11 Best Choke for Turkey Hunting to Go Wild on This Spring

It’s spring again!

That’s mean it’s time to gear up with all the Turkey hunting.

What could be sweeter than the feeling of waking up early on a cozy spring and get ready for the favourite turkey spot!!!

But here is the unsexy part……..

Hunting turkeys may seem fun but is not an easy job. Let me take a wild guess, you’re also into it, and hunting is in your vein.

You know what I mean, right?

Since most hunters use shotguns, they end up either missing the shot or getting an inconsistent pattern density. Are you struggling with it?

Well, most probably, you’ve missed the most crucial part- The right choke tube. Without the best choke for turkey, the whole experience can turn into a nightmare.

For this reason, we have kept forth eleven other choke tubes from the giants in the hunting industry.


Take a quick look at the table to know the price of turkey hunting chokes:

CARLSON'S Choke Tubes 12 Gauge Compatible for Beretta Benelli Mobil [ Skeet | 0.720 Diameter ] Stainless Steel | Ported Sporting Clays Choke Tube | Made in USA
CARLSON'S Choke Tubes 12 Gauge Compatible for Beretta Benelli Mobil [ 3 Pack | Close, Mid & Long Range ] Blued Steel | Delta Waterfowl Choke Tube | Made in USA
MOJO Outdoors unisex adult Browning Invector Plus Fatal Shot Custom Waterfowl, Gold, Long Range US
CARLSON'S Choke Tubes 12 Gauge Compatible for Beretta Benelli Mobil [ Skeet | 0.720 Diameter ] Stainless Steel | Ported Sporting Clays Choke Tube | Made in USA
CARLSON'S Choke Tubes 12 Gauge Compatible for Beretta Benelli Mobil [ 3 Pack | Close, Mid & Long Range ] Blued Steel | Delta Waterfowl Choke Tube | Made in USA
MOJO Outdoors unisex adult Browning Invector Plus Fatal Shot Custom Waterfowl, Gold, Long Range US
CARLSON'S Choke Tubes 12 Gauge Compatible for Beretta Benelli Mobil [ Skeet | 0.720 Diameter ] Stainless Steel | Ported Sporting Clays Choke Tube | Made in USA
CARLSON'S Choke Tubes 12 Gauge Compatible for Beretta Benelli Mobil [ Skeet | 0.720 Diameter ] Stainless Steel | Ported Sporting Clays Choke Tube | Made in USA
CARLSON'S Choke Tubes 12 Gauge Compatible for Beretta Benelli Mobil [ 3 Pack | Close, Mid & Long Range ] Blued Steel | Delta Waterfowl Choke Tube | Made in USA
CARLSON'S Choke Tubes 12 Gauge Compatible for Beretta Benelli Mobil [ 3 Pack | Close, Mid & Long Range ] Blued Steel | Delta Waterfowl Choke Tube | Made in USA
MOJO Outdoors unisex adult Browning Invector Plus Fatal Shot Custom Waterfowl, Gold, Long Range US
MOJO Outdoors unisex adult Browning Invector Plus Fatal Shot Custom Waterfowl, Gold, Long Range US

What Is The Best Choke For Turkey Hunting?

  1. Best turkey chokes for benelli: TRUGLO Beretta Benelli gobble stopper
  2. Bets full choke for turkey: Carlson extended Remington shotguns
  3. Best modified choke for turkey: Primos 69401 jelly head lure

Do you really need a turkey choke? 

Even though you can kill a bird with just a shotgun, using a choke will increase the same certainty level. Since most of you are hesitant to choose a choke tube, we have discussed some of the benefits that will surely change your thinking about this hunting accessory.

With the choke tubes, you will be able to easily shoot long-distance birds, which is not possible with a regular shotgun.

Best Choke for Turkey Hunting

All the shots coming out of the choke tube will fly straight, gliding powerfully through the air and hitting the target. If you are using only the shotgun, the chances of haphazard pellet movement are certain.

The extended length that a choke establishes is perfect for a higher acceleration of the turkey loads, which is why you will need the tube for perfect hunting.

Best Choke for Turkey shoot (11 top turkey chokes Recommended by pro hunters)

Turkeys are one of the most hunted waterfowl birds in northern parts of America. This big, slow bird is hunted in the open meadows and deep inside the woods.

Therefore, it is essential to have a tube. Which shotgun choke is best for hunting a large, slow bird, such as a turkey?

These shotgun accessories ensure that your shot is within the target line and the pellets are flying with enough force to knock down the bird.

Here is our review on 11 Best Choke For Turkey hunting to hunt like a pro.

#1. TRUGLO Beretta Benelli gobble stopper

With so many companies in the hunting industry manufacturing the tubes, it can be hard to choose. After all, most chokes seem to be the same.

Perhaps this is why Truglo decided to make some tweaks in its Beretta Benelli choke, and that’s why it has now become the best turkey choke.

First of all, let’s talk about construction.

This particular choke tube is made from CNC machined steel of high-grade quality. I can assure you something- With this material, the tube will last longer and can stand the force from the pellets when they travel across the barrel towards the muzzle.

Does it Compatible with different loads?

Oh, yeah. You won’t have to worry about buying any special kind of shotgun load with this particular item. It’s compatible with most of the turkey pellets, including the Hevi-shot, iron, and bismuth.

The thing that impresses us most is the Ported design for lesser muzzle jump.

That’s dope!

Near the rear end, you will find the oval-shaped ports that will help you withstand the muzzle jumps every time the pellets leave the barrel.

This best choke tube will help the hunters take the perfect shot and aid them in getting a tighter density pattern, which is one of the main concerns of the hunters.


  • Knurled design is present for easy installation on the shotgun
  • Is compatible with most of the turkey loads
  • A far-off optic fiber sight included for precision hunting
  • It has an oxide protective cover for resisting corrosion


  • Cannot fire the steel shots
  • Pattern density could have been tighter

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#2. Carlson extended Remington shotguns

When it comes to picking the finest turkey tube, nothing can ever surpass Carlson’s extended extra full tube’s quality and excellence.

No doubt about it!

It has a unique design that will help you hunt for longer ranges, almost beyond forty yards, easily without compromising the pattern density. This is why you need to get this particular accessory, especially if you are using the Remington shotguns.

And the installation, Ahhhh…….

Knurled face for easy installation-just perfect! For installing the shotgun choke on the barrel, hunters usually need external hardware tools. However, with this particular item, you won’t have to worry about it. It has a knurled design which will help you in fixing it easily with all the compatible shotguns.

Worried about longevity?

Fear not. If you are worried about this tube’s longevity, you won’t have to think a lot. First of all, it is made from heat-treated steel, which automatically increases the lifetime. Second, the external body & Anti-corrosive design is painted with an oxide coating, which will prevent corrosion and rust.

Thanks to its extra full constriction, you can fire the pellets to long-range distances, almost beyond forty yards, which will help you shoot most turkeys in the open meadows.


  • With heat-treated stainless steel as raw material, this has become the best shotgun choke for turkey
  • Extra full constriction to help lending more velocity to the pellets for the perfect kill
  • Perfect accuracy for achieving head shots
  • It Will help in generating denser patterns, thanks to the extended barrel length


  • Not compatible with the steel shots
  • The absence of ported design will lead to higher muzzle recoil force

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#3. Carlson’s choke tubes Remington ported

No matter the surrounding where you’re hunting, take perfect turkey shots.

That’s right!

When it comes to shotgun accessories, no one has ever been able to beat Carlson’s excellence and mastery. This particular long beard tube has helped many hunters to make their dream comes true.

What’s so special about this choke tube?

This particular tube has a ported design at the rear end of the length. With the presence of the ports, you will be able to feel a lesser muzzle jump force. Since most times, the muzzles recoil the moment the pellet leaves the barrel, its force can make you stagger backward. This can be reduced by the ported design.

The Unique design for better pattern density, too good, man!

The long beard design of the item will help you to gain denser patterns after every shot. This will ensure that every shot is perfect and within the same line of target.

These is known as the best turkey tubes, all thanks to the material with which the accessory has been manufactured. Heat-treated stainless steel has been used that has increased the lifetime of the choke.


  • Black oxide coating to improve the anti-corrosive property of the choke
  • Extended length for more shot velocity
  • Can obtain high-density patterns for every kind of shot


  • It’s not compatible with the steel shots
  • The absence of a knurled design will cause you trouble during installation

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#4. TRUGLO TG182X banger long-range turkey

As I mentioned earlier, Buying the best turkey choke is not an easy matter.


One mistake, and you will end up straightway with the worst choke accessory for your turkey gun and shotgun. This is where the Truglo headbanger long ranger choke comes into the scenario. With an extended structure and precise design, you will be able to drop down several birds easily with no hassle.

Generate a tight pattern for every shot- What could better than this?

One of the most concerning matters for every hunter is the patterns generated after every shot. Lighter and inconsistent patterns mean a bad kill, and that’s why TRUGLO made sure to ensure that this particular choke tube can generate tighter and dense patterns, no matter what type of shot you are taking.


Often, the turkeys fly off in the sky from a long distance. Shooting such targets can be really difficult with a standard choke. However, using this turkey can help you drop the targets beyond thirty-five yards. And this is what makes it the right choke for turkey.

CNC machined process is used to transform the heat-treated stainless steel into this beautiful tube. It is because of the high-quality raw material used in the turkey that the choke tube’s longevity is increased tenfold.


  • The choke goes well with a majority of the heavy turkey shots.
  • CNC machined technique has increased the precision of every shot made with this choke.
  • Knurled design is present for easy installation.


  • Light turkey loads aren’t suitable for this tube.
  • For close-range distances, using this choke is a bad idea.

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#5. Primos 69401 jelly head lure

Primos is the most sought out name in the hunting industry.

Not only for compound bows or electronic calls, but the company is also known to manufacture the best and unique products for different types of hunters. This is why its Jelly Head maximum turkey choke tube has been included in our list.

And that’s for a good reason.

Since gun tubes are easily subjected to corrosion and rusting due to excess use, the Primos jelly head has made sure to include anti-corrosion black oxide paint on the tube’s outer body. Not only this paint enhances the beauty of the choke but also makes it long-lasting.

And guess what?

With this primos jelly head tube, you will be able to shoot the pellets to a long distance, between a range of forty and sixty yards. No matter what distance you are choosing, the patterns generated by this choke tube will be tighter and denser, thereby making it the best choke for turkey for regular hunters.

Another great feature of this amazing tube is that it can fire different types of pellets specific to the turkey species. Starting with the copper shots, you can use the Hevi-shots, lead shots, and others with this best choke for turkey. That means you Can shoot different types of turkey pellet.


  • High-quality stainless steel is used in the manufacturing of the choke tube.
  • It does make with advanced technology and design in mind.
  • Knurls are present at one end of the choke for easy installation and fixation of the choke.
  • It is compatible with different types of shotguns used in turkey hunting.


  • Close ranges shots might get sloppy if not aimed properly.

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#6. MOJO Outdoors Custom Turkey Beretta

Turkeys are hunted widely across the entire northern parts of the UA.

And since the hunters are willing to use more advanced tubes, MOJO decided to plan a tube that will not only fulfill their needs but also eliminate the need to have different types of chokes for varied turkey loads.

Most hunters use a wide range of pellets to ensure the kill is perfect. So, do I. And this stuff is Compatible with multiple loads.

As good as it sounds!

However, while using these different pellets, they often need to buy different chokes whose barrel would allow the shots to pass through without any damage. For this reason, MOJO has designed a choke with which you can fire a wide variety of pellets, starting with steel shots, lead shots, buck shots, and even the Hevi-shots.

No wonder it’s the most beloved hunting gear, and that’s probably for the Machined designed choke.

It is known to be the best turkey chokes for several reasons, one of them being the specially designed structure. It has a wide girth that allows the pellets to gain more acceleration to cause real damage on impact with the target.

Even though the absence of ports will increase the recoil force, it has ensured that the shot patterns will be consistent for every shot.


  • Knurled design at one end to facilitate easy installation without any hardware element
  • Non-corrosive painting on the outer body to help prevent rust formation
  • Improved shot size for this item
  • Designed in a way where it can suit different types of shotguns


  • Lack of ported design to put more pressure on your shoulders after recoiling

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#7. TRUGLO Mossberg gauge stopper Xtreme

One thing is for sure……

This choke system was designed to keep the hunters’ needs in mind, and that’s why it always managed to blow the hunting market’s minds with its products. The SSX Strut stopper Xtreme is perhaps the best choke for turkey designed so far, and that’s one of the many designs for which we have included the name in our list.

Ports are present in huge numbers near the muzzle end of the choke tube. The presence of this particular structure will help you to counterbalance the effect of the recoiling force. As a result of this, you wouldn’t be distracted from your target every time you make the shot.

I think the number 1 reason for which this Strut Xtreme has become so famous is due to its compatibility with varying loads of turkey. Now, even if you have multiple collections of different loads, you won’t have to buy different chokes since this one piece will serve the purpose.

Perfect shots with dense patterns!!!

The choke tube structure has been designed in a way where you will be able to easily fire the shots without having to worry about missing one. Moreover, all the patterns of every single shot will be consistent and tight.


  • It can be used directly to kill the target up to twenty-five yards from the target range
  • You can use this tube for multiple types of shotguns
  • Patterns generated are tighter and consistent.


  • Long-range shooting is not possible with this particular tube

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#8. Carlson’s 70125 Remington gauge turkey

Carlson has mastered the art of designing new turkey hunting technologies from scratch, so this particular ported long bear tube has become the best choke for turkey. It has been designed in a way where you won’t have to worry much about the patterns or the constriction density.

This is, by far, the most enjoyable choke tube to hunt.


Whenever you shoot a pellet, the muzzle will recoil, which will put a huge force on your arms and shoulder. Most times, turkey hunters usually get distracted by this force and lose sight of their target. One of the best things about this particular choke tube is its ported design. But, the ports present in this choke will help you to avoid muzzle jumps.

Imagine how it could be if you Can shoot three different types of loads!

Good? Thanks to the company, this turkey tube can shoot three different pellets: the Hevi-shots, copper, and lead shots. So, even if you are using two different pellet types, there will be no need to buy separate chokes for the loads.

Surrounding the entire outer choke body is a coat of black oxide paint. Also, the shot lok technology feature is great to have in this item. This will help you use the tube under rough conditions since it is corrosion-resistant, and hence, it wouldn’t form rust easily.


  • Knurls are present at the end of the tube for easy installation
  • Very efficient with different pallets for turkey hunting
  • Comes with shot lok technology
  • Long Beard design to generate tighter and denser shot patterns
  • Ports to reduce the recoil force during muzzle jumps


  • Long-distance shots aren’t possible with this particular choke

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#9. Jebs choke tubes Remington headhunter

Not every choke is perfect for professional hunters.

Most are manufactured in a way where the average level hunters can use them. For this reason, professionals have been facing a lot of problems in recent times. Perhaps this is what fuelled Jebs to design the best choke for turkey that will suit the needs of the pros and the beginner hunters equally.

Good for you!

The bore of this tube has been designed to help you with a number of advantages. First, it generates tighter and constricted patterns for every shot that you will fire through the muzzle. With extreme patterns, you wouldn’t miss a single shot, that’s for sure.

Since long-range targets are mostly preferred for the turkey waterfowls, Jebs ensured that the turkey hunters could easily shoot the birds at a distance greater than forty yards using this best choke for turkey. As a result of this, you can use the choke in both the open meadows and the dense woods.

What about design?

In this particular choke tube for a turkey gun, you will find small circular ports made near the rear end. These ported holes will reduce the muzzle jumps and further help you with the recoiling force. As a result of this, you wouldn’t be distracted from your shooting target.


  • Knurled design is present in the choke, which facilitates easy installation
  • Both the professional and beginner hunters can use the choke
  • easy to handles for beginner level turkey hunter
  • Black oxide paint for reduced corrosion levels


  • Multiple lads can’t be shot using this choke tube

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#10. Browning extended DS 2 Ga. Choke

Several modifications have been introduced to the turkey choke designs over the years. However, one advancement which has stood out, in particular, was introduced by none other than Browning.

Even though this company has never been in the limelight like Remington or Carlson, we cannot ignore this wonderful choke it has designed for the waterfowl hunters.

I’m pretty sure you’ll fall in love with the Extended bore length.

Browning has made sure to include special features in this creation to make it the best choke for turkey within an affordable range. And that’s why it has included the extended bore length so that the patterns can be denser and tighter.

One of the main features that every hunter should consider is the compatibility of the shotgun chokes tube with different turkey loads like the lead shots, copper shots, steel shots, and the Hevi-shots.

A special differential banded gas mechanism is present in the bore of the tube. This will prevent the residue build-up, and hence, you won’t have to worry about removing the tube and re-attaching it to the shotgun.


  • Knurls are present in the tube’s end, which allows you to easily install the same on the shotgun’s barrel.
  • It can be used with different shotguns for turkey shooting without any hassle.
  • Perfect for gun with different loads
  • This choke tube comes within an affordable range for hunters running tight on the budget.


  • No ports are present in the tube, which will cause you to feel the high recoil force during every shot, especially when you are using heavy loads.

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#11. Remington 19156 rem choke 12 gauge

The choke tube has a full constriction design, which is why the patterns produced are so dense. Also, the barrel has an amazing length and girth, allowing the pellets to gain more velocity for the perfect impact.

Remington is popularly known as one of the star faces in the hunting industry, and that’s why we will conclude our list of best choke for turkey with this specially designed 19156 Rem Choke. It has an exceptional design that has been specifically made to help the hunters kill the waterfowl birds without any hassle.

What else?

Regardless of the type of shotgun you possess, this particular tube is compatible with most guns, starting from Carlson to Remington and others. This is one of the reasons for which most professional hunters prefer this specific choke.

The material used to make this choke tube is heat-treated stainless steel. This particular material is well known for its long lifetime, and hence, you won’t have to worry about buying another choke anytime sooner.


  • The patterns generated by this particular choke are amazing, with tighter and denser forms.
  • It’s made from high-quality material, which has increased the longevity of the choke.
  • Long-range shooting is possible with this choke, which is why you need to have this.


  • You cannot shoot multiple turkey loads with this Remington tube, which is a great disadvantage for professional hunters.

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Which shotgun choke is best for hunting a large slow bird like a turkey?

With so many chokes present in the market, it can be a real challenge to choose the best choke for turkey.

And the worst part?

The wrong choice will make you regret it later since you won’t be able to hunt the bird properly and might embarrass yourself in front of your mates. For this reason, you should always know how you can select the perfect choke tubes without having to compromise your hunting experience.

  • Choose the turkey choke pattern or tube-based on its compatibility with the shotgun you have. For this, ask the dealer or see the label of the packet.
  • If you use multiple load types, choose the tube to handle these types without getting damaged or producing inconsistent patterns.
  • If you are a beginner, get a ported design as that will reduce the muzzle jump and the recoil jump.
  • Always choose the choke which is within your affordable range—choosing one greater than your savings will put a dent in your pocket certainly.

What is the difference between a full choke and a turkey choke?

Both full chokes and turkey choke can be used to hunt this particular waterfowl bird.

However, there are a few differences you must know if you wish to have the best choke for turkey. In a standard turkey choke, the bore’s dimension is such that it can shoot the steel and lead pellets easily.

What is a turkey choke tube?

Also, the patterns generated by these chokes are average, with standard density but no tightness. Also, using these chokes, you wouldn’t be able to fire long-range loads. Rather, these are used for short and medium ranges.

On the other hand, a full choke is perfect for those hunters who want to use the heavy turkey loads like the iron pellets, Hevi-shots, bismuth pellets, and others. Also, using this turkey choke, you will be able to shoot the targets at a long distance, beyond forty yards. This makes most hunters choose the full chokes or the extra full chokes.

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Turkey Choke

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Turkey Choke

Over fifty different choke tubes are present in the market, which you can use to bunt down the turkey birds. It doesn’t matter whether you are hunting in the meadows, the open fields, the canyons, or dense woods.

Too true!

Choosing a particular choke is one of the most hectic jobs you have to face. Since most hunters make the mistake of choosing the wrong one, we have discussed some of the factors you have to consider.

Type of the choke for the turkey hunter 

The next thing is the type of choke you want to have for your turkey hunting. It’s best to have a full choke or an extended full choke in case you want to generate tighter patterns and shoot for longer ranges.

If you are a medium-range hunter, a standard choke for turkey will be the ideal choice.

Ported and knurled design availability

Some chokes will have ported design. This will help you counterbalance the recoil force, and hence you won’t be distracted with the muzzle jumps.

Most times, hunters have faced various difficulties in installing the choke. However, if you are buying one with knurls, you wouldn’t need an external hardware device.

Size of the Choke Tube Construction

There are different types of turkey chokes for their differences in size and internal design. These are

  • Cylinder
  • Improved Cylinder
  • Modified Cylinder
  • Modified Improved Cylinder

Size of the Choke Construction

Normally a chokes the main objective is to reduce bore size. The reduction of bore diameter helps the hunter with improved accuracy and shot pattern.

You will have better control and precision for hitting the right spot (ex: the nervous system of the target), providing better performances.

Not only it helps to hit the kill zone, but it also improves tungsten super shot density. The size of the constriction may range from 0.00 to 0.045 inches.

Price of the Choke for Gun

You need an accessory to help you hunt the turkeys without putting a great hole in your pocket. This is why decide your budget range and look further for the chokes which fall within this particular price limit.

Material with which the choke is made

Lastly, you need to consider the material with which the choke tube has been manufactured. Usually, heat-treated stainless steel is used in the process. But, the longevity of the choke tube will depend on the grade of the steel.

It’s better to choose a choke with an oxide coating to prevent rusting of the material in the long run.

Which shotgun choke is best for hunting a large, slow bird, such as a turkey?

Which shotgun choke is best for hunting a large, slow bird, such as a turke

Hunting a large slow bird needed something that has enough power to kill them. In our list of the top turkey hunting choke, we have picked all the popular and best-performed chokes. However, to be specific we would refer to Carlson’s choke tubes and TRUGLO TG182X banger long-range turkey chokes. 

Is a turkey choke tighter than a full choke?

Turkey chokes can be classified into several types based on the boring design. The bore’s dimensions are very important to consider when the patterns are your main priority.

So, if you want denser and tighter patterns with every shot, you will need the full choke, another special form of the turkey choke.

Several such chokes are present in the market, helping you make the perfect kills, no matter where the birds are located. Moreover, a full choke will allow you to throw the pellets to a longer range, which is why hunters preferring open spaces usually choose the full turkey chokes.

Can you kill a turkey with a modified choke?

Even though a full choke has several benefits, we cannot rule out the flaws it possesses. For instance, if you use the steel shots to kill the birds, the full chokes won’t be a good idea as the steel pellets won’t stay inside the bore for the intended time.


Here, we have discussed around eleven different turkey choke reviews from different makes and having different features. Now, you can easily decide which choke tube will be perfect for your hunting session. Ensure you are getting the right choke, as that will help you kill the birds without any hassle.

If that’s not the case, you will lose more money in return for the choke’s bad choice. So, be very sure about your choice.

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