10 Best Ice Fishing Bibs Reviews in 2021: Waterproof, Floating Jacket and Suit

Fishing in normal weather conditions is tough on its own. So when you take on the hard challenge of ice fishing, being ready with proper gear and equipment is necessary.

Bibs for ice fishing are quite different than normal fishing bibs. They are thicker to help keep you warm during the cold and are made of a different material. This waterproof fishing wear is a must if you want to focus more on fishing and not get diverted by the bitter weather.

To help you find the best ice fishing bibs, we have narrowed down a list of the finest ones. These are guaranteed to keep you safe from the cold water and will last a long time as well.

Best Ice Fishing Bibs Reviews 

Every single product in this ice fishing bibs reviews is of top quality and will never let you down. If you’re looking for a sturdy and high-performance fishing bib, this is the place you’ll find it.

best ice fishing bibs

Check out the features and options in these ice fishing bibs reviewed section to find what does match your need the most.

1. Striker Ice Men’s Fishing Cold Weather Insulated Predator Bib – Best Overall 

The ice fishing bib that you buy needs to be made of a material that is comfortable to wear but thick. Made with tussore shell material, this ice fishing bib is soft clothing that is soft and will not itch.

As the material is also breathable, you don’t get too hot inside. With the right amount of sureflote insulation, a 100g thermadex, you are kept warm and fresh.

The material and makes it the best ice fishing clothing for winter. 

It comes with a sunflower protection, which helps the combined jacket with pant in this bib a better protection for ice anglers. The ice fishing jacket is one of the best ice fishing jackets comes in a package with this item.

When you’re ice fishing, you are prone to more falls and slips due to the slippery ice bed. Thanks to the extra seat padding on the knee and seat area of this ice fishing bibs, you are protected from major injuries.

That, combined with the Sure flote flotation technology, makes this bib one of the safest ones out there. This feature makes the bib lightweight. A hydrapore system technology makes this bib waterproof, windproof, and also breathable. This is to save you from the extreme temperatures  in ice-cold wind.

And the system works in three layers that also help with insulation. Adjustable cuffs, magnetic zip closures, and expandable fleece lined pockets make this bib easy to fit into. A flexible bib like this one helps adjust the ice fishing apparel to your liking. So even if you have bought the wrong size, you can do alterations until the fit is cozy.


  • Comfortable and breathable tussore shell material
  • 100g thermadex insulation system
  • Padding in seat and knee area
  • Sureflot flotation system increases the ability to float
  • Hydrapore technology from this ice fishing bibs
  • Adjustable cuffs and carbo pocket
  • Fleece lined pockets for ice anglers
  • magnetic zip enclosure


  • Seams to tear apart easily

2. Arctix Men’s Insulated Bib Skiing-Pants – Best  for Cold Weather

If you’re looking for a durable ice fishing bib at a budget, this is the one for you. 85-gram the rmatech insulation makes this bib both warm and breathable. With controlled airflow, you won’t find yourself sweating inside of this one. The material is lightweight and not bulky. So you don’t feel a weight pulling you down.

This feature makes the cold weather bibs more floatable so that you are safe in case you fall into the water.

Arctix Men's Classic Insulated Overalls Bib Skiing-Pants

With a flexible material like this one, you don’t feel restricted. You can move around with ease, given that you have got yourself the right sized bib. A triple-layer construction makes these ice fishing bibs windproof as well.

Also, this construction helps wick moisture away and keeps you dry and fresh. No water can pass through this ice fishing bib, so the clothes you are wearing inside will never get wet.

These ice fishing pants & bibs available in more than 5 colors to choose from, you can get creative with your style. The material with which this bib is constructed is sturdy and will not tear apart, no matter how roughly it is used. Stretchy and flexible materials like this one help prevent holes and tearing at the seams, so you have a bib that lasts you ages.


  • Affordable waterproof fishing pants
  • Made with flexible and soft material
  • Tear and hole resistant
  • 85-gram thermatech insulation system
  • These ice fishing bibs are warm ​
  • Comes with excellent breathable fabric
  • Available in more than 5 colors for ice anglers


  • Elastic shoulder strapare low quality

3. Striker Ice SI HardWater – Best Rated Ice Fishing Bibs

Fishing is a task that easily takes up a minimum of 4-5 hours of your day. Wearing uncomfortable clothing for such a long duration can shift your focus and also put you in discomfort.

The design makes these right ice fishing bibs fit for regular and continuous use. Well-insulated fishing bibs like this one allow just the right amount of air to flow through to keep you dry and fresh without making you sweat or cold.

Striker Ice SI HardWater Bibs

The unique and classy design of this ice fishing suit makes the clothing quite versatile.

Besides wearing the bib for ice fishing, you can also take this thing on skiing adventures, snowmobiling, and nordic skiing.

A mix of polythene foam that is low density and expanded makes this a lightweight construction. This increases the bib’s ability to float and does not add extra weight. Trapped air in these layers creates air bubbles that help the bib become more buoyant.

Pockets on these ice fishing bibs are well spaced and expandable, allowing you to store more than enough materials inside. Elastic cuffs close any gaps that might allow air to get in keeping you warm.


  • Can be used for ice fishing, snowmobiling, Nordic skiing, etc.
  • Comfortable to wear for long hours
  • Thermax insulation system keeps you dry and fresh
  • Enclosed cuffs stop air inflow
  • Made with a mix of polythene foam that is low density and expanded
  • Well-spaced and expandable pockets


  • Legs are too long and need to be folded

4. WindRider Pro – Best Insulated Ice Fishing Bibs

Easy-to-wear clothing is a blessing when you’re on the go. That is why we prefer ice fishing bibs that you can both put on and take off easily. With double zipper construction, you will be able to put on this ice armor in seconds.

An added storm flap makes your job of responding to nature’s calls less  uncomfortable. No need to take off the entire bib.

WindRider Pro Waterproof Bibs | Fishing & Sailing Bibs

With the comfortable storm flap, waterproof zippers the fit of this clothing makes it the right choice.

Unlike other ice fishing bibs, this one is not baggy or ill-fitted. Elastic added in the back, waist, and arms give you a snug fit that makes you look presentable.

Besides being fashionable, this bib is also quite durable. No matter how much you fall, slip, or even get caught on hooks, this bib won’t tear. If washed and dried properly, these bibs might last you 1.5 to 2 years.

Well-insulated cold weather bibs like these are just what you need in cold weather. The bib will help keep you warm without making you sweat. Thanks to the 2 layers of laminated fabric, this waterproof bib keeps all the clothes you’re wearing inside dry.


  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Double zipper construction with storm flap
  • Well fitted ice fishing bibs for ice fishing trip
  • Elastic added in back, waist, and arms
  • Durable material that will last for years
  • Well insulated and waterproof
  • Perfect for ice and cold weather


  • Some people might find the snug fit too tight

5. StormrStrykr Bib – Best Floating Ice fishing Bibs

Looking for durability and comfort at the same time? This neoprene cold weather bib surely won’t disappoint you.

Made to last through cold winter or a heavy storm, this bib will always be there to keep you safe.

Neoprene made bibs like this one to protect you from the cold wing and help keep you warm.

StormrStrykr Bib

The water-repellent characteristic of this bib makes this the perfect choice for ice fishing in cold weather.

What makes it among the right floating ice fishing bibs is the floatable material, which is really ideal in floating situation. Even if you do manage to get water into this, or if you fall into the water, the bib will get rid of the liquid as quickly as possible, helping you keep afloat.

This super buoyancy technology is just what you need in any ice fishing bibs that will keep you safe.

What makes these the best ice fishing clothing is the the high quality fabric. The material is high-stretch, which means you can move around easily without any tugging or pulling sensation. Comfortable wear like this is great for wearing during these long hours.

Not only is the bib great for ice fishing, but the clothing is also any hunter’s first choice. Although the material is thick, the fabric is not firm. So no noise is created when walking or even running, making this the perfect bib for hunting.


  • Neoprene structure
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Buoyant characteristic make the bib safer
  • This ice fishing clothingdoes not retain water
  • Can be used for hunting as well
  • Flexible and comfortable to wear for long hours


  • Fitting is too baggy

6. Rivers West Waterproof Windproof Fishing Gear – Kokanee Bib

Nothing feels better than putting your cold hands into a warm pocket. With hidden hand warming pockets behind the chest, you get to experience this luxury during your ice fishing trips.

Not only are the warmer pockets great for heating your hands, but they are also well-spaced and can fit most of your cold weather fishing gear necessities.

Rivers West Waterproof Windproof Fishing Gear

These expandable pockets are a great thing to have for storing small things like fish bait or hooks. You can use these ice fishing bibs at very low temperatures. Extra warmth is provided in the chest area along with wind blockage.

Made with sturdy material, this ice fishing clothing won’t tear easily. The material is good for regular and continuous use and won’t show any signs of wear for years. A woven Oxford 600 denier construction makes this thing immune to getting holes or scratches. With that, a taffeta lining keeps you cool and sweat-free by maintaining ventilation.

And with the help of the reverse suspender buckle, you can convert this bib into a stylish pant. After unbuckling the suspender, simply fold the chest portion down, wrap around the waist and buckle down to achieve this look.

The two-toned olive and charcoal look is loved by most customers. You get quite the rugged European look with this bib on.


  • Hand warmer pockets
  • Well-spaced and expandable pockets
  • Can be worn as a pant as well
  • Two-toned olive and charcoal look loved by all
  • Oxford woven 600 denier construction
  • Durable


  • Limited size selection
  • No big chest pocket

7. Striker Ice Men’s Climate Insulated Waterproof Bibs with Sureflote

Ice fishing bibs are great and all, but they tend to be too thick, and therefore, can only be used in winter. Wouldn’t you just love a fishing bib that you can wear all year round?

Well, this model from Striker can be worn in summer as well. Just take out the lining, and you have a summer fishing bib.

Striker Ice Men's Climate Insulated Waterproof Bibs with Sureflote

Sew back the lining when winter approaches. With this bib in your hand, you won’t have to purchase any other clothing for winter fishing. 

Fitter fishing bibs are vital. If your bib is too tight, you won’t be able to move around freely. On the other hand, if your fishing bib is too loose, chances are, air will get in, and you’ll be cold. A wide size range makes sure that everyone gets their perfect size. No matter how tall or short you are, you will surely get your size here.

Like many other high-quality fishing bibs, this one too is made with a Sureflote floatation technology. So in case you fall in the water, there will be no extra weight pulling you down. The risk of drowning is minimized, and you get help staying afloat.


  • Can be used in summer as well
  • Easy to wear and takeoff
  • Wide size range
  • Made with Sureflote flotation technology
  • 1680D snakeskin knee padding
  • Tussor shell fabric construction
  • Liner is removable


  • Not the most affordable option
  • Don’t have strong knee pads

8. Clam Men’s Ice Armor Edge Bib

Getting the right length of bibs can be hard sometimes. Some bibs have too long legs, and some have too short. This is when length adjustable ice fishing bibs like this one come in hand.

The cuffs of each leg have snaps that let you adjust the length as you want. This procedure is fairly easy and can be done in minutes.

Clam Men's Ice Armor Edge Bib

Extra length is given in the leg portion, so you have plenty to make adjustments. You can also use this portion to cover your boots for extra warmth.

A durable 300D shell makes this bib breathable, waterproof, and windproof. No matter how extreme the weather is, you will be able to wear this bib. Be it snow, rain, or hail, this bib will protect you at all times.Well, the insulated interior makes sure you are warm inside but not sweating.

For ease of use, there is a front-zipper and a leg zipper with magnetic storm flaps. This two-way on and off system makes wearing and taking off the bib easy and quick making it the right ice fishing bib for comfort.

In case some water does get in the bib, a rapid drainage system helps drain out all water as quickly as possible, so no damage is done. This feature makes the bib quite safe and keeps you away from serious accidents.


  • Snaps on cuffs make the bib easy to adjust
  • Extra length provided
  • Durable 300D construction
  • Well insulated
  • Two-way front zipper and leg zipper with magnetic storm flap
  • Rapid drainage system gets water out of the bib fast


  • No additional padding in the seating area
  • No quick-release clasps

9. Frabill 2505041 Ice Fishing  – Women’s Ice Fishing Bibs

It’s common to feel a bit too warm with fishing bibs on. Regulating the temperature so that you are not too warm or not too cold can be quite difficult.

This model from Frabil comes with strategically placed zippers that help you out when you’re feeling a bit too hot. Zipper vents like these can be opened and closed quickly so you can regulate temperature precisely.

Frabill 2505041 Ice Fishing Safety Gear

Padding in the knee and seat area saves you from serious injuries in case you fall. Given the slippery and wet situation, falling on ice is quite normal and inevitable. It is better to stay prepared for a fall, so you don’t hurt yourself too much.

Cam lock buckles along with the elastic straps make putting this women’s ice fishing bibs on and taking the bib off easy and hassle-free. This adjustable shoulder straps is a great feature to have in a bib when you’re on the go.

Also one of the excellent feature of this ice fishing clothing is it can be worn both by men and women. The comfort and options of warmer pockets for carrying ice fishing gear makes it one of the best women’s ice fishing bibs in the market.

Knee and pant cuffs made with 500 denier nylon make the women’s ice fishing bibs warmer and more waterproof. This way, no water can pass through the bib, and your clothes stay fresh and dry throughout your fishing adventure.


  • Easy to regulate interior temperature
  • Strategically placed on and off zippers
  • Padding in the knee and seat area keep you safe
  • Cam lock buckle and elastic strap makes the bib easy to take off and put on
  • 500 denier nylon knee and pant cuffs help keep you warm
  • Water cannot seep through; highly waterproof


  • Smaller sizes not available

10. FroggToggs Pilot II Guide Bib

FroggToggs is a brand that is well known for making high-quality fishing gear. The Polit 2 guide bib is one of their masterpieces that has left all customers in awe.

There is nothing worse than walking around in wet clothes. That is why you need a fishing bib that, besides being waterproof, can help remove any water that went in as fast as possible.

FroggToggs Pilot II Guide Bib

This waterproof ice fishing bib from FroggToggs is one that has a splash-proof zipper front.

Any water that goes in does not stay in for long. A feature like this increases the safety of a product if you fall into the water.

What makes this the best ice fishing clothing for comfort?

With FroggToggs bibs, you won’t even feel like you’re wearing an extra layer. The lightweight construction helps keep you mobile and flexible. And the adjustable suspenders makes it fit with any size. Well-fit bibs like this one that is not too tight not too baggy can be used all day long without any discomfort.

Chest storage pockets help keep your valuables safe. Thick heated pockets like these are also great for warming hands on a cold day.


  • Stretchy suspenders
  • Full-zip construction for easy on and off
  • Adjustable waist
  • Available in more than 10 colors
  • Splash-proof front
  • Lightweight construction
  • Check storage pockets for hand warming and storing valuables
  • Does not retain water


  • Product size chart is not accurate

What to Look for before Buying

Finding the best fishing bibs for you is not an easy task. That is why you should consider having a look at these features before making your purchase.

    • Material

What material your fishing bib is made of is the most important thing you should consider before making the purchase. This factor will decide how comfortable your bib is, how long it will last, and how well the cloth will protect you from the cold.

Nylon is a popular material for winter fishing bibs. The material is waterproof and not too suffocating. Keep an eye out for more comfortable, breathable yet waterproof materials for your fishing bib.

    • Durability

Whether you go out for ice fishing seldom or regularly, you need a durable fishing bib. The material should be able to withstand the shivering cold. No bib that was made with good quality material will wear or tear too soon.The cold weather bib that you buy should last you a couple of years comfortably.

    • Pockets and Storage

Having pockets on our clothes is a useful feature that we often tend to forget about. This feature is a must-have for your ice fishing bib. When you are fishing in the middle of the ice, and you’re on the go, you will find yourself in situations where you have to find a space for storing things like fish bait and hooks.

And having pockets in your durable fishing bib allows you to store these small things and make work quicker. Besides, the bibs that have hand-warming pockets and cuffs are a must for ice fishing. Your hand will go cold the fastest at a temperature like that. Getting to put your hands in warm pockets will feel good in such moments.

    • Comfort

The material you choose for your fishing bib needs to be something that you are comfortable wearing for hours straight. Go for materials that you are familiar with and are well known for being pleasant to wear.

Also, go for designs that have elastic cuffs so that no cold air can get into the bib. Look out for proper zippers and flexible material. Also, make sure the bib you buy can be put on easily and quickly.

    • Fitting

Getting ice fishing bibs that are too tight will restrict your movement. You won’t be able to move around freely and will end up feeling uncomfortable. The durable fishing bib you buy should be snug enough to hold on your body and keep cold air out but loose enough for you to be able to wear clothes underneath.

    • Padding

As ice is slippery, you might expect some drops and falls. To prevent you from getting seriously injured, you may consider getting bibs that have extra padding around the knee and elbow area. This will keep you safe from ending up in the hospital and getting severely hurt.

    • Waterproof

This is a must-have feature for any kind of fishing bib. You don’t want the water to seep through your bib and end up with wet clothes. That is why you always need to check how waterproof the bib you are buying is. The best waterproof fishing bibs are known to be the ones made of nylon or polyester.

    • Insulation

Well-insulated fishing bibs will make sure that you have a little bit of air to keep you fresh. The material of your bib will always be thick to keep you warm and prevent hypothermia. With the right amount of insulation, the inside of our bib will keep you warm, but it will not overheat.

    • Flotation Level

Bibs that are too heavy can be dangerous. They can pull you down if you fall into the water. So to be safe, get yourself bibs that act as a buoyant in case you fall instead of adding more weight. Wearing a life jacket over your bib is a good idea as well.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

To help solve all your confusion about ice fishing bibs, we have answered a few of the most common questions customers have.

    1.Q: What is the best ice fishing clothing?

A: Anything light will be your best friend when ice fishing. Bibs that are made of nylon or polyester are famous for being both comfortable and safe for ice fishing.

2.Q: What are the best fishing bibs?

A: The WindRider pro, Arctix Men’s Classic Insulated Overalls Bib Skiing-Pants, and Striker Ice SI HardWater Bib are a few of the best fishing bibs in the market.

3.Q: What are fishing bibs for?

A: Cold weather bibs keep you dry and safe from the water. Ice fishing bibs help you warm in the cold.

4.Q: How do you adjust Striker ice bibs?

A: You can adjust the length of your Striker ice bib by using the Velcro adjustments underneath. This way, you can make your Striker bib longer or shorter.

5.Q: What’s the best rain gear for fishing?

A: The best rain gear for fishing is a waterproof bib that also has a hood adjustment to keep your head dry. And the FroggToggs all-sport rain guide is a good option.

6.Q: Is FroggToggs a good brand?

A: Yes, FroggTogg makes high-quality cold weather fishing gear. Their ice fishing waterproof bibs are one of the most popular items from the line.

Final Words

Going ice fishing without the proper bib could end up in a disaster. You could get hypothermia and end up sick. That is why finding the best ice fishing bibs is important when you’re going out in the cold. So get yourself the proper gear and fish without a worry!

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