7 Best Choke for Dove Hunting to Properly Manage Dove Field

Over-choke themselves is the most familiar scenario in hunting doves.

Ever wonder why?

That’s because of that popular myth tighter chokes are best for the target from a greater distance. Hunters find it hard to choose a good choke for their shotguns, especially those who just entered the hunting world. And there has been a debate about the best one.

That’s pretty obvious, I guess!

While duck hunting is one of the most popular types of hunting worldwide, it’s integral to choose the best choke for dove hunting. Whether you are pursuing hunting as a profession or even a hobby, the perfect equipment is important for a hunter.

The simple truth is……

No matter how trained you are, you need to have the perfect gear for dove hunting.

The choke doesn’t determine the shotgun’s power; however, it controls the spreading of the pellets at a certain distance.

Still, confused about which one will be the right fit for you?

Here we’ve shared a list of 7 top chokes for dove hunting. So, let’s get down to business.

CARLSON'S Choke Tubes 12 Gauge Compatible for Beretta Benelli Mobil [ Skeet | 0.720 Diameter ] Stainless Steel | Ported Sporting Clays Choke Tube | Made in USA
CARLSON'S Choke Tubes 12 Gauge Compatible for Beretta Benelli Mobil [ 3 Pack | Close, Mid & Long Range ] Blued Steel | Delta Waterfowl Choke Tube | Made in USA
TRUGLO 12 Gа Double-Threat CNC-Machined Dove Choke Tubes | Quickly Adjust for Long-Range Passing Shots or Close-Range Decoy Shots, Remington
CARLSON'S Choke Tubes 12 Gauge Compatible for Beretta Benelli Mobil [ Skeet | 0.720 Diameter ] Stainless Steel | Ported Sporting Clays Choke Tube | Made in USA
CARLSON'S Choke Tubes 12 Gauge Compatible for Beretta Benelli Mobil [ 3 Pack | Close, Mid & Long Range ] Blued Steel | Delta Waterfowl Choke Tube | Made in USA
TRUGLO 12 Gа Double-Threat CNC-Machined Dove Choke Tubes | Quickly Adjust for Long-Range Passing Shots or Close-Range Decoy Shots, Remington
CARLSON'S Choke Tubes 12 Gauge Compatible for Beretta Benelli Mobil [ Skeet | 0.720 Diameter ] Stainless Steel | Ported Sporting Clays Choke Tube | Made in USA
CARLSON'S Choke Tubes 12 Gauge Compatible for Beretta Benelli Mobil [ Skeet | 0.720 Diameter ] Stainless Steel | Ported Sporting Clays Choke Tube | Made in USA
CARLSON'S Choke Tubes 12 Gauge Compatible for Beretta Benelli Mobil [ 3 Pack | Close, Mid & Long Range ] Blued Steel | Delta Waterfowl Choke Tube | Made in USA
CARLSON'S Choke Tubes 12 Gauge Compatible for Beretta Benelli Mobil [ 3 Pack | Close, Mid & Long Range ] Blued Steel | Delta Waterfowl Choke Tube | Made in USA
TRUGLO 12 Gа Double-Threat CNC-Machined Dove Choke Tubes | Quickly Adjust for Long-Range Passing Shots or Close-Range Decoy Shots, Remington
TRUGLO 12 Gа Double-Threat CNC-Machined Dove Choke Tubes | Quickly Adjust for Long-Range Passing Shots or Close-Range Decoy Shots, Remington

In a hurry? Feel free to check out the shortlist of chokes for dove hunting.

  1. Best shotgun choke for dove hunting: TRUGLO Double-Threat Dove Choke Best Choke for Dove Hunting
  2. Best for dove hunting 12 ga: Carlson’s Choke Tubes 07119
  3. Best for dove hunting Benelli: Carlson’s Sporting Clays Choke Tubes
  4. Best extended choke tube for dove hunting: Jobs Duck Choke 12 Ga Crio .685 Extreme
  5. Best choke tube for dove hunting: Carlson’s Choke Tubes Long Range White Wing

Mod vs. Full Choke-Is full choke good for dove hunting?

While deciding the dove hunting gear, it is also important to know whether a full choke is good or not.

A full choke is the leader of all choke tubes. A full choke provides full accuracy. Therefore, if you want the shot to be 100 percent accurate, you must get a full choke.

As compared to a modified choke, a full choke provides more constriction that is 0.03 inches. The pellets stay tight together due to the tight constriction even when the target is at a distance longer than 40 yards.

Another huge comparison between a full choke and a modified or improved cylinder choke is that the pellets remain tight while being expelled from the gun barrel in a full choke and disperses more pellets. In contrast, a modified and improved cylinder choke disperses a lesser number of pellets.

Other chokes, which have tighter constriction than the full choke, are extra full chokes and turkey chokes.


7 Best Choke for Dove Hunting: Which One to Buy?

Before we jump to the product list, you must have a little information about chokes to understand their utility and form your requirements in a better way.

Let me explain…….

There are three main types of chokes used in shotguns for dove hunting. These are- Improved Cylinder, Full Choke, and Modified Choke.

These three differ in the tightness of the constriction. The Improved Cylinder has a slight constriction; a Modified choke’s constriction is moderate, whereas the Full choke comes with a tight constriction.

Your hunting style also plays a factor in choosing the right choke for duck or goose hunting.

Get it?

Cool! Now check out the list of best chokes for dove hunting from which you can pick the right one according to your preferences.

1. Carlson’s Beretta/Benelli Sporting Clays Choke Tubes

With the new Sporting Clays choke, the target can be hit even if it is 40 yards away.

Astonishing, isn’t it?

It is a full choke and hence provides more accuracy. Another advantage of this type of choke is that it has a tight constriction of about 0.007 inches, and so your target will be hit even if it is 60 yards away. It also reduces recoil as well as muzzle jump, which makes the follow-up shots quick and easy.

So unless your aim is perfect, you might not hit the target. Another major disadvantage of this type of choke is that it only fits standard investor choke systems. Works best for a Lead shot, copper-plated shot, Steel shot, Buck Shot, Hevi-Shot Shells, and Nickel shot.

The only problem?

If the shooter aims at sporting clays, then a full choke may not prove to be a good choice as it has a tight constriction. The reason behind this is that the sporting clays don’t go beyond 30 yards. The pellets are not largely spread.

The benefits:

⦁             Made of stainless steel

⦁             It has a tighter constriction

⦁             Incorporates 25% longer parallel section in the choke

⦁             Amazing look with a matte finish

⦁             The choke wrench is included

⦁             It fits 12 Gauge choke systems easily

⦁             You get a lifetime warranty on the product

The Drawbacks:

  • It doesn’t fit all Beretta shotguns.
  • Have tighter pattern

Check Price on Amazon

2. Carlson’s Choke Tubes 07119 Carlson’s, Waterfowl Choker Set

I can assure you something……..

Not only A good-quality accessory for your gun, but this choker set is also much more reliable than others available in the market in the same range. As an experienced shooter, you may prefer chokes that come in different range tubes.

It comes in close-range, mid-range, and long-range tubes. The 25% longer parallel sections in the chokes are good for consistent patterns. The choke tubes are marked with the constriction and laser size on end and the body for better reference.

What about range?

The close-range tubes are perfect for shooting up to 35 yards, the mid-range tubes for 25-40 yards, and the long-range tubes are for shots beyond 40 yards. Besides, these are made from stainless steel, specially designed for tighter patterns than the conventional ones.

The choke tubes are knurled towards the end, allowing quick and hassle-free removal. For exceptional results, steel shots can be used through the choke tubes.

The Benefits:

⦁             The 3-pack set includes three variations of range tubes

⦁             Made from 1704 stainless steel

⦁             Come with a 25% longer parallel section

⦁             Close range tubes are for shooting up to 35 yards

⦁             Mid-range tubes cover between 25-40 yards

⦁             The long-range tubes are the best and cover beyond 40 yards

The Drawbacks:

  • It doesn’t fit all Benelli shotguns.
  • Not a good option for the cryo

Check Price on Amazon

3. TRUGLO Double-Threat Dove Choke, Remington Remchoke

The simplest yet most effective choke I have ever worked with!

Why am I saying this?

The “Twist and Click” design makes it a beginner-friendly choke. It lets the shooter adjust for close and mid-shooting and can even be used for long-range shots but with a twist.

Here is the kicker…….

This choke type is a dual position dove choke tube, which lets you aim at whatever you fix your eyes on in the field. One of its main advantages is that it is a two-position choke, which can adjust to different conditions.

The Double-Threat design especially works for dove loads ranging between 6-8 shots. This design also works for various other models of shotguns like Mossberg, Benelli, Beretta, etc. It can be easily adjusted without any removal of the choke.

As cool as it sounds!

You can use it for field loads for dove while selecting the pattern you want in any dove season. Another advantage is that it comes with a ‘Twist and Click’ design, which lets you adjust quickly between ‘Pass’ and ‘Decoy’ constrictions. Adjustable to different conditions like long-range and close decoy shots. This model has another version of 20 gauge, and no wonder it also hit a notable position in the top chart of best dove hunting 20 gauge choke.

The Benefits:

⦁             Perfect for field and dove loads

⦁             CNC-machined construction

⦁             It comes with an easy ‘Twist and Click’ design

⦁             It has an installation tool – spanner wrench

⦁             Best suited for tactical and military purposes

⦁             Perfect for 12-gauge shotguns

The Drawbacks:

  • It doesn’t work for steel shots.
  • Only One size

Check Price on Amazon

4. MOJO Outdoors Fatal Shot Custom Waterfowl Dove Choke Tubes

From Remington, this Gauge Choke Tube has recently captured the hunting industry- even the adventure world- by storm.

And I didn’t surprise at all. They deserve it, that’s for sure!

The design of this choke is computerized and delivers perfect patterns at the point of impact. It has a non-ported tube design, specially made to work for different kinds of ammunition. Constructed with stainless steel for better durability and protection, it also has a better grip pattern and easy removal.

The thing that impresses me most, Available in various types of range – short, medium, and long for any dove season.

These kinds of chokes let the hunters make full use of their shotguns by producing dense and regular shot patterns. Besides, another advantage it provides is that these are available in short, medium, and long-range versions.

Not only for dove, but these are also perfect for shooting for ducks, doves, geese, quail, pheasants, etc.

The Benefits:

⦁             These work with all kinds of ammunition and shots

⦁             Provides uniform and denser patterns for hunters

⦁             It doesn’t require the need for multiple chokes

⦁             Made from the 17-4ph stainless steel; finest in quality

The Drawbacks:

  • It doesn’t fit Beretta a400 extreme plus.

Check Price on Amazon

5. Carlson’s Choke Tubes Long Range White Wing Dove Choke Tube

This choke runs on Carlson’s Exclusive Triple Shot Technology, which reduces the pellet deformation, fewer flyers as well as denser patterns.

Too good!

It is made with the best stainless steel and develops the best patterns for hunters. These chokes let the shotguns perform the best as well as provide reliability too.

These are available in Decoy and Extended Range and are well-ported to reduce recoil along with muzzle jump. The chokes are good in handling steel, Hevi-Shot, lead as well as TSS. Besides, it looks awesome when you put it on your Benelli Nova, a pump-action shotgun.

However, when it comes to superior performance and user satisfaction, you will, of course, give this choke tube a thumbs up. Overall, you cannot wait to experience this one. Well worth the money. in the early season for dove hunters, the satisfaction is important to keep them boosted for the rest of the years.

But there’s one small catch…….

One downside is that you wouldn’t find it well-fitted in your Benelli Super Black Eagle II Semi-Auto Shotgun.

The Benefits

⦁             Improved constriction

⦁             Made with 17-4 stainless steel

⦁             It comes with Triple Shot Technology, thereby reducing the pellet deformation

⦁             Included with a choke wrench

⦁             Available in Decoy as well as Extended Range

The Drawbacks:

  • It fits only limited types of shotguns.
  • The thread location is in an odd place.

Check Price on Amazon

6. Jobs Duck Choke 12 Ga Crio .685 Extreme

Looking for something multifunctional?

Here is a masterpiece you probably missed. Yeah, JEBS series choke tubes are specifically designed to handle lead, steel, and bismuth efficiently. A major benefit it provides is that it can shoot any ammunition with a wad that is ‘flight controlled. Besides, it allows you to handle any other shot you want to shoot.


Let’s be honest……

The elegant Nitride Finish is the first thing that grabs my attention first. I am pretty sure you’ll also love it.

The chokes provide shot patterns that are consistent besides a shortened ‘shot-stream,’ which are important for long-range shots. With this USA-made unit, you will enjoy excellent knock-down power.

And the best part?

The chokes feature an innovative interior-bore design, which is perfect for long-range shooting. When it comes to the fit and finish, you will find it second to none. It would en an excellent addition to your waterfowl gun.

Overall, awesome all-around pattern from any choke you have ever used. Honestly, to speak, you shoot the best if you shoot a JEBS Duck Choke 12 Ga Crio .685 Extreme.

The Benefits

⦁             Its knock-down power is excellent

⦁             The shot pattern is quite consistent

⦁             Perfectly handles lead, steel, or bismuth

⦁             The shot stream is more shortened

⦁             Shots 25 yards

⦁             It provides in-ported and non-ported models

⦁             Suitable for flooded timber

The Drawbacks

  • It doesn’t fit Winchester sx4.

Check Price on Amazon

7. Pattern Master – 12 ga Browning Invector Plus\Winchester

The Pattern Master – 12 ga Browning Invector Plus is our final choice.

What so special about this choke?

These types of chokes excellently perform if you are aiming from 60 yards. It has internal stud rings, which help to shorten the short string for better range power.

The choke is manufactured with the Coil Zone technology, which passes gasses through channels while creating a stranglehold around the shot-wad. It comes with a Coil Zone counter spin, which provides constriction and pattern uniformity.

Worried about safety?

The left-twisting coils make sure the tubes stay secure. There is Counter-spin between the load and the coil providing resistance to the wad while making a tighter pattern when the load leaves the barrel.

Pattern Master – 12 ga Browning Invector could be the tube for those who want a simple but effective unit for the money. You would, of course, fall in love with this pattern master choke.

The Benefits:

⦁             Made with Carpenter Custom 630 17-4ph stainless steel

⦁             It has Non-reflective Bronze Titanium coating and is also ported

⦁             Offers 70% shot string reduction

⦁             The SecureFit threading gives a tight grip while avoiding any loss of pressure

⦁             The USA made choke offers superior performance

⦁             It fits with different guns, including Browning 12ga BT-99

The Drawbacks

  • It can’t be used for slug ammunition or ammunition with flight control wad.

Check Price on Amazon

Is modified choke really good for dove hunting?

So if you are new to the whole concept of choke tubes and wondering whether a modified choke is the best choke for dove hunting, the chances of hitting the target are higher when a shooter uses a modified choke in the shotgun.

A modified choke works better in comparison to an improved cylinder at a distance greater than 30 yards. A modified choke has more constriction than an improved cylinder. An improved cylinder has 0.01 inches of constriction, while a modified choke boasts 0.02 inches of constriction.

Also, a modified choke disperses more than half of its pellets while an improved cylinder only dispenses half of its pellets. So, if the shooter’s target is around 40 yards away, there are no chances of it being missed.

Things to Consider While Buying a Choke for Better Dove Hunting

Things to Consider While Buying a Choke for Better Dove Hunting

A good choke is what a hunter must invest in before he goes out for dove hunting. There are various types of chokes available in the market, including full and modified chokes.

So how do you choose the best one?

A choke may differ according to the type of shotgun a hunter is using for dove hunting. There are a few points you must remember while buying a choke for dove hunting.


One important thing to keep in mind while buying a choke for excellent results is to check any choke’s power that you consider buying. The hunter must know whether the choke will hit the target he aims for.

Targeted Distance

Secondly, the distance is another very important point to keep in mind while buying a choke. The hunter must buy the choke according to the number of yards from which he aims to hit the targets. There are different types of chokes available in the market, including long, short, and medium-range versions to meet your needs.

Size of the Pellets

For a closer range, 7.5-8 shots are perfect. However, the hunter has to increase the size while shooting in a longer range. Bigger pellets provide a longer range, which is good for dove hunting.


Better Dove Hunting Weight

It’s better to always go for a lightweight choke as lightweight chokes don’t affect the swing. It works best for short-range shooting.

Field Condition

You must also consider the conditions of your shooting field before you buy a choke. If you go to the field with the wrong kind of chokes, you might not hit the target. Make sure that the chokes you are buying aren’t too tight for the doves. There are mainly three kinds of chokes available in the market – improved cylinder, modified choke, and full choke.

An improved cylinder choke has a constriction of 0.010 inches. A modified choke has more constriction than an improved cylinder and works for targets around 40 yards away. Besides, as you already know, a full choke has the tightest constriction of about 0.03 inches.

Type of Ammunition

Another very important thing to keep in mind is the quality of the ammunition. So you must know the kind of ammunition you are using before you buy a choke.

Quality & Durability

As a hunter, you must make sure the quality of the material the choke is made of. Due to the availability of different chokes available in the market, the hunters might get confused.

Therefore, check the quality and durability before you buy a choke. Chokes made of stainless steel works best as they are easily installable. Is Camo necessary for dove hunting? Nope, dear, it’s not for dove hunting.

Constriction Size


The size of the constriction is a good thing to keep in mind while buying a choke. Different types of chokes have different patterns. In this case, the pattern means the grouping of pellets at a certain distance, mostly measured in yards.

A pattern is measured in the number of pellets on the target at a specific distance. Therefore, if the pellets are more on the target, it directly means that the constriction is tight and the pattern is efficient.

Shot Load Compatibility

Always consider the type of shot load you will use before you buy a choke for your shotgun. There are various types of shot load, like steel, heavy-shot, and tungsten. So, you must check whether the shot load is compatible with the choke.

Which choke is tighter – improved or modified?

A modified choke is better for hunters who don’t prefer the heavy construction of a full choke. These usually provide moderate constriction in the shots for more accuracy at the flying doves and the right amount of spreading too.

Where should you aim for dove hunting?

Modified chokes work excellent for sporting clays, pheasants as well as pigeon decoying.

On the other hand, an improved cylinder is good when the shooting range is between 25 and 35 yards. So, even an improved cylinder is good for decoyed pigeons, sporting clays, and walking up pheasants.

Out of the three basic chokes full, modified, and improved cylinders, the improved cylinder has the least amount of constriction and delivers a totally open spread. However, a modified choke is one choke tighter, and therefore the effective range is much longer.

How to Hunt Dove Perfectly

Doves will present an infinite variety of hunts to the individual who wants to experience all their craftiness. I like to take a stand by a pond or tank and shoot them as they come to water.

How to Hunt Dove Perfectly

Such pass shooting results from knowing about their daily activities. Once you learn their flight lanes, the key is to make a hide then and catch them going to grain fields or visiting gravel sources for their gizzards.

Choose Right Seed

To make your hunt even easier-to maximize your success choose a sesame seed or sunflower seed field. Now you just set up on their two favorite foods.

Kansas is a haven for doves. And here they come, being able to attain 60 miles an hour just for the fun of it, only now they’ve got that tailwind behind them and move over jets! You think you have coordination, eyesight, muscle control, and balance.

Hah. Get ready for some lessons in humiliation. You’ll leave the field knowing you are the saddest shot whoever mounted a stock. Think seriously about seeing an eye doctor.

Chasing the Dove

It’s not because doves cruise at 60 miles an hour that you can’t hit them. It’s because they are aerial acrobats like none other.

Study the doves, and you’ll see how testy a target a butterfly could be if it flew 60 miles an hour. They sashay, dip, slide, climb, twist, reverse (I swear they do), and twirl. If there’s anything a bird can’t do on the wing, doves do it.

They also have an uncanny detection system, seeming to know exactly where you’ll be found. At the slightest hint that they’re right, they’ll slam into a repertoire of maneuvers the Thunderbirds couldn’t unravel

Pass shooting is the most difficult, I assure you, and can be practiced only by the hunter who’s spent all summer learning their flight lanes.

The Party Shoot

One type of hunt has more popularity than any other, and that’s party shooting grain fields in the South. You know, the good old boys: They’ve planned this hunt for months, invited everybody for miles about-even relatives from three states over.

A great groaning table may be hidden in the trees, festooned with sodas, lemonade, iced tea, corn on the cob, red beans and rice, fried chicken, berry pie, and more.

Around the field itself, all the shooters have taken a stand, hoping to get the best place depending on the direction of the wind. Every type of gun imaginable will be aimed skyward. All gauges, all makes all chokes and all shells. And there’ll be a Lab tied to every ankle.

Migratory Mourning Doves

Better Dove Hunting Migratory Mourning Doves

Doves are migratory game birds and under federal jurisdiction. Make sure you check out all the regulations before you hunt them. When the shooting is fast and furious, some people can be tempted to shoot more than they should. Don’t do it!

These flying doves can be hunted in the early September season using normal and proper hunters who could make the best out of it. You can use decoys with decoy techniques or the normal ones for the best use of chokes.

Some hunters try to take their doves over a dog’s point. That seldom happens. Doves flock in groups of two: love birds. In other words, they’re not covey birds.

When migration comes, they’ll join up, but that’s done quickly, and then the birds are gone.

Doves won’t run before a dog, and they’ll flush, hearty, and quickly. They’ll startle you, so you just don’t get all that much sport with a bird dog.

The Bird in Hand

I know you can get the flying bird in hand and laud its iridescent coloration; make a great distinction. But I see the bird in flight: a gray bird with a heavy breast, small head, and pointed tail. It walks with a bobbing head, like a pigeon.

Bush Whacking Dove

For bushwhacking doves, choose a 20- or 28-gauge shotgun. The winds will demand the size of shot and charge of powder. Many upland hunters like to use 20 gauge shotguns.

There isn’t a farm boy who hasn’t knocked a dove off a telephone line. But it is illegal to shoot in a public right-of-way. Remember that.

Remember this Tips

When pond or grain field hunting, the hunter needs a retriever to fetch from water or search vast areas for a downed bird. This can be accomplished if the dog handler follows a few simple rules.

The dog must be kept cool at all times. Dove hunting is a hot weather activity, though, so here’s what we do. Leaving home, the dog should be transported in a cross-ventilated air-conditioned vehicle. If this isn’t possible, the dog should be stored in a crate with at least a 25-pound block of ice. He’ll love it.

Using the Ice Block

When you get to your field or pond, walk, walk, to your setup, which is usually under a tree. Carry the ice block with you. Place it on the ground and let it start to melt. Now scoot the ice over and tell Pup to lie down in the puddle.

Before you do anything else, give Pup a drink. Then, 15 minutes later, refresh him again. Do the same thing in another 15 minutes. The point is, if you can keep Pup cool, he’ll fetch for you all day. But if Pup ever gets hot, there’s not enough water in Lake Mead to cool him down. If you reach that point, Pup will quite fetch.

Here’s how it works. Pups got a hot mouth to begin with. When his temperature goes up, his mouth gets hotter. Once the saliva gets hot, it turns to gunk with the ability to pick up almost anything: grass, pebbles, grit, feathers, seeds, and so forth.

Keep a Water Slick Mouth

Particularly annoying to Pup are dived feathers. They’re flimsy, fuzzy, and easily soaked on their fringes. Now Pup rubs the side of his face in the grass. Grass! Now he’s got more grass, plus feathers.

So, the cycle goes. But if enough water is on hand, you can break

the cycle. Pup once again attains a water-slick mouth. And when that happens, he’ll be all too happy to fetch for you.

Don’t Warn the Puppy.

If a puppy is in the field, hide the doves that are already in your possession. Store them in a water cooler, a gunny sack, whatever. Just don’t let the puppy get feathers stuck all about and be put off doves for life.

As a matter of fact, of all the bird hunts available, a dove hunt would be the last hunt I’d choose to introduce a puppy to the sound of the gun, the taste of feather, the heat of the day, and the predictably long and boring waits for anything to happen.

Puppies want action; they have an attention span of seconds or minutes. When starting one, keep everything fast-paced and happy.


To conclude, numerous factors must be kept in mind while choosing the best choke for dove hunting.

The most important factor is the size of the constriction. Choke tubes with more constriction are more accurate, especially when the target is more than 40 yards away.

Besides, for sporting clays, the constriction doesn’t have to be too tight. A full choke tube works best for sporting clays as they have tight constriction, but the hunter must make sure that the aim is good. An improved cylinder provides lesser constriction than a full choke and gives excellent results while shooting sporting clays.

Oh, one more thing, do you know What time of day is best for dove hunting?

It’s between 8 to 10 am morning. Right time with the right weapon and tools at your hand. What else do you want for dove hunting?

Explore, man.

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