Top 8 Best Broadhead for Turkey Hunting

Best Broadhead for Turkey Hunting

When hunting for turkeys, most people say that they are meant to be killed with a shotgun, but hunting them with a bow is a challenge that is much more pleasurable.

Turkeys are very hard to kill with your bow. There are lots of opinions out there on what is the best broadhead for turkey hunting and which one you should use, but most of the pros out there only shoot with a couple of different heads.

In this article, we are going to look at broadhead selection for turkey hunting. There are two different ways you can go about this.

You can buy the heads that are specifically designed for hitting turkeys in the head in close range, or you can shoot them in the body with the top broadhead for turkey for a much more challenging kill.

Additionally, you can also look for those large cutting diameter mechanical headstoo.

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Preferred Shooting Style

Some prefer to shoot them in the body while others go for the headshot. Either method is effective; you just have to practice with different heads to kind of figure out what style fits you the best.

In my opinion, the larger the cutting diameter, the less margin for error you will have on your shot or on the aim point of the bird.

You don’t necessarily need a real sharp head that is designed for penetration like you would with other big game species.

Ideally, you want that arrow to sit in the bird when you hit them. It will transfer more shock and do more damage and ultimately put them down a lot faster.

Since their bodies are much more fragile, you don’t have to shoot real heavy poundage of broadheads.

Long story short, tune your bow down a little bit, try out some of the top models and practice a lot.

Best Broadhead for Turkey Hunting – Turkey Hunting Tips for Beginners

We have compiled a list of several different types of broadheads that are proven to work well when hunting turkeys. Here are the options.

1. Rage CrossbowX 2-Blade Archery Arrow Broadhead

This CrossbowX 2 from Rage is simply the best mechanical broadhead available for crossbow owners.

It has a large 2-inch cutting diameter, which is certain to create a large wound channel to whatever animal you are hunting. 

Rage Crossbow X 2

You also don’t have to switch between broadheads and target tips when hunting to adjust your shot.

They will fly to the same point of your aim and will fly much faster than a regular archery broadhead. While shooting them with a crossbow, you can achieve greater velocity since these heads are designed specifically for use with crossbows. The blades are sharp, which will ensure you a good, quick, clean kill.

You can try sharpening the blades even more as well as changing the shock collar to match your shooting style. Also, make sure to practice first because there is the matter of droppage. It’s common with every mechanical head, and that’s why Rage will give a practice broadhead just in case.

If you want a more humane way of killing your target, whether it’s a bear or a doe, this broadhead will leave you with the biggest blood trail that will make tracking your hunted game much easier.

With that being said, for turkey hunting, it will be overkill. And that’s not a bad thing.


  • You don’t need any replacement blades
  • Large 2-inch cutting diameter
  • Can buy aftermarket blades
  • Comes with a practice head


  • Have to replace or re-sharpen the blades after use

2. Swhacker Set of 3-100 Grain 2 Inch Cut

If you don’t prefer to use a cut on contact tip like the previous one and want something more effective, deadlier, these broadheads from Swhacker are for you.

The head goes in first and opens the blades on the inside cutting all the good stuff like lungs, hearts, etc.

Swhacker Set of 3-100 Grain 2 Inch Cut

It means, prior to shooting, the blades have never touched any bones, fat or fur, and any of the stuff that dulls your blades. 

Most broadheads that are fixed or cut on contact have to cut through that first layer, whether it’s the fur, hide, or bone just to get to the vital organs. This process can dull the blades quickly.

You don’t want to make the turkey you are shooting live a lot longer than it should after impact. In my opinion, Swhacker broadhead is the deadliest head in the world, and that’s why a lot of professional hunters vouch for it. This one flies just like a field point and leaves devastating blood trails upon impact.

The honed, razor-sharp blades are .032″ thick and made from stainless steel. It’s tough, and the blades have good edge retention. The ferrule is made from anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum with a hardened high-carbon steel point tip on the top. It comes in a set of 3 100-grain broadheads at a reasonable price.


  • Deadliest broadhead on the market
  • Razor-sharp blades that expand after penetration
  • The head flies like a field point
  • Cuts vital organs with brand-new blades


 Nothing to nitpick about

3. Muzzy Bowhunting 3 Blade Archery Arrow Broadhead

Unless you are a newcomer in the hunting industry, the design of the Muzzy Bowhunting broadheads is something every hunter is familiar with.

It has been around since the early 90s, and the three-blade design is timeless. For a long time, this head was the standard when it came to fixed blade broadheads.

Muzzy Bowhunting 3

This design, in fact, is very unique as it features a solid steel column going through an aluminum ferrule. The combination gives you unmatched strength and toughness to penetrate tough hide and bones. This broadhead uses an oversized chisel tip made from hardened stainless steel to bust through the bone.

The best part is you can replace the blades. Its Trocar tip is made from hardened steel to provide enhanced flight stability and maximum penetration. It comes with three .020-inch blades with a cutting diameter of 1-3/16″. The ferrule is made from anodized aluminum for maximum durability.

Muzzy has been in the broadhead industry for a long time, and they know how to make highly effective fixed-blade heads.

The heads are made in the USA, and for a long time, these heads are known for their bone-crushing capabilities. With an expectational penetrating ability and stable flight, you will never miss your target.


  • Best fixed blade broadhead for turkey hunting
  • Can easily crush thick bones with incredible penetration power
  • Designed for stable flight
  • Easy to replace the blades


  • Slightly expensive

4. Rage Bowhunting Xtreme Series Mechanical Broadheads

People who shoot with Rage heads, swear by them. It has a large 2.3-inch cutting diameter to create huge wound channels, which makes it an awesome broadhead for turkey hunting.

The mechanical head has perfect blade deployment and is designed for high-speed shooting. They are also highly reliable

Rage Bowhunting Xtreme Series

The previous model, which is the Crossbow X, had a partial blade deployment problem, and that’s why Rage changed the design so that the blades on the Crossbow X-Treme are tighter. This prevents the blades from opening prematurely. It also comes with a new shock collar that holds the blade in place.

Moreover, the wound channels it creates are legendary. This makes it very easy to trail what you have shot. Chances are, you will find the animal dead on its track within 20 yards or less.

This bowhunting broadhead is known for its accuracy and precision. The top features a razor-sharp, large .035″ thick stainless-steel leading blade.

In addition to that, the chisel tip, along with its sweeping blade angle, provides bone busting power. This set comes with three 100-grain broadheads, and the blades are replicable too. However, you don’t get any practice heads. Long story short, this is the best broadhead for turkey body shots.


  • Known for precision and accuracy
  • A reliable blade deployment system
  • Shock collar blade retention
  • Large 2.3-inch stainless steel blade


  • Doesn’t come with practice broadheads

5. G5 Outdoors Montec 100 Grain Carbon Steel Premium Broadheads

This is probably the finest one-piece hunting broadhead with incredible, bone-crushing penetration capability. It can bust through the ribs like a tank.

You can shoot from steep angles without worrying about proper blade deployment or penetration. This broadhead hits like a hammer.

G5 Outdoors Montec 100

Regardless of your shot angle, you can always count on a pass-through. The biggest selling point of these heads is that you can easily re-sharpen them. This means you don’t have to buy separate blades. The heads come sharp and ready to use out of the box.

Also, the fact that these heads are re-usable makes them a good value for the money. All you have to do is clean them, sharpen the blades, and they will be usable again.

The blades are made from carbon steel, which makes them incredibly sharp and provides a better edge. It’s also easier to re-sharpen compared to stainless-steel.

With a little work, you can get a good edge on the blades. You also don’t need to worry about durability or quality issues because these broadheads are made in the USA, and these come spin tested to ensure proper flight stability.

All of the G5 Outdoors products pass deployment, sharpness, and strength test before they are shipped out.


  • Re-usable blades
  • Carbon steel material instead of stainless steel
  • Good edge and heavy penetration power
  • Tested for true flight


  • Slightly expensive than mechanical heads

6. NAP Spitfire Mechanical Broadhead

These 100-grain mechanical broadheads from Spitfire can pass through a deer like butter and flies just like a field point. This is a cut-on-contact point with a 1-3/4-inch cutting diameter.

These heads fly straight andtrue with pinpoint accuracy. The cutting diameter is large enough to create massive wound channels on turnkeys.

NAP Spitfire Mechanical Broadhead

With three .030″ razor-sharp blades, you can clearly see the blood trail left behind. The offset blades have a front deployment mechanism, which makes these heads ideal for game animals of all sizes. 

You can also get replacement blades as well as replacement tips.

It has a bladed tip for increased field trip accuracy and gives you excellent penetration. For whitetail and elk, these are a good set of hunting heads. This means these heads are more than good for turkey hunting. Everything comes down to shot placement and accuracy when it comes to hunting heads.

That’s why you should make some practice shots with these to guarantee performance out there in the wild. As for the mechanical blades, make sure they are well secured before you draw your arrow.

For the most part, these blades will stay in place, and with a perfect shot, you will see some insane blood trails.


  • Amazing penetration capability
  • Flies true and straight
  • Razor-sharp blades
  • No rubber blades or O-rings


  • Not suitable for high fps crossbows

7. RAGE Hypodermic Trypan Titanium Broadhead

The RAGE Hypodermic Trypan is a broadhead of choice for many outdoor bowhunters. One clean shot is enough to see the largest blood trail of your life.

When it comes to turkey hunting broadheads, these heads are pretty close to perfection.

RAGE Hypodermic

These units feel beefier, thanks to the thick .039″ and razor-sharp stainless-steel blades. The leading-edge blade is massive and has a large 2-inch cutting diameter. To increase penetration, RAGE used a swept-back blade design that reduces friction, making these heads ideal for lower poundage bow setup.

Whether you are shooting a large game animal or a small one, these heads will give you maximum penetration. The blades have good retention and reliable deployment, thanks to the polymer shock collar that is specific to the Trypan series of broadheads.

In addition to that, it has the toughest ferrule of any broadheads ever made by RAGE. The other thing that makes these heads stand out is that they are made using titanium. Why is this important? It’s because titanium is extremely tough, and it will bend before it breaks.


  • Deadly for turkeys
  • Flies straight like a field point
  • Razor-sharp edge
  • Blades can be re-sharpened


  • Expensive to maintain

8. Magnus 100 GR, 3 Blade, 3-inch

The Magnus broadheads are simply devastating against turkeys.

Although these will require a lot of bow tuning to make them fly like a field point, they are very deadly.

Magnus 4 Blade

This is obviously a headshot broadhead. It’s all or nothing type of shot, which makes hunting even more exciting.

With some practice, you can shoot them with pinpoint accuracy. Because of its unique design, it doesn’t fly like a normal broadhead. 

However, what it lacks in flight, it makes it up by killing your target in a clean, efficient manner. 95% of the time, the turkeys will drop where they stand.

Once you spend some time sighting and tuning your bow and broadhead, it won’t take long for you to dial it in. Aim for the head and neck area of a turkey, make the shot, and this broadhead will literally take the head right off the turkey.

Keep in mind that it’s not designed for making body shots. It’s meant for neck and headshots only. The way the tip is designed, there is a high chance that it will bounce off the body. You are not going to wound a bird if you miss your headshot. Most of the time, it will be dead on contact.


  • Designed for neck and headshots
  • Devastating against turkeys
  • Razor-sharp blades
  • Tough and durable 


  • Somewhat finicky to get them flying right

What to Know Before Buying Broadhead for Turkey?

Hunting turkeys with archery equipment is quite challenging. They have small vital organs, and because of that, not only do you need a large cutting diameter, you also want your shots to be precise. Chances are, if you miss their small vitals, it can badly injure the turkey, and you will end up losing it.

You want your shots to be dead on point. The aim is to kill the bird where it stands. Because of their tiny vitals, you want to minimize your room for error. Your target isn’t much bigger than a softball.

This means you have to hit a pretty small target and be confident about your shot placement. Prior to choosing a broadhead, it’s equally important that you get familiar with a turkey’s vitals.

This is what most hunters struggle with. They first start hunting these birds. The trick here is to get familiar with the anatomy first before you decide on your hunting equipment.

After that, you should consider the types of broadheads. Some are suitable for turkey, while others will be a bit too much of an overkill.

Type of Broadheads

There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you are hunting turkey with a bow and arrow. The most common mistake is probably not getting the right type of broadhead.

Now, there are three different types of broadheads to choose from when hunting turkey. These are –

    • Fixed Broadheads

Fixed blade broadheads are the most reliable type to choose from when you are hunting turkeys. The blades on these heads stay intact, flies straight with incredible penetration.

It’s one of those heads that creates a large wound channel and an exit point.

    • Expandable Broadheads

These are widely referred to as mechanical broadheads because of how the blades retract and deploy. For most turkey hunters, mechanical heads are the broadhead of choice.

Unlike fixed blades, mechanical heads don’t leave an exit wound. Instead, they get stuck in the turkey causing more damage when they are on the move. This leaves less margin for error and will ensure you get a clean kill every time you shoot.

Since these heads don’t create a straight pass-through and sticks inside the body, this can hinder fly off and reduce your chances of losing your kill in thick cover.

    • Guillotine Broadheads

Guillotine heads are primarily used for neck and headshots. One clean shot and the head goes flying off, creating an instant kill. The bird will drop dead where it stands.

However, it’s an all or nothing broadhead because if you don’t hit the head or the neck, it won’t do any damage at all. There is also the problem with flight stability. Because of their large blade design, they don’t fly like a field point. You need to make a couple of practice shots first to get used to their flying pattern.

Blade Count

The key is to have a large diameter. If it’s achievable with only two blades, go with that one. Some expandable heads will have three blades, but that comes in a hefty price tag.

Having two large blades with a sharp, pointy tip can cause some serious wound to the turkey. You can also go with fixed blades with crosscut designs. They look a lot like a weapon to kill zombies.


Going with a 100-grain head will be more than enough if that’s how your bow is tuned. You don’t need to get 125 grains because that will slow the arrow down. Go for the lowest weight head if possible.

If you are shooting with a crossbow, go with a heavier broadhead. On a traditional bow, lighter is better. You don’t have to worry about the kinetic force of an arrow because when it comes to turkey, you want an accurate hit at the right spot.

Cutting Diameter 

As I’ve said before, larger the better. Go with a broadhead with at least 1-¾” cutting diameter if you want to get a good dead-on-impact shot.

Tips for Turkey Hunting

It’s not like deer hunting where you can pinpoint those vital organs. What makes the process even harder is that these pesky birds can double themselves in size by puffing those feathers up. This can be very misleading.

If you don’t know where the actual organ is, you will end up shooting the feathers only. It’s better that you understand their anatomy using a video. Here is one that should help you know more about turkey shot placement.

    1. Try making headshots. It’s either a clean kill or a total miss.

    2. If you prefer headshots, aim for the base as it moves less, and it’s a wider target. The added benefit is that you don’t have to visualize the organs.

    3. Even on a turkey that is in full strut, make the headshot. If you suck at them, stop hunting turkeys.

    4. If the turkey is facing you, go for a frontal shot that targets the lungs and the heart. It’s right above the beard where it joins the body.

    5. You can aim a little bit high because that’s where the neck is. But don’t aim low because you will completely miss the vitals.

    6. Whether the turkey is in full strut or not, if it’s facing broadside, you would want to aim to the point where the wing joins the body.

    8. Finally, wait for an opportunity to present itself. Try bringing the turkey in close range and take your time to make that perfect shot.

There are a lot of options when it comes to turkey shot placements. And it’s definitely a lot more difficult than hunting whitetails or elks. Even if a turkey comes within your bow range, the hardest part is to make the right shot.

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Q: Does turkey hunting require special broadheads?

A: If you prefer headshots, you will need a large cutting diameter blade, whether it’s on a mechanical broadhead or a guillotine broadhead.

For most turkey hunters, expandable blades are their usual choice.

    2. Q: Can deer broadheads be used for turkeys?

A: Any broadhead will do as long as you know your shot placement. If you are not familiar with a turkey’s anatomy, I would suggest you use a smaller head that has a reliable flight pattern and always aim for the neck.

    3. Q: Can I shoot a turkey with a field point?

A: Don’t. You will end up losing your target because it won’t do any damage. Turkeys might look small, but they are tough.

    4. Q: Where do I shoot a turkey with a crossbow?

A: If you don’t mind losing an arrow, it’s preferable that you aim for the body. It’s really hard to get a proper neck shot with a crossbow. And there is also the chance that you will miss your target. If you are using a crossbow, make sure to use a mechanical head with at least a 2-inch cutting diameter.

Final Thoughts

Study up, do the right thing, and learn about the anatomy of a turkey first. After that, go with the best broadhead for turkey if you want to avoid any mishaps and make an ethical shot on those birds. A clean, fast shot with a proper broadhead is all you need to take down a turkey. Happy hunting.

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