability. Slightly, the bitter truth is that the expensive gears won’t make much difference if you don’t practice much.

Once again, make sure you have your permit before going hunting. I hope our selections of scopes will help you with practice.

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