15 of The World’s Best Fishing Spots

Best Fishing Spots

Fishing is one of the most entertaining activities to do with friends, family or even alone. It lets you play with nature as well as enjoy the most beautiful places in the world.

If you get to visit a great location, you can both enjoy the beauty and an excellent experience – so you can get back home with a huge catch & several memories.

Here we are going to show you fifteen of the best places in the world to do this. You will get both the chance to get hundreds of fish in a day but also have excellent fishing memories with whoever goes with you.

Want to know more about them? Then come further and find out!

Look 15 World’s Best Fishing Spots Around The World

1. Jerome Lake in Alaska

Let’s start with one of the less known yet still beautiful places in Alaska – Jerome Lake. Everyone who’s ever fished in this place knows how beautiful and amazing it feels. Not only because it is one of the areas with the largest and highest quantities of trout in the world, but also because the scenery is unique in every way.

Jerome Lake in Alaska

You may eventually feel like this place doesn’t want you there, but it happens due to the problematic location, especially in the wrong seasons.

That’s why we recommend going around late fall if you want to have the best experience. Just hire a guide or a local fisherman, and you’ll have a fantastic experience for sure.

2. Cairns in Australia

Cairns is known for its fishing tourism, mainly because it has the largest and most beautiful Black Marlins in the world. The breeding of this fish around this place in Australia can give you the most incredible experience.

Cairns in Australia

Perfect to go in the last few months of the year for the cold water that attracts bigger animals; Cairns can become a go-to place for any enthusiast.

If you get to catch one of those Black Marlins, you’ll feel like the king of the world. But this place also has many other large species that will make your trip worth the cost, so don’t overlook it if you want great places to go fishing.

3. South Stradbroke Island in Australia​

This place is mostly known for its beauty. Everyone loves being there for a few days to enjoy the white sand, turquoise water, and the splendid sun. However, this island is also known because you can catch big, juicy and easy fish all year round.

South Stradbroke Island in Australia​

Serious anglers know that this place offers the chance to fish over one-hundred species, which gives you the most opportunity you can expect. And what’s even better, you can also encounter big humpback whales in the trip, animals you won’t be able to catch but appreciate in their entire splendor.

4. Tusket River in Canada

Located in Nova Scotia, Canada, Tusket River is one of those places where dreams come true. Not only because it is a gorgeous spot, but also because you can enjoy exceptional fishing without losing any minute of your time.

Tusket River in Canada

The dense area filled with forests and animals gives nature the chance to create life in every way. So the river is filled with several sought-after species that you can catch without problems.

You may need to hire a fishing guide and a cabin to stay for a few days, but this will not be a problem at all, it will actually make you want to stay even more days and enjoy everything this location has to offer.

5. Rio Colorado in Costa Rica

Tarpon is one of the few species in South America that everyone wants to catch. And surely, Costa Rica is the place to do it. Specifically, in Rio Colorado, you can find the largest Tarpon in the world, but also one of the most attractive places that will give you a memory for a lifetime.

rio colorado costa rica

Perfect in the summer where Tarpon and other species spawn, this location in Costa Rica won’t disappoint in any way.

But Tarpon is not an easy catch. If you want to get this fish out of the water, you’ll have to battle for minutes or even hours. Once you catch one and manage to get it out, though, you won’t forget it.

6. Iztapa in Guatemala

One of those sea places that you wouldn’t think it exists, Iztapa in Guatemala gives calm and current-free waters that let thousands of species breed. This will make your fishing ideal, especially if you are someone who loves to fight with his catches as the Pacific Sailfish loves this location.

Iztapa in Guatemala

You can visit this place in the first few months of the years for the best experience. There are thousands of options to go for when it comes to guides, and it also offers several places to stay so you can have not only a fantastic experience while fishing but also the most comfortable living as a tourist.

Let’s not forget; it’s also one of the most affordable places you can find.

7. Kona in Hawaii

Hawaii needs no introduction as a touristic location. The beaches and the amazing overall environment are undoubtedly among the most stunning if you want to have a good time. But if you are a fisherman who wants to get the most out of it, you can visit Kona.

Kona in Hawaii

This destination will introduce you to species such as the Wahoo, the large Tuna and the famous Marlin. However, it is the Pacific Bluefish that will impress you the most. Capable of reaching weighs of up to 500 pounds if you are a heavy-weight angler this location won’t let you down.

8. Lough Corrib in Ireland

One of the few places in the world many people tend to overlook when it comes to fishing, but among the most visually-striking as well – Lough Corrib has nothing to envy other locations in this list.

Lough Corrib in Ireland

This place is famous because William Wilde, the father of Oscar Wilde, wrote about it as a beautiful place to visit. Today, it hosts several species that only exist there, especially for the abundant trout you won’t anywhere else. And thousands of people visit every year.

You can head there in May and get a fantastic view of the lake as well as fishing experience. Located in Connemara, there will be thousands of options to host you, including hotels and houses-to-rent so you can stay there for months if needed.

9. Ascension Bay in Mexico

Mexico is always a sought-after place when it comes to fishing. If you visit Ascension Bay between February and June, you can find the largest Bonefish, Permit, and Tarpon. This place, however, is unique thanks to the vast quantities of fish you can see, making it easy and uniquely satisfying to fish at.

Ascension Bay in Mexico

But another reason to go fishing here is the vast number of lagoons, lakes, and overall specific spots that you can visit that you’ll not only appreciate in terms of fishing potential but also for their beauty.

As soon as you start fishing there and enjoy the sceneries and the vast opportunities for angling, you will forget about any other place in the world.

10. East Cape in Mexico

Another place in Mexico known for its attractiveness, East Cape offers the chance for new species that you won’t likely find anywhere else. Here you can spot the Blue and the Striped Marlin, ideal for those anglers who love the most challenging experiences.

East Cape in Mexico

The good thing is that you can come here at any time of the year and still get the most out of it. With the fantastic habitat and human-free experience, you can enjoy a deep sea fishing adventure without having to worry about anything else.

The species and the quantity of fish you’ll find here will be a one-and-only experience in your life, something you won’t ever forget.

11. Eg-Uur River Basin in Mongolia

There’s a unique trout species that spawns the fastest & in the most quantities in Mongolia – it is the Taimen trout. While it is a remote place to go fishing at, this river delivers a unique feeling when it comes to splendor and results.

Eg-Uur River Basin in Mongolia

The only problem in this location will be arriving. Once you do, you won’t believe such a place on earth exists. Maybe a little distant from the Western world, this place will give you the most natural fishing you can expect.

The best of all is that you can find trout that reaches up to 90 kilograms, making it ideal for those who love big-fish angling.

As this place is free from commercial fishing for a large part of the year, it lets fish grow exponentially. So if you don’t find a giant and juicy Taimen, you may also encounter other species that will make all your money, time and effort getting there wholly worth it.

12. Pi-AS Bay in Panama

Housing thousands of small and large species, Pi-As bay is the ideal option for any angler who’s expecting a quick catch without much effort.

You can fish both at the shore with the smallest species if you are looking to relax – or you can go a little deeper to the big fish garden where you’ll find the Sailfish and the Blue Marlin without problems.

Pi-AS Bay in Panama

But what makes Pi-As Bay so interesting is not only the enormous quantities of fish you can find but the top-notch environment for summer & winter vacations.

This bay offers the Darien Jungle if you want to have a wild adventure for a few hours or days – or you could instead head to the hotels, restaurants, casinos, and other entertainment options before or after casting. You will just never get bored.

13. Umba River In Russia

If instead of a simple-looking fishing spot you want something wintery but like nothing you’ve ever seen before – the Umba River in Russia will completely surprise you.

Umba River In Russia

Located in the Kola Peninsula, this spot comes with all kinds of arctic quirks that make it ideal for fishing & staying a few days, including beautiful views and salmon.

You can head to the Umba River by May, and this salmon will be at its largest and fattest state, making it easy to catch and a complete beauty to behold. But here you can practically come at any time of the year and enjoy salmon running through its streams and along the river.

So even if you head in the coldest or hottest months, it will be there to give you what you want.

The isolation you feel in this place is also unique, which makes it a perfect place for loners who love to fish in the wild without annoyances.

But with this loneliness also comes a little more wildlings than in other areas, so you’ll have to be careful with reindeers and bears. Otherwise, this is winter heaven for anglers on earth.

14. Montauk in the US

New York will always be an excellent visiting place for tourists and all kinds of professions. But when it comes to fishing people tend to overlook it. When you head to Montauk though, all this vision of New York as a non-fishing state will change entirely for you, especially if you are a fan of freshwater angling.

Montauk in the US

Here you’ll find all kinds of fish including the False Albacore, the Striped Bash and the Bluefish, plus many other small and medium game species.

If you head in the late fall you’ll experience all the fish migrating to the south, so you’ll catch them in the sandy shores where angling becomes easy but also totally relaxing with amazing views-

The good thing about Montauk is that it is a little away from civilization and commercial fishing, so it tends to house colossal fish such as 40-pounds brass. So if you are someone who’s looking for a surprise and potential action, this place will be an excellent opportunity.

15. Betty Lake in the US

When it comes to fishing in unique places, there aren’t many options as attractive and soothing as Betty Lake in Colorado. Close to the Indian Peaks Wilderness, this lake is the ideal option for fly-fishing, an 11,500 feet lake that offers mountaintop views as you’ve never experienced in other places.

Betty Lake in the US

This spot also stands out because the fish you can find here are unique. The size & beauty come in all species, so you can an exceptional fishing experience without having to make much of an effort. Just make sure you arrive well and ready for fishing, and that’s it.

You can stay between June and July to prevent the coldest months from damaging your trip, so you can fish with no snow around and enjoy spawning times from most species. Let’s not forget the scenery doesn’t let anyone down, to the point of making you come back even in the toughest seasons.

Conclusion –  Ready for a Fantastic Fishing Adventure?

Every angler knows there’s nothing like the go-to place for fishing, that spot you always visit if you want a good catch and an excellent view. Most fishermen visit their go-to spots once or twice per year, the luckiest ones may go even more.

But now that you are familiar with a few of the best places in the world – there won’t be anything stopping you from having the fishing of your life.

Pack your bags, arrange your gear, prepare your mind and set off to have a fantastic angling experience. These places won’t let you down – choose your favorite(s) and don’t waste more of your time!

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