7 Best Deer Mineral Block in 2021

Animals, just like human beings, also require salt in their eating routine, as well as a fair amount of minerals, so it’s very important that they get just the right amount of these essentials. A lot of animals, such as deer, go far and wide for miles just for a taste of sodium.

If you are a hunter, or maybe just an outdoors man, or someone who just wants animals to remain active and healthy, then you’ve probably heard of mineral blocks and salt licks. These can give your animals the minerals that their bodies need, and it’s also a handy tool for attracting your prey.

Choosing the best deer mineral block is essential, and for hunters, it can really change your hunting game, increasing the probability of getting more successful catches.

Benefits of Deer Mineral Block

A lot of mineral blocks contain large sodium. Most deer, as well as horses, need a certain amount of sodium to survive. No doubt why it is a pretty significant mineral for their well being.

In contrast to natural and pure salt licks, mineral blocks contain different nutrients and minerals that are crucial to keeping your herd healthy. Another advantage of mineral blocks is that they can be used for a longer time.

Because animals greatly need these minerals, they travel even for miles just to find it. And this is very useful for hunters since they won’t have to go around looking for prey. With mineral blocks, their prey will come voluntarily to them.

Of course, giving them this is another way to bait them. But it’s not detrimental to them or the environment so this is really a good idea, especially if your purpose is just to see them, maybe for picture purposes or mere self-satisfaction!

7 Best Deer Mineral Block Reviews

If you are having a hard time with so many options, then this article will serve as your guide. Let us find out why the following mineral blocks are prominent in the market!

1. RIDLEY 41251 25LB Monster Deer Block

The first one on our list is an exceptional product that is loved by many hunting enthusiasts. It is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals that can keep those deer healthy and active.

When hunting, it’s very important that the block you choose can attract them effectively. 

deer feed blocks

It also has to be able to remain its scent for long periods. The good news is that this block can do just that. Although it’s worth noting that there may be a number of factors that may take them longer to show up.

Anyway, the nutritional content of this mineral block is formulated to give just enough doses to deer and other species as well. Well, this is made with animal safety in mind. You should remember that an excess of minerals can also be bad for them and can disrupt their digestive systems.

In order to lure them effectively, make sure to place your block in an area that they frequently visit. The season is also worth considering. If you place it outside during their growing season, then you’re bound to have more of them to show up.

It’s also very affordable compared to a lot of other products on the market. And with the features it comes with, it will be sure not to waste your money. So whether you’re looking for a strategically good hunting lure or just want to be able to get good cam trail photos, then you should try this out!


  • Has a great nutritional formula
  • Good source of vitamins and minerals
  • Can attract deer fairly well
  • Has a cheap price tag


  • An added scent should have been used

2. Evolved 30495 Buck Licker Apple Mineral

This particular block is also pretty competitive in terms of its ability to attract deer. It’s specially formulated to not only attract them but also give them the sufficient nutrients their bodies need.

Each and every one of these enhanced mineral blocks contains an additional punch of calcium and phosphorus that will keep deer, elk, and moose cheerful and healthy. 

best deer feed

They will be sure to come and lick it till there’s very few left, and they’ll even go back to keep looking for more.

The overwhelming apple smell will draw them from all directions even over significant distances. It also soaks into the soil in the event of rain, and it can work all year round. More importantly, the mineral cannot be washed away easily, so you’re sure it won’t go to waste.

But try not to choose sandy soils because these will drain minerals sooner than clay and earth type soils. To further take advantage of the product’s performance, be sure to place it in the right areas. Select a concealed zone close to dynamic deer intersections.

Anyway, the product is very easy to use. It comes in a ready-mixed formula, so you don’t have to trouble yourself as there is no blending required. You won’t have to worry about the price also as it is very appropriate for the functionality of this product.

With this, you will certainly get your money’s worth. So to start and get them coming in, try this.


  • Readily mixed
  • Has an apple scent to attract more effectively
  • An ideal source of minerals
  • Contains extra calcium and phosphorus


  • Not good for public land

3. Antler King Apple Burst Mineral Block

If you’re looking to attract deer fast and improve your hunting experience, then this might be the one for you. In the first place, this is considered as one of the best that is available in the market.

It’s backed with years of scientific research in developing trophy bucks to ensure quality and performance.

antler king mineral

This is composed ofvital minerals that are ideal for the development, perhaps, the entire well-being of the antler. The newly developed Power Nugget Supplement that’s included therein also adds to its benefits.

Larger consumption will most likely occur during February and September. These are the times when antler growth usually happens and grovels, and so nursing them may be a good idea. But you should have it handy all year round; you never know when you’ll need it.

Other than sodium, this product incorporates vitamins A, D, and E. It’s also stacked with special antler body-boosting minerals. The extraordinary apple flavor and fragrance can draw them in more efficiently.

It’s also very easy to utilize. You simply have to spill out close to deer trails or different regions frequented by them.

Overall, this product is a great choice. The price is also very affordable, comparing it to others on the market. And considering all its benefits along with its well-developed formulation, you certainly won’t have anything to lose, just more hunting trophies to get.


  • Offers ease of usage
  • Has necessary nutrients
  • Can attract deer more effectively
  • Affordable price


  • Requires slightly longer waiting time for deer appearance

4. TROPHY ROCK Redmond Mineral Rock/Salt Lick

Tried and tested by many and loved by all deer, this is definitely an obvious choice in the market. If you haven’t tried it before, then you definitely should experience its effectivity firsthand.

This supplement is completely made of natural minerals. It gives them the electrolytes and all other minerals they require. And, t also enables them to grow and develop fully.

trophy rock plot rock

Compared to other products on the market, this mineral stone can keep going for a longer time in the field, giving you the value you paid for. Also, it’s a pretty great trail cam partner; you’ll definitely be able to get the best shots because they won’t go all-out defensive because they will be deeply indulged in the block.

To get the most of this product, it is important that you place it in proper areas. Place it close to bedding zones or staging areas for it to work best. If possible, you can place it on a stump or another higher level stone to keep it up off the ground. Make sure you put it away from mud puddles for it to last longer.

So if what you’re looking for is an all-natural mineral block that offers all the necessary nutrients, and most importantly, keeps them coming back again for more, then you don’t need to look any further.


  • All-natural mineral block
  • Have the sufficient nutrients needed
  • Lasts long in the field
  • Good trail cam partner


  • Not as strong scent as others

5. Purina AntlerMax

Stuffed with bundles of mineral and just the right proportion of nutrients for ideal antler growth and regenerative performance, this product is really going all in!

Its formula is supported by broad research to determine the right amount of nutrients antler needs as well as for proper body development.

purina antlermax

It’s important to give them just enough minerals since going overboard will prove more harm than good for them.

No matter the season, this is the best option for you to attract more prey. So make sure to have it handy with you all year round. It’s also pretty easy to set up in the areas you want to lure and feed them.

The product has a secret flavoring that helps it attract more effectively, so no need to go elsewhere and look for them, because they will come looking for you.

Just like any other mineral blocks, you should place it in an area that’s accessible to them. Select a zone near where they usually go the most. As an added tip, do whatever it takes not to place this in sandy soils as these will deplete minerals sooner than dirt and earth type soils.

All the features of this product are pretty impressive, and good news, it’s also pretty affordable. You won’t need to overspend to get a good mineral block. Anyway, this will give them just enough minerals your prey needs, and it’ll give you more convenient hunting or cam trail adventure.


  • Has a budget-friendly price
  • Promotes convenient cam trail and hunting
  • Formulated with the right amount of nutrients
  • Has a secret flavoring that keeps deer coming back for more


  • Not as strong scent as others

6. MONSTERMEAL MM Protein Block

This product offers everything that you need in a block. It’s complete with a special combination of grain ingredients, nutrients, and minerals that have been meticulously chosen to offer you a high-quality product.

To give you a basic knowledge, protein is mainly for weight gain, milk creation, and bone grid improvement.

minerals for deer

But too much protein can be harmful. That is why this product has just the right amount that can really be good for your prey.

These blocks are perfect for use in any period of the year. You can easily attract them and make them want to keep returning, especially with this block’s scent and premium nourishment. The scent is complete with natural aromas, plus broke corn, soybeans, and other exceptionally chosen grain items that are good to smell.

This product’s formula has been receiving tons of great reviews from consumers. It can attract a huge number of deer, making it ideal for hunting and camera sites. Some users have even reported successfully attracting other species other than deer, like moose, bears, elks, and also hogs.

It’s definitely a full package; each component is made with a distinct smell profile that will never fail to attract animals that you don’t even expect to come. Not only that, but the nourishment it can offer also makes it undoubtedly worth the try.


  • Great formula with just enough minerals
  • Has an appropriate amount of protein
  • Attracts deer very effectively
  • Good smell with natural aromas


  • Attracts other species, so it’s not ideal if you prefer just luring in deer
  • Not that great for public land

7. Wild Persimmon Buck Lickers Flavored Salt Block

Last but definitely not the least on our list is the Buck Lickers Flavored Salt Block. With performance that’s sure to be at par with others on this list, this salt block also has a lot of noteworthy features that will make sure that your upcoming hunting trip or next trail photos will be amazing.

This product offers an additional dose of calcium and phosphorus to give gainful mineral supplements. With this, you can be sure those deer grow healthy and strong. 

deer salt block

The beneficial mineral nutrients in the block are also saturated with flavor that will leave them and even other species craving for more.

It’s soaked with a flavor of wild persimmon that comes extra sweet from molasses. Obviously, this smells similar to persimmon too. The irresistible scent will surely be something they’ll keep coming back for.

When it comes to the price range, this is surprisingly affordable. With the features it offers, it’s definitely worth it. It can attract deer effectively, it helps keep them healthy, and it can last really long, so it’s a pretty good investment.

Again, be sure to place it in the right places. Make sure that it’s far from muddy places and near in areas that are accessible to them, so you can easily lure them. Overall, it’s definitely a must-try for your next hunting trip or for your upcoming photo trail.


  • Sweet flavor
  • Has great persimmon scent and taste
  • Easily attracts deer
  • High-grade mineral components


  • Can attract unwanted species

What to Look for Before Buying?

A great mineral block should provide the deer and other animals as well the nutrients and minerals that they need. Also, it has to be able to be effective in attracting them for you to have a successful hunting trip or for a great shot on your cam trail.

best deer mineral block

There are so many products in the market, so before you go ahead and buy your own, make sure it’s going to check all the features on this list.


You’ll have to wait for a fair amount of time before your mineral block successfully attracts a deer. So the product you use should be able to stand the test of time and still not lose its power to lure them in.

Nutritional Content

Deer need the right amount of minerals and nutritional components to keep them strong and have them grow fully. If it’s incorporated with protein, then it can also boost its physical growth. An additional flavor will be an added bonus to keep them coming back for more.


Some blocks are formulated to have scents that are very attractive to deer. This will make luring them easier and faster. The scent should also be strong enough and be able to retain its aroma even if it has to stay out for a long time.

Other products can attract a wide variety of species other than deer, like elks, bears, and moose. If you want to be able to hunt a wide range of species then go for a mineral block that’s formulated to do just that.


Choose a product that has an appropriate price range. You don’t have to overspend because there are a lot of blocks in the market that despite its affordability has very competitive characteristics.

Deer mineral comparison test | best deer minerals

Mineral Blocks Vs Salt Licks

Sodium is very important for a deer’s diet, and salt licks are very abundant with this, but other than sodium, they also need additional minerals to grow healthy. Mineral blocks that are full of sodium also contain several vitamins and minerals, with just the right amount, which is very essential to keep them healthy.

Mineral blocks can also last longer compared to salt licks. More exciting, these can last all year round, so if you haven’t lured in one yet, don’t you worry because mineral blocks will remain effective no matter how long the wait.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: When is the best time to put out mineral blocks?

A : There are a lot of factors to consider for sure. But the general rule of thumb would be to place it during the growing season, specifically during February and September.

2. Q: How much mineral block can a deer finish?

A: It depends. But normally, they will consume an amount only according to their needs.

3. Q: How long can a block last?

A: This depends on the components of the product you use. Some can last longer than others; that is why it’s very important to choose your blocks wisely. Also, the area where you will put it can be a factor.

4. Q: Where should I place the mineral block?

A: As much as possible, place it far from muddy places and near areas that are accessible to them. Stumps are elevated rocks that can strategically be a great choice.

5. Q: How long should I wait before a deer appears?

A: Well, the time before a deer can appear will depend on a lot of factors such as the luring capability of your product, the season, and the area where you place it. Be patient!

Final Words

There are just so many mineral blocks that you can choose from, so be sure to select one carefully. And if you’re having a tricky time looking for a mineral block, then this review may serve as a guide.

So when you’re aiming for unforgettable camp rail photos or maybe adventures, make sure that you get only the best deer mineral block in the market.

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